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General Awareness RBI Mains Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains Exam 

  1. Ayurveda Conference - Kolkata (West Bengal)
  2. Twinkle Kanna book
  3. Indra - Russia and India
  4. IDA HQ - Washington 
  5. Pan card mandatory for prepaid cards transaction above 50,000 rs
  6. Local area bank - rural and semi urban
  7. MSF - 100 bp above repo rate
  8. Shishu loan - 50,000rs
  9. Serbia - Belgrade
  10. Indian bank HQ not in Karnataka
  11. Simsepay - Yes Bank
  12. Dishonor of cheque - negotiable instruments acts
  13. BSBDA
  15. Maximum share holding in banks after govt.?
  16. NPCI
  17. Times - Donald trump. 
  18. Heart of asia theme
  19. Naira currency Nigeria
  20. SBI buddy - semi closed
  21. Bajrang punia - wrestler
  22. Baglihar dam
  23. Deutsche bank - germany Frankfurt
  24. Indian science festival @ ?
  25. 07th Ayurveda summit?
  26. Twinkle Khanna's Book?
  27. Indra Navy Exercise?
  28. Related to Heart of Asia Conference?
  29. Questions from Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks?
  30. Naira currency of which country?
  31. Questions related to Banking awareness.?
  32. World ayurveda congress venue
  33. Indian science conference
  34. Twinkle Khanna's Book
  35. Indra Navy Exercise
  36. Related to Heart of Asia Conference
  37. Questions from Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks
  38. Naira currency of which country
  39. Stand up india loan?
  40. Shishu loan?
  41. 2nd Generaton language?
  42. Redo shortcut?
  43. Find nd replace shortcut?
  44. 2 questions on flow chart?
  45. Capital of Serbia - Belgrade
  46. Cho Ramaswamy was?
  47. Name the tab which present below the File menu in MS wrd 2010 nd above?
  48. question related to Software Engineering.
  49. Questions related to Banking awareness.
  50. Montreal Protocol?
  51. Concept of interference in physics? 
  52. Father of Biology.
  53. Australian Grand Prix 2016 Winner

Computer Awareness RBI Mains Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains Exam 

  1. Nibble can have 16 values
  2. Find and replace - Control + H 
  3. Frequently used in excel - ribbon
  4. 0,1 language - machine language. 
  5. Byte - 2 nibbles.

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RBI Assistant Mains Exam Analysis 2016-17

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