How People Face Interview

There are some tips for attending time of interview .candidate appear a written test it is very important he/she appear to interview if the candidate only pass in the written exam but he/she cannot pass in the interview he/she cannot desire for any  post so its most important to cliffy the interview.there is a some tips for how the candidate can cliffy the interview . 

There are different types of interview like structured unstructured, group,stress interview.while attending interview observe the organizational environment very carefully and treat every one you meet courtesy answer each and every question in a positive and confident manner.Not to worry, be very casual upon interview, face to face contact is very important and casual talking is also an important – in addition, you may follow below provided links guideline if necessary.

Well, all your interview depends on you only. as Interview is nothing but your presentation which depends on very first your 

1 resume : Make clear n sufficient information don’t put the fake information. and keep in mind all the questions are asked by interviewer on basis of your resume only. 

2 Clear approach : Be simple natural, show what you are, as you are. 

3 Accept when you don’t kn the things: don’t make arguments, & simple say Sorry if you don’t kn the ans. 

4 Last but not list Be clear on the things & job ro

Here some vital tips OR INTERVIEW HEALTHY POINTS  
*Be well dressed with a tie 
*Be confident and presntable  
* seek permissiion before being entered into the room seated  
*Wish all the guys who take your interviews (like Good Morning Sirs) 
*Have your eyes wide open and focussed at the interviewer and answer with a *smile as if you are the "Round Peg in the Round Hole",  
*Answer precisely and should be short but impregnated. 
*Be frank in putting forth your queries  
*Don’t interrupt while they speak. Nothing to worry about, being a loser or gainer. You will be a gainer only.
 *Self Introduction for pre-test. Need to pass it to move to next round  
* Aptitude test (all types of question will be there), need to pass it to move ahead.  
*Interview with Department Manager / Team leader’s. Again need to pass it.  
* Practical test will be there for technical job, as per job description. 
*Interview with Human resource staff (final round) Attend the Interview at fixed time *Be a Good Listener 
*Create Good Impression 
*“To Win – Win “ should be your policy 
*Positive body language 
*Behave well & Natural 
*Be Motivational & Sharp mind 
*Think clearly & Answer logically 

Argument active Talk 
Bad manners & behaviour 
Vague & boring answering 
Negative attitude 
Grim face 
Stammering in your reply 
Fickle mindedness

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