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Quants Questioin RRB NTPC Mains Exam-19 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. If a vehicle starts from a point at 10-minute interval at 6km/hr, then what will be speed of a man coming from opposite direction who passes two consecutive vehicle at 8 minutes. Ans: 1.5 km/hr?
  2. Mode of four numbers.
  3. Find the area of sphere, given its radius.
  4. Find the volume of cylinder, given its radius.
  5. You had to find the area of a sphere and its radius was given.

Question Asked in Shift 2

  1. D=17  find F ?  F= 37 square+1 - (D=4,so 4×4 +1,f=6,6×6+1=37)
  2. The lcm of two numbers is 48, and the numbers are in 1: 2/3 find the sum of two numbers?

Question Asked in Shift 3

  1. 135 rupees at compound interest per annum 20% quarterly basis for 6 months, amount to?

Reasoning Asked in RRB NTPC Mains Exam-19 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

Question Asked in Shift 2

Odd One Out - Physics, chemistry, biology, and one more?

Question Asked in Shift 3

General Awareness in RRB NTPC Mains Exam -19 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. Rajendra prasad unfurl national flag at which stadium on rebuplic day
  2. Man booker prize 2016
  3. Arjun award in athletics
  4. Swachh rail mission?
  5. Bhartiya Mahila bank?
  6. Winner of man booker prize 2016. Paul Beatty
  7. Arjuna award winner 2016.
  8. Games to be introduced in 2020 Olympics. Baseball/softball, karate, skateboard, sports climbing and surfing
  9. National rail museum located at
  10. Airlander10 largest hybrid airship manufactured by which country?
  11. Legacy launcher by ISRO?
  12. Which sportsperson won four gold medals in the same event?
  13. Question related to constitution of India
  14. Question related to voting age.
  15. Linux is an? Operating System
  16. World lion day on August 10th
  17. National aquatic animal. Dolphins
  18. Nagaland festival celebrated in December. Hornbill
  19. Simple magnet doesn't attract? (Choice based)
  20. Action for redo in Windows keyboard?
  21. Henri Becquerel is related to, radio activity.
  22. International environment day 2016 theme. Illegal trade in wildlife
  23. Wildlife institute of India located at? Dehradun
  24. Vinegar is also known as? Acetic acid
  25. UN released a stamp for a musician? Subbulakshmi
  26. Oldest steam engine working efficiently today?
  27. Related to surrounding of a fort in Maharashtra?
  28. Publication and printing under Gazette of India is controlled by?
  29. Tintu Luka belongs to which sport?
  30. Process of expansion and contraction of food pipe is called?
  31. What is the keyboard action for ‘redo’ in Ms word? – CTRL+Y
  32. Henri Becquerel is related to which field? – Radioactivity
  33. Theme of International Environment Day 2016 – Illegal trade in wildlife
  34. In which state is Bhagoria festival celebrated? – Madhya Pradesh
  35. What was the stadium in which Dr. Rajendra Pasad unfurled the tricolour on 26th January 1950, formerly called? – Irwin Stadium
  36. Maximum number of Lok Sabha seats – 552
  37. Number of anglo-Indian representatives appointed to Lok sabha – 20
  38. Which country won the Kabaddi world cup? – India
  39. Publication and Printing under Gazette of India is controlled by?
  40. Tintu Luka belongs to which state? – Kerala

                                                                                    Question Asked in Shift 2

                                                                                    1. Tiger Died In 2013 Her Name ? Machli.
                                                                                    2. Ozone Has How Many Atoms Of Oxygen?
                                                                                    3. Kabadi Not State Game Of Which State 
                                                                                    4. Bio Reserves Consider By 
                                                                                    5. ‘Fountain of wealth’ is situated in Singapore
                                                                                    6. Sparrow Day Observed For? 
                                                                                    7. Food Processing Pipes What Caused To Expansion 
                                                                                    8. In chemical process heat come out known as_____?    Exothermic reactions 
                                                                                    9. Obama health care policy? Obamacare
                                                                                    10. Droncharge awArd 2016 fir gynamistic
                                                                                    11. Tamilnadu has not kabaddi as their state game
                                                                                    12. Odissa governor
                                                                                    13. Highest authority for making law.?
                                                                                    14. How much part of member must be present for any of the Parliament sabha?
                                                                                    15. Tyndall effect belongs to scattering of light.
                                                                                    16. Country's highest legislative body
                                                                                    17. To make government how many number of sansad requires in parliament
                                                                                    18. The name of the tigress which died in 2013, in Rajasthan Park, was? Machali
                                                                                    19. How many atoms of Oxygen would you find in Ozone molecule? 3
                                                                                    20. Kabbadi is not a state game of which state?
                                                                                    21. Name of 2013 Odisha governor. S.C. Jamir
                                                                                    22. In the book, Hind Swaraj book what does Gandhi ji have to say about British rule in India?
                                                                                    23. Temple of the Tooth is situated in? Sri Lanka.
                                                                                    24. Which of the following is not a cause for the decrease in tiger numbers?
                                                                                    25. What does Tyndall effect pertain to? Scattering of Light
                                                                                    26. What is the name of a chemical process in which heat comes out? Exothermic
                                                                                    27. Which of the following is not an international golfer?
                                                                                    28. ICR acronym? Intelligent Character Recognition
                                                                                    29. Amjad Ali Khan is an Indian classical musician who plays the Sarod
                                                                                    30. Dhyanchand award for Wrestling
                                                                                    31. Kud dance is in which state? Jammu and Kashmir
                                                                                    32. Headquarters of ICAR. New Delhi
                                                                                    33. Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports is located in Patiala
                                                                                    34. When was supreme court of India established? Jan 28, 1950.
                                                                                    35. Shortcut keys for copy paste? Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
                                                                                    36. “Rann utsav” is celebrated in which indian state? – Gujarat
                                                                                    37. What is Youthsat? – Artificial Satellite
                                                                                    38. What is the name of India’s luxury train? – Palace on Wheels
                                                                                    39. In which field is Sahitya academy award given? – Literature
                                                                                    40. Who received Japan’s Fukuoka prize in 2016 – A R Rahman
                                                                                    41. Capital of Manipur – Imphal
                                                                                    42. Who is the President Myanmar – Htin Kyaw
                                                                                    43. Who is captain of T20 Woman’s Cricket team of India – Mithali Raj 
                                                                                    44. Raja Ram park is situated in? – Kolhapur
                                                                                    45. What does curd consists of? – Lactic Acid
                                                                                    46. What is the language if Goa? – Konkani
                                                                                    47. For which international show has Priyanka Chopra won an award? – Quantico
                                                                                    48. Rajaji National Park is located at – Uttarakhand
                                                                                    49. Mirage, the optical illusion, is caused due to – Total Internal Reflection

                                                                                      Question Asked in Shift 3

                                                                                      1. Who invented oxygen
                                                                                      2. How many MP in Chandigarh. 20
                                                                                      3. Vice president elected by whom - Ans.both houses
                                                                                      4. Maximum strength of Loksabha only from states excluding elected members..552...530 Electiom  
                                                                                      5. Highest authority for making the law is?
                                                                                      6. Number of seats in Parliament for a quorum?
                                                                                      7. Question based on GDP?
                                                                                      8. Japans Fukoku prize was given to AR RAHMAN
                                                                                      9. Sahitya Academy Award is given in which field?
                                                                                      10. How many Filmfare awards does Shahrukh Khan have? 14
                                                                                      11. Question related to INSAT 2E.
                                                                                      12. Full form of UNHCR? United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
                                                                                      13. Tributary of godavari?
                                                                                      14. Gandhi started salt satyagraha from where? Sabarmati to Dandi
                                                                                      15. Simon commison was boycotted in 1927 why? because of no Indian member
                                                                                      16. Exomars mission between Europe and Russia?
                                                                                      17. Shah institute of nuclear physics...Kolkata
                                                                                      18. FSSAI CEO?...Yaduvir Singh Malik
                                                                                      19. Sea on saturn satellite...Encelladus
                                                                                      20. Total internal reflection...Air to Water
                                                                                      21. Smart stands for.... Related to Railway
                                                                                      22. Meenakshi temple...TAMILNADU
                                                                                      23. India 1st lunar satellite
                                                                                      24. Icc emerging player 2015
                                                                                      25. Full form of ...BIT
                                                                                      26. Thailand me india ke rajdoot
                                                                                      27. Ice ocean on satrun
                                                                                      28. Inflation measurement method of rbi cpi
                                                                                      29. Rbi highest denomination note ever
                                                                                      30. Godavari tributory pranvita contains water from- pein ganga, venganga and verdha
                                                                                      31. Ap shah committe- RIL and ONGC
                                                                                      32. Mohiniattam realated to Kerla
                                                                                      33. Jawahar Rojgar Yojan 1989, 
                                                                                      34. First Mammal extinct due to climate change,
                                                                                      35. 2015 National Games,
                                                                                      36. Heritage site included on march 2016,
                                                                                      37. Indian ambessdr to thiland,
                                                                                      38. Dvd is ?
                                                                                      39. Example of itr diamond-aie
                                                                                      40. Who is not a golf player ? Michel bivan
                                                                                      41. Kudd is a dance fron which state -J&K
                                                                                      42. Full form of ICT -INTELIGENT CHARACTER RECOGNITION
                                                                                      43. Full form of SMART train coach?
                                                                                      44. Newly launched Scheme for rail sequrity?
                                                                                      45. Simillarity between kathak, kathkali, and one dance of south and madhubani?
                                                                                      46. Which of follwing was not in budget? A. Rail sarnchna /B.rail nirmaan/C. Rail maanak
                                                                                      47. System used to find error in computer program
                                                                                      48. India’s luxury tourist train is?

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