Directions: In the following exercise, a sentence is divided into four parts, i.e. A, B, C and D. You have to identify which part of the sentence contains an error. If the sentence has no error, then mark your answer as E.

1. (A) Many a profound thinker/ (B) believes that/ (C) the march of civilization/ (D) has not coincided with real human progress. /(E) No error

2. (A) The Hindi and the Marathi are/(B) different forms of the Sanskrit language/(C) which were once spoken/(D) in almost every part of India./(E) No error

3. (A) A pair of goggle was/(B) brought from the market/(C) for Vijay /(D) making him fit to a gentleman./(E) No error

4. (A) He would not have/(B) written this letter,/(C) if he would not /(D) have heard the news. / (E) No error

5. (A) The discrete enquiry revealed/(B) that his involvement in the/(C) fraud cases have been/ (D) more than what was first guessed. (E) No error

6. (A) Not any other /(B) fruit is as /(C) delicious as /(D) the mange/.(D) No error
7. (A) Some people have generously contributed/(B) to the welfare fund, but they/(C) wanted that there names should/(D) not be published./ (E) No error

8. (A) Although he is my /(B) bosom friend I cannot /(C) ask him for money without /(D) any vividly decision/.(E) No error

9. (A) The economical condition of /(B) our country is bad and /(C) unlikely to improve in /(D) the near future. /(E)  No error

10. (A) Originally they had planned to buy /(B) an air conditioner but finally /(C) settled for an air cooler as /(D) the cost of the latter was very less./ (E) No error

1.   E; No error
2.   C; which was should be used.
3.   A;  a pair of goggles
4.   C; if he had not should be used
5.   C;  had been should be used
6.   A; No other fruit should be used.
7.   C; their should be used instead of there.
8.   D; vivid should be used.
9.   A; economic should be used instead of economy.
10. D; much less should be used.

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