Reasoning Quiz for Banking | IBPS | RBI | RRB - 33 (Data Sufficiency)

Directions (1-5): In this question four statements are given followed by five conclusions, one of which definitely does not logically follows (or is not a possibility of occurrence) from the given statements. That conclusion is your answer.

Statements: All rings are jewelleries. 
All jewelleries are diamonds. 
No ring is a toy.

Some toys are baskets. 
1) All rings are diamonds. 
2) All diamonds being rings is a possibility. 
3) Some toys are not rings. 
4) All baskets are rings. 
5) All rings being baskets is a possibility. 

Some cars are bikes. 
All bikes are red. 
Some red are green. 
No green is white. 
1) Some red being cars is a possibility. 
2) Some red are not white. 
3) All white are definitely green. 
4) Some red are bikes. 
5) Some cars are red. 

Statements: Some plastics are papers. 
No paper is a book. 
All books are novels. 
No novel is a poem. 
1) All books being plastic is a possibility. 
2) All plastics being books is a possibility. 
3) Some novels are books. 
4) No book is a poem. 
5) Some novels being papers is a possibility. 

All players are honests. 
No honest is intelligent. 
Some intelligent are brave. 
All brave are strong. 
l) All players being intelligent is a possibility. 
2) Some brave are intelligent. 
3) Some intelligent are strong. 
4) All strong being intelligent is a possibility. 
5) Some strong are not honest. 

Some stars are planets. 
No planet is an earth. 
All earths are universes. 
No moon is a star. 
1) Some planets are stars. 
2) All universe being planets is a possibility. 
3) Some planets are not moons. 
4) All universes being an earth is a possibility. 
5) Some stars are not earths. 

All visitors are hosts. 
Some hosts are guests. 
All guests are invitees. 
No man is a visitor 
1) Some invitees are guests. 
2) Some hosts are visitors. 
3) All invitees being hosts is a possibility 
4) No guest is a invitee 
5) All men being hosts is a possibility.

Answers & Explanations
1. 4. From (first+ Second) Conclusions 1) and 2) follow. Again , No ring is a toy (E) → implication 
→ Some toys are not rings (O). Hence 3) follows. No ring is a toy (E) + Some toys are baskets (I) = E+I = O * = Some baskets are not rings. Hence 4) does not follow. 
Again from (third + fourth) the possibility in 5) exists. 

2. 3; Some cars are bikes (I) + All bikes are red (A) = I + A = I = Some cars are red, Thus the possibility in l) exists. 
And also conclusion 5) follows. Again, Some red are green. (I) + No green is white (E) = I + E = O 
= Some red are not white. Hence 2) follows. 
From Fourth statement conclusion 3) does not follow. 
Now, All bikes are red (A) → Y Conversion → Some red are bikes (I). Hence 4) follows. 

3. 2; Some plastics are papers (I) + No paper is a book (E) = I + E = O = Some plastics are not books. 
Hence the possibility in 1) exists. But 2) does not exist. 
Again, All books are novels (A) → Conversion → Some novels are books (I). Hence 3) follows. All books are novels (A) + 
No novel is a poem (E) = A + E = E = No book is a poem (E). Hence 4) follows. From (second and third) 
statements conclusion 5) follows. 

4. 1; All player are honest (A) + No honest is intelligent (E) = A + E = E = No player is intelligent. Hence l) does not follow. 
Again, Some intelligents are braves (I) → Conversions → Some braves are intelligents. Hence 2) Follows. 
From third (I) + fourth (A) = I + A = I = Some intelligents are strong. Hence 3) follows and also follows. 
From (third + fourth + second) conclusion 5) may follows. 

5. 2; Some stars are planets (I) → conversion → Some planets are stars. Hence 1) follows. No Planet is an earth (E) + 
All earths are universe (A) E + O* = Some universe are not planets. Hence 2) does not follow. 
No moon is a star (E) + Some stars are planets (I) = E + I = O* = Some planets are not moons. Hence 3) follows. 
From statement third the possibility in 4) exists. Hence 4) follows. 
Again, Some stars are planet (I) + No planet is an earth (E) = I + E = O = Some stars are not earths. 
Hence 5) follows. 

6. 4; All guests are invitees (A) → Conversion → Some invitees are guests (I). Hence conclusion l) follows. Some hosts are 
guests (I) + All guests are invitees (A) = I + A = I = Some hosts are invitees. Hence the possibility in 3) exists. 
Again, All visitors are hosts (A) → conversion → some hosts are visitors (I). Hence 2) follows. No man is a visitor 
(E) + All visitors are hosts = E + A = 
O * = Some hosts are not men. Hence Conclusion 5) follows. But conclusion 4) does not follow from third statement.

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