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  1. Subramaniam bought 100 eggs for Rs 50. Out of these, 4 eggs were found to be broken and he sold the remaining eggs at the rate of Rs 8.50 per dozen. Find his gain or loss per cent.
    a)36% Gain
    b)63% Gain
    c)36% Loss
    e)None of these
  1. A grocer buys eggs at 10 for Rs 8 and sells at 8 for Rs 10. Find his gain or loss percent.
    a)56.25% Loss
    c)56.25% Gain
    e)None of these
  2. A man purchases 8 pens for Rs 9 and sells 9 pens or rupees 8. How much profit or loss does he make?
    a)20.98% Loss
    c)56.25% Gain
    e)None of these
  3. A boy buys oranges at 9 for Rs 16 sells them at 11 for Rs 20. What is his gain or loss percent?
    a)2.27% Loss
    c)0.227% Gain
    e)None of these
  4. The selling price of 10 articles is the same as the cost price of 11 articles, find the gain or loss percent.
    a)10% Loss
    c)10% Gain
    e)None of these
  5. A whole seller sells 30 pens for the price of 27 pens to a retailer. The retailer sells the pens at the marked price.Find the per cent profit of retailer.
    a)100/9% Loss
    c)9/100% Gain
    e)None of these
  6. Seema bought 1600 bananas at Rs 3.75 a dozen. She sold 900 of them at 2 for Re 1 and the remaining at Rs 5 for Rs 2. Find her gain or loss per cent.
    a)46% Loss
    c)54% Gain
    e)None of these
  7. A bookseller sold 300 copies of a book at a profit of 15%. If a book costs him Rs 12, find the selling price of the books.
    a)Rs 4140
    b)Rs 3425
    c)Rs 2458
    d)Rs 4410
    e)None of these
  8. Raman bought a cycle for Rs 560. For how much shall he sell it so as to loss 10%?
    a)Rs 404
    b)Rs 504
    c)Rs 604
    d)Rs 406
    e)None of these
  9. Ramesh bought an article for Rs 1215 and spent Rs 35 on its transportation.At what price should he sell the article to have a gain of 16%?
    a)Rs 1450
    b)Rs 1540
    c)Rs 5140
    d)Rs 1245
    e)None of these


  1. (a)We have, CP  of 100 eggs= Rs 50.
    It is given that 4 eggs were found to be broken.
    So, the number of remaining eggs which were sold in the market= 100-6=94
    Therefore SP of 12 eggs =Rs 8.50
    Hence,SP of 1 egg=Rs 8.50/12
    P of 96 eggs= Rs{8.5 X 96}/12=Rs 68
    Clearly SP>CP, So, there is gain given by
    Gain=SP-CP=Rs(68-50)=Rs 18
    Hence,Gain %={Gain/CP}x100=(18×100)/50=36%
  2. (c)Quicker Method:
    Buy——10 for Rs 8
    Sell——8 for Rs 10
    Now, percenatge profit or loss is given by:
    Since, the sign is positive , there is a Gain of 56.25%
  3. (a)Purchases 8 pens or Rs9
    Sells 9 pens for Rs 8
    %profit or loss =[8×8-9×9]x100/(9×9)=-1700/81=-20.98%
    Since the sign is negative , so there is a loss of 20.98%
  4. (b)Quicker Method:
    9      16
    11      20
    % profit or loss=(9×20-16×11)x100(16×11)=2.27%
    Since, the sign is positive , there is a Gain of 2.27%
  5. (c)
    If the cost price of x articles is equal to the selling price of y articles , then profit percentage=(x-y)*100/y %
    Applying this we get Profit=11-10)x100/10
  6. Here retailer buys 30 pens for the certain price from a whole seller and sells 27 pens for the same price.(Marked price as given)
    Therefore,  percent profit or loss=[(30-27)x100/27]=100/9%
    Since,sign is positive hence there is profit.
  7. (b)

  8. (a)
    Cost of 300 books=300×12=Rs3600
    Profit = 15% of CP=15% of Rs 3600=Rs 540
    SP=CP+Profit=3600+540=Rs 4140
  9. (b)
    SP=(100-10)% of CP=(90×560)/100=Rs 504
  10. (a)
    Quicker Approach:
    SP=(116/100)(1215+35)=Rs 1450
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