From the heading itself it is clear that we are talking about a personality who was not related to the Banking industry at all but has reached a height that seemed quite impossible at first. An accidental banker was recognized to head a bank which has proved its worth in the country as one of the top public sector bank.
Yes friends, you guessed it right. We are talking about the SBI CMD Arundhati Bhattacharya who has broken all the barriers of myth and became the first woman CMD of SBI. She started just like we all do as "Chalo yaar, banking ki vacancies aayi hai..form fill kar dete hain" and you know who she has become now.

It all started long back ago when a graduate who was a bit worried as well as confused towards the future prospects of her life, appeared for the Probationary Officer Exam in 1977. An arts graduate who has her interest in music and literature has cleared the banking exam and started her career. Being from Non-Commerce background, she may have faced a lot of difficulties but again, she went for it rather than running from it.

Do you know why we are talking about her? Aisa kya hua jo aaj Mrs. Bhattacharya ki baat ho rahi hai?

Friends, as you all know that the tenure of The RBI Governor, Mr. Raghuram Rajan is going to be over very soon and The Government is searching for a new face to head the Central Bank of the country. A face that no one objects and acceptable by all the financial institutions just like Rajan was. This could not have been in the dreams of Mrs. Bhattacharya but she may have got a reason to dream bigger. She can be an inspiration for many of us as very few of us are going to bank by choice.

Most of the banking aspirants are from Non-Commerce Background and preparing for banking exam as it has become one of the mass recruitment exam. We have a perfect example in front of us who has managed to become the head of the pioneer banking organization. "Akhir unhone aisa kya kiya jo ham nahi kar paa rahe hai"..This is something that we have to think over and over again. No one knows how she overcame all the difficulties but she definitely did it. It was not an easy path but she being a daughter, a mother and a wife has broken all the barriers. There were times in her life when she wanted to quit her job, but she never did.

Friends, it feels good to read about such personalities but it is useless until unless we learn from it. She took the leap of faith and it led her to the right destination. In fact she has opened new possibilities for many of us. Now it is up to us how we learn from it and how we make it useful for us. Now the ball is in your court and you are the only one who can change your life.


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