1. Which Article of the Indian Constitution guarantees to the individual citizen the right to move the Supreme Court direct in case violation of Fundamental Rights? 
Ans: Article 32

2. The idea of Concurrent List has been borrowed from the Constitution of ____________.
Ans: Australia

3. The Poona Pact was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and Rr. B R Ambedkar on September 24, 1932 at ____________.
Ans: Yerwada Central Jail, Pune  

4. Name two newspaper started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak in order to spread the ideals of Nationalism.
Ans: Maharatta and Keasri 

5. Which song did Rabindranath Tagore compose on the occasion of lunch of Anti-Partition Movement?
Ans: Aamar Somar Bangla (My Golden Bengal) 

6. Who founded the All India Muslim Leagues in 1906 to safeguard the community?
Ans: Nawab Salimullah of Decca 

7. Which commission recommended abolition of Dyarchy in the provinces?
Ans: Simon Commission 

8. When was the Fouth Mysore War fought between the British forces and Tipu Sultan?
Ans: In 1799 

9. Which layer of the atmosphere is free from clouds and associated weather phenomena, and ideal for plane flying?
Ans: Stratosphere 

10. Who was the first woman to conquer the Mount Everest on 16 May 1975?
Ans: Junko Tabei (Japan) 

11. Who was the first person to float in space?
Ans: Alexei Leonov (Russia) 

12. With which industry is Bhagalpur (in Bihar) associated?
Ans: Silk 

13. In which Indian state was cosmonaut Kalpana Chawla born?
Ans: Haryana

14. What is referred to as Fourth Estate?
Ans: Press

15. What is the correct scientific name for “weather science”?
Ans: Meteorology 

16.Which great American proved that lighting is electricity?
Ans: Benjamin Franklin

17. What is Mendel’s first law usually called?
Ans: Law of Segregation

18. Which Five-Year-Plan is called as Gadgil Yojana?
Ans: Third Plan

19. On the honour of which Greek God the Olympic Games were held?
Ans: God Zeus

20. Which famous boxer was nominated as a member of Rajya Sabha n April 2016?
Ans: M C Mary Kom

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