Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions:
Seven friends Ravi, Raju, Raja, Rajan, Rahul, Rajesh and Ranjan study in three different colleges A, B, C and four different branches of engineering - Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics and Electrical not necessarily in the same order. At least one of them and not more than three of them study in any one college and any one branch. Raju studies mechanical in college B. Ravi and Rajan study in college A but in different branches. Rahul studies chemical and he is in college C with Raja. Neither Rajesh nor Ranjan studies in college A. The only person who studies electronics is in college C. Ranjan studies electrical. Ravi does not study chemical. Rajan and Raju are in same branch and only two people study chemical. Rajesh studies in college B.

1.       Who studies electronics?
(a)     Raju 
(b)     Rajan 
(c)     Raja 
(d)     Ravi 
(e)     Rahul

2.       In which branch Rajesh study?
(a)     Mechanical 
(b)     Chemical 
(c)     Electrical 
(d)     Electronics 
(e)     Can't be determined

3.       Which college has maximum number of students?
(c)     Either A or B 
(e)     Either B or C

4.       Which of following pair are in same college?
(a)     Ravi, Raju 
(b)     Raja, Rajan 
(c)     Rajesh, Raju 
(d)     Rahul, Rajan 
(e)     None of these

5.       In which branch Ravi studies?
(a)     Mechanical
(b)     Chemical
(c)     Electrical
(d)     Electronics
(e)     Can’t be determined

6.       If N >= K , M <= N , K > L, O < M is true then which of the following will be true ?
(a)     O > N 
(b)     N > L 
(c)     M > K 
(d)     M > L 
(e)     K < M

7.       Which of the following shows A > B ?
(a)     B >= D > E > A 
(b)     A <= C = D <= B 
(c)     C >= B < D <= F = A
(d)     A = C <= D < B 
(e)     None of these

8.       Which of the following should come in place of (?) to make expression A > B definitely true?
B < F = C ? D < A
(d)     Either 2 or 3 
(e)     Either 1 or 3

Directions (9-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions:
J <= K , K > L, L = M , N < M
If the given expression in the above is definitely true then give the answer of the following questions given below.
9.       Which of the following is true?
(a)     J < L 
(b)     L < N 
(c)     K < M 
(d)     N < L 
(e)     J = M

10.    Which of the following is true?
(a)     K = M 
(b)     M > K 
(c)     K < N 
(d)     N < K 
(e)     J > L

Directions (11-15): These questions are based on the following information.
In a board meeting of officers there were eight members, whose names are Aman, Baman, Chaman, Dhawan, Gagan, Magan, Naman, Pawan. Following information is about their sitting arrangement around a rectangular table, on which three persons sit on the each longer side and one sits on the each smaller side.
1)       There are two head officers and they sit on the single sides of the table. Dhawan and Pawan are not near Aman.
2)       Magan sits on the corner of the longer side.
3)       Gagan is diagonally opposite to Magan.
4)       There is only one person between Gagan and Chaman.
5)       Baman is the head officer. He sits near Chaman, who is diagonally opposite to Naman.
6)       Magan and Baman are not adjacent. Pawan is 3rd left of Gagan and he is not head officer.
7)       Aman sits on the middle of longer side.

11.    Who is in front of Pawan?
(a)     Aman
(b)     Magan
(c)     Naman
(d)     Gagan
(e)     Dhawan

12.    Who is the second head other than Baman?
(a)     Magan
(b)     Dhawan
(c)     Pawan
(d)     Aman
(e)     Naman

13.    Who are these three persons who sit on the same side?
(a)     Gagan, Aman, Dhawan
(b)     Chaman, Pawan, Gagan
(c)     Naman, Aman, Chaman
(d)     Aman, Naman, Gagan
(e)     Can’t be determined

14.    Who is between Dhawan and Gagan?
(a)     Aman, Pawan
(b)     Aman, Naman
(c)     Naman, Magan
(d)     Aman, Magan
(e)     Magan, Pawan

15.    What is the sitting position of Pawan?
(a)     2nd left of Magan
(b)     3rd right of Magan
(c)     diagonally opposite of Gagan
(d)     2nd right of Dhawan

(e)     2nd left of Chaman

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