Directions : In each sentence below, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence some pairs of words are given which are numbered (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Pick out the most appropriate pair to fill in the blanks in the same order, to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

1. Cholestrol has long been identified as a silent killer because the patient has no ........ of the danger freely ........ his system.

(a)   idea, infecting
(b)  thought, attacking 
(c)   notion, ravishing
(d)  inkling, traversing
(e)   information, invading 

2. Only when ........ failed, the police resorted to ........ 

(a)   efforts, power
(b)  arrests, imprisonment 
(c)   persuasions, force
(d)  power, punishment
(e)   manipulations, arrests

3. I have just the memory of my father to ........ now, but my faith in him has never been ........ .

(a)   recall, missing
(b)  store, forgotten
(c)   love, shaken
(d)  worship, mistaken 

4. Insurance companies are perfectly ........ of the greed some people show in ........ illnesses in order to get big settlements in the courts.

(a)   conscious, serious
(b)  known, ailing
(c)   informed, false
(d)  aware, faking
(e)   acquainted, perfect

5. The ........ imposed for non-payment was too ........ for it to bring in improvement in collection.

(a)   fine, severe
(b)  toll, simple
(c)   penalty, low
(d)  damage, cruel
(e)   punishment, harsh

6. Unfortunately, trade unions and organisations of various denominations have failed to realise that ........ understanding, positive attitude and constructive approach are basic requirements to make unions work on ........ lines.

(a)   common, ture
(b)  cooperative, better
(c)   mutual, sound
(d)  general, desired 

7. The practice of painting slogans on rock faces, once a thriving industry in Britain has fallen into ........ but there has recently been a (an) ........ in Country Antrim.

(a)   oblivion, demand
(b)  disfavour, upheavel
(a)   (c)disuse, recrudescence
(c)   mediocrity, renascence 

8. He shifted to his late parents' house not because of the ........ it provided but for purely ........ reasons.

(a)   convenience, sentimental
(b)  grace, aesthetic 
(c)   value, monetary
(d)  comforts, personal
(e)   benefit, extraneous 

9. The Prime Minister said that the ........ to increase employment will be ........ or. the efforts to raise productivity in the economy.

(a)   scheme, complementary
(b)  policy, dependent
(c)   strategy, contingent
(d)  determination, reliant
(e)   programme, supplementary

10. India's ........ armoury needs replacement despite its long-term indigenisation plans and leading international arms industries are eager to sell their latest ........ to the Indian Armed Forces.

(a)   exhausted; innovation
(b)  old, equipment
(c)   exorbitant, instruments
(d)  fake, production
(e)   ageing, gadgetry

11. He gave me an additional ........ of Rs. 200 a month by ........ of the Commissioner. 

(a)   allowance, permission
(b)  pay, allowance
(c)   salary, admittance
(d)  payment, agreement 

12. The impact of Western culture on India was the impact of a ........ society, of a modern consciousness on a ........ society wedded to medieval habits of thought.

(a)   dynamic, static
(b)  major, minor 
(c)   educated, illiterate
(d)  active, passive
(e)   progressive, regressive

13. Many of us who ........ rational - emotive therapy are ........ tense, angry or depressed.

(a)   seek, often
(b)  follow, scarcely
(c)   perform, usually
(d)  implement, seldom
(e)   practice, frequently 

14. The speech ........ with subtle threats has resulted in ........ tension in the sensitive areas of the city.

(a)   started, reduced
(a)   (b)replete, increased 
(b)  full, escalating
(c)   forced, dissolving
(d)  followed, continuous 

15. It is ........ superstition to suppose that knowledge can be ......., only by going to schools and colleges

(a)   huge, accomplished
(b)  hollow, garnered
(c)   gross, obtained
(d)  great, achieved

(e)   tremendous, attained


1. (e)  
2. (c)  
3. (c)  
4. (d)  
5. (c)  
6. (c)  
7. (c)  
8. (a)  
9. (c)
10. (e) 
11. (a)
12. (a)
13. (e)
14. (b)
15. (c) 
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