(1) The World Heart Day is observed every year on
A) 21 Sep
B) 25 Sep
C) 27 Sep
D) 29 Sep

(2) Telugu author and eminent scholar Kolakaluri Enoch was honoured with the 29th Moortidevi Award 2015 for his novel _______.
A) Ananta Jeevanam
B) Samata
C) Sarkaru Gaddi
D) Kaki

(3) Who has been appointed as the Director of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library(NMML) by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet?
A) Kamil Bulke
B) Shahbaz Nadeem
C) S. S. Palanimanickam
D) Shakti Sinha

(4) The Labour Ministry has doubled Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation’s (EPFO) investment limit in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) to ___%.
A) 19
B) 13
C) 10
D) 17

(5) After the surgical strike by the Indian Army. The Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan was summoned by Pakistan Government. Who is the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan?
A) Satyabrata Pal
B) TCA Raghavan
C) Sharat Sabharwal
D) Gautam Bambawale

(6) Which Airport was awarded with “Best Tourist Friendly Airport” under the category for “State Annual Excellence Awards (2015-16)”?
A) Mumbai Airport
B) Tirupati Airport
C) Chennai Airport
D) Delhi Airport

(7) Which state government has decided to install monorail from Budge in South 24-Parganas to Ruby Connector in Kolkata at a cost of 4,216 crore rupees?
A) Meghalaya
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) West Bengal
D) Manipur

(8) Who has been appointed as the Executive Director of Indian Overseas Bank till January 21, 2019 by the Finance Ministry?
A) Surendar Kumar
B) Lakshmi Kumar
C) Devendra Kumar
D) R Subramania Kumar

(9) What is the theme of 2016 World Maritime Day (WMD)?
A) IMO: shipping safety & security
B) Shipping: indispensable to the world
C) IMO conventions: effective implementation
D) Maritime education and training

(10) Annu Rani is associated with which of the following sports? She broke her own national record recently.
A) Javelin throw
B) Archery
C) Shooting
D) Boxing
E) Weightlifting

  • (1) D   
  • (2) A   
  • (3) D   
  • (4) C   
  • (5) D   
  • (6) B   
  • (7) C   
  • (8) D   
  • (9) B   
  • (10) A
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