An interview is the test of personality of a candidate as in a bank; it is of utmost importance, sometimes, more than your knowledge. There will be occasions when you will not know the solution to a problem but you can manage the situation with the help of simple smile and polite behavior. This is what is intended to be judged by an interview. So, what are the qualities they look for in a candidate?
  1. Behavior (Most important)
  2. Temperament
  3. Leadership Quality
  4. Ability to handle Pressure and also give your best under extremely stressful conditions
  5. Family Background
  6. Educational Background
  7. Knowledge about banking sector

We shall go ahead with very simple things regarding the preparation phase for interview because that is what is required to become successful in the interview. Some simple steps are there as explained below:

1. Get all your documents in order
The most important thing since without proper documents, you are not even allowed to attend the interview. Make a checklist of things to be carried along with you well in advance and get all the things in place well before the interview date

2. Revise the Basics of your Graduation Subject
This is an important part since the interviewers judge your sincerity from the answers you give for the questions from your graduation / post graduation subject. These subjects you have read but banking you have not read. So, it is excused if you are not able to answer banking questions but subject questions are expected to be answered by the candidates

3. Read Newspaper Daily
Reading newspaper should be made a habit rather than a necessity. It is the goldmine of current affairs, hence, this one month, read a standard newspaper as well as a financial newspaper in order to be aware of the happenings around you. This brings you brownie points in the interview if you are a newspaper guy or lady. Most importantly, read the newspaper of the day of your interview positively without fail

4. Get to know Yourself
Try to rediscover yourself. What are your strengths, your weak areas, hobbies and interests, your work experience etc. You should be sure of yourself that you really want to be a banker (No matter, what your real goal in life is) in front of the interviewers

5. Learn to say “No” in a polite manner
It is not possible for a human being to know the answer of each and everything. However, how you express your inability to answer matters the most. A polite “no” will fetch you extra marks whereas a wrong intonation will attract penalty. Just make it sound like you are sorry not to know and you are interested in knowing about that (No matter, if you are not even remotely interested in knowing)

6. Dress Well but not Lavishly
An interview is not a fashion show and hence, try to be dressed according to a formal office. Males can go with light striped shirt with trousers along with a tie (a suit is recommended but not mandatory). You shoes should be preferably black in color and well polished whereas the belt should match the color of the shoes. Ladies should go with a saree or salwar. If in case, somebody wants to go in western, trousers along with light colored shirts are okay

7. Be Yourself
Because that is what the interviewers are interested in, you as a person. No fake accent or fake behavior. Just be yourself and answer as per your convictions and opinions. Never ever say something you don’t know about or you don’t how to back that with logic or examples

8. Don’t Overburden yourself with banking terms
Just have the basic idea about the banking sector and do not try to go into in depth knowledge of anything. You are not expected to know everything before joining the sector but an overall idea is what is expected from a candidate wanting to join the sector..

9. Sleep Well the Night Before Interview
No burning of midnight oil the previous night, rather go to bed early and leave the interview alone for the night. Sleep properly and adequately

Last but not the least, this is an interview and try to take it as that only. No extra stress and no taking it too much casually. Enjoy the learning phase and the experience of being interviewed. Just try to keep it simple, simple and simple!!
All the Best!
Sourin Saha
PO (Bank of Baroda)

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