How to Stay Positive During Exam

HELLO Students!!!
Did this ever happened to you that while you reach your exam center, you feel nervous, a bit agitated or just get confused?
Actually it does happen with all of us. Whenever we see a lot of candidates around us, some cramming the rules, some are revising chapters and others are standing with 
their hands joined, kissing their lucky charms, we do deflect a bit. Never mind, its completely natural. So, today lets take a break and learn some quick tips to stay calm and relaxed before entering or after entering your exam hall......

1. Never Carry Heavy Stuff With You
One should never carry a heavy load of bag and all the stuff with oneself, except if your are travelling to another city to appear for the exam. Make sure you have all the important documents like Admit card, Identity Proof, Pens of course. But keep your bag stuffed with least stuff.

2. Reach the Place before Time
You should reach your exam center at least one hour before. If the exam center in your own city, then do visit it prior exam day. It will give a clear idea about the time you need to commute. If the exam is held in some other city, then you must search for the proper location, modes of travelling etc. The reason being that if you are not familiar with the place, you may lost your way and get late. It will baffle you for the first few minutes of the exam. You will reach there perspiring, sweating tired and that not good Right??

3.Take Water Bottle With You
Water bottle is an essential to be kept. Water will maintain your body temperature and helps you keep calm. The second benefit of having water bottle is that you don't have to keep looking here and there for water. Even while travelling water is must because you never know what kind of place you will be going and how much do you have to rub your shoulders in rickshaws, buses and trains etc. So, keep water with you always.

4. Never Discuss About Failure In Previous Attempts
Why do you need to discuss about your previous failures in attempts.?? It gone. You have prepared hard, you have got another chance. Just hit it. Never discuss about where did you lack last time just before your exam. There are another candidates, you must start talking about something positive and enthusiastic. If you are shy, then just close your eyes, take a deep breath and lift yourself up.

5. Don't Start Cramming
Does it really help you to crammer all the things just few seconds before exam? Why? Where have you been all the time you got to study? Dear you have prepared a lot. You don't need to cram anything. If you really want to revise the stuff, do it a day before.


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