The Kerala Government launched four projects under “Nava Kerala Mission” for comprehensive developments in the fields of housing, health, education and agriculture. The mission was launched by The Governor of Kerala P. Sathasivam and Chief Minister of Kerala Mr Pinarayi Vijayan on 10th November 2016. The Main initiative of this Mission is to the development of the State & to intensify the position of Kerala on the map.


  • The government of Kerala is trying to develop all the sector of state and want to make its position on the map of India.
  • Government plans to implement the projects on time bound basis with the support of civic bodies.
  • These schemes would address four key areas of life, namely health, education agriculture and housing with the help and involvement of local governments.

4 Projects Under Nava Kerala Mission

Haritha Keralam: 

Under this scheme, one of the projects is Haritha Keralam. It means organic farming for agricultural development and preserving water sources would be the main focus. The project force on the cleanness of the state and to organising various wastes management schemes. The scheme also maintains to make a proper and healthy environment. As a result, the environment will keep the society healthy and free from many diseases.


The scheme is aimed at improving quality and facilities at government hospitals for the poor people and to enable treatment at a reasonable price. I hope Ardram would bring in a sea change in the state’s healthcare sector.

Education System: 

This is a scheme to protect and strengthen the public school system of Kerala also to ensure the school system by bringing up Nobel teaching methodologies. This scheme is for the school system whose primary person is to distribute training in the middle of every individual. So that, every student can get the basic education.

Life Scheme:

There are large numbers of poor people in the state who live without the house. So the Government will decide to provide housing for the homeless and bringing up the quality of life in the mission. The target of the plan to build houses for 4.32 lakh families in Kerala and approximate budget for this scheme will be Rs. 6000-6500 crore.

Major Points:

Project Name
Nava Kerala Mission
State (which launched the projects)
Inaugurated by
Governor of Kerala - P. Sathasivam
Launched by
Chief Minister Mr Pinarayi Vijayan
10th November 2016
Name of the Schemes under Nava Kerala Mission
Haritha Keralam, Ardram, Education System, Life Scheme
Health, Education, Housing, Agriculture
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