1. In Oracle, who owns the data dictionary?
1) Oracle
2) SYS
3) The DBA
5) None of these

2. What is the name of the protocol used to eliminate loops?
1) Switching
2) ISL
3) Frame tagging
4) Spanning Tree Protocol
5) Scanning

3. In the straight CGI approach to database connectivity on the internet :
1) the external program is located between the client and the web server
2) the external program is located between the database server and the database
3) the external program is located between the web server and the database server
4) there is no external program
5) None of these

4. Which kind of lock includes a keypad that can be used to control access into areas?
1) Cipher
2) Warded
3) Device
4) Tumbler
5) Typelock

5. What are the effects of mixing RAM modules with different speed ratings?
1) The system runs at the speed of the slowest RAM stick.
2) The system runs normally
3) The system runs at the speed of the memory bus.
4) The system may not run, or it crashes periodically
5) None of these

6. Which of the following is used for integrity?
1) DES
2) Diffie-Hellman
3) SED
4) AES
5) MD5

7. You need to configure a switch from a remote subnet. Which of the following must be configured on the switch?
1) Console port
2) VP
3) Hostname
5) Default gateway

8. Primary Key
1. Denote a candidate key that is chosen by the database designer as the principal means of identifying entities with in an entity set.
2. Attributes names of all primary key are unique
3. Primary key specification is optional and good idea to specify primary key for each relation.
4. All of the above.
5. None of these

9. From smallest to largest, rank the following logical pieces of the database : data block, tablespace, extent, segment.
1) tablespace, segment, extent, data block
2) data block, segment, extent, tablespace
3) segment, extent, data block, tablespace
4) data block, extent, segment, tablespace
5) None of these

10. Core Banking system can manage multiple delivery channels through:
 1. Different Servers
2. API
3. Different version of core banking software
4. IP
5. None of these


  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 1
  5. 4
  6. 5
  7. 2
  8. 4
  9. 4
  10. 2
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