Fill in the Correct Phrasal Verb From the Given Options for Banking | IBPS | SBI | RBI | RRB -14

1. I enjoy a lot at college as I .......... with all my friends.
a. get along
b. get on
c. get through
d. get across

2. Don't worry if you has a failed relationship; you need to
a. get up
b. get across
c. get in
d. get over

3. Never ...........on your hopes and wishes.
a. give in
b. give down
c. give up
d. give in

4. All necessary documents need to be ............. by the end of the month.
a. handed over
b. handed around
c. handed out
d. handed in

5. My best friend usually ............ at any time of the day.
a. pops up
b. pops through
c. pops in
d. pops down

6. ............. your uniform you need attend school  right now
a. put into
b. put up
c. put in
d. put on

7. You need to ........... into this new account for further details.
a. sign into
b. sign up
c. sign on
d. sign against

8. The main faculty is absent. Who will ............. for her?
a. stand for
b. stand in
c. stand against 
d. stand on

9. Please speak to your daughter. She is adamant on marrying the wrong man, you need to .............
a. talk her into it
b. talk her down
c. talk her up
d. talk her out of this

10. ............. the plan; don't hover around.
a. Stick to
b. Stick at
c. Stick into
d. Stick up to

11. ............ Your bag tightly, thee could be many thieves around.
a. Hold at
b. Hold out
c. Hold onto
d. Hold on

12. I tried ............ my boss for a leave but failed.
a. talk over
b. talk into
c. talk about
d. talk across

  1. Answer : get along 
  2. Answer : get over
  3. Answer : give up
  4. Answer : handed over 
  5. Answer : pops in 
  6. Answer : put on 
  7. Answer : sign up
  8. Answer : stand in
  9. Answer : talk her out of this
  10. Answer : Stick to
  11. Answer : Hold onto
  12. Answer : talk over         

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