SSC CGL Tier-I Exam Overall Analysis - 27th August 2016

For the very first time, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is conducting Online Examination of Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGL) for various posts. 
27th August 2016 was the first day of the exam, which was held in two shifts 
- Morning (10 am to 11:15 am) & 
- Evening (4 pm to 5:15 pm). 
The exam will end on 11th September 2016.

Thousands of the candidates have appeared in the examination at various centres across the country. We have already published the analysis of both Morning & Evening Exam. In this post, we will provide you overall analysis of SSC CGL Tier I Exam held on 27th August 2016.

Server Issue – Many candidates face server issue problem during the exam. The PC was slow at many centres and due to this candidates face problem while moving to next question. The answer was not saved and it takes two or three times to save and next to move the next questions. Due to this issue, many candidates couldn’t attempt many questions in the exam.

As per the review share by our user – The level of the today’s exam was easy to moderate level. The exam consists of 4 section which includes – Reasoning, English, General Awareness & Quantitative Aptitude.

Order of the sections in the Exam 
  • Reasoning                 - 1 – 25 Qs
  • General Awareness   - 26-50 Qs
  • Quant                        - 50- 75 Qs
  • English                      - 76-100 Qs
Pattern of the Exam
SSC Tier I Pattern

Now let’s begin with the Analysis part –
I. General Intelligence & Reasoning 
Level – (Easy to Moderate)
1. Number Series – 5Qs. Easy 
2. Alphabet Series – 5Qs. Moderate
3. Water Image – 2 Qs Easy
4. Picture Diagram – 2 Qs Moderate
5. Mirror Image – 2 Qs Easy
6. Matrix – 1 Qs Moderate
7. Paper Cutting – 2 Qs Moderate
8. Analogy – 1 Qs Easy
9. Miscellaneous  – 5 Qs Moderate
Note: Good Attempt in Reasoning Section – 18-22 out of 25

II. General Awareness 
Level (Moderate)
1. Questions from General Science – 5 Qs Moderate –
2. Questions from History – 6 Qs Moderate
3. Questions from Geography – 3 QS Moderate
4. Questions from Indian Polity – 5 Qs Moderate
5. Questions from Economics – 2 Qs Moderate
6. Questions from Current Affairs – 4 Qs Moderate
Note: Good Attempt in General Awareness Section – 12/15 out of 25
III. Quantitative Aptitude 
Level (Easy to Moderate)
1. Number Series – 2 Qs Moderate
2. Pie Chart & Bar Chart- 3 Qs Easy
3. Geometry – 4 Qs Moderate
4. Trigonometry – 3 Qs Moderate
5. SI & CI – 2 Qs Easy
6. Profit & loss – 2 Qs Moderate
7. Percentage – 1 Qs Easy
8. Time & Work – 2 Qs Easy
9. Speed & Distance – 3 Qs Moderate
10. Miscellaneous – 3Qs Moderate
Note: Good Attempt in Quant Section – 18-20 / 25

IV. English Comprehension
Level – (Easy)
1. Reading Comprehension – 5 Qs Moderate
2. Antonym & Synonym – 4 Qs Easy
3. Idiom/phrases – 3 Qs Moderate
4. Spelling Correctio – 1 Qs Moderate
5. Sentence Improvement – 3 Qs Easy
6. One Word Substitution – 3 Qs Moderate
7. Error Detection – 3 Qs Easy
8. Fill in the blanks – 3 Qs Easy
Note: Good Attempt in English Section – 18-20 / 25

Below we are providing some of the questions which were asked in 27th August 2016 exam in each section.
I. English Section 

Reading Comprehension Asked in 1st shift –

Comparison of mothers in China and Fathers in India on emotional ground

Reading Comprehension Asked in 2nd Shift –

A short narration of love between a boy and his grandmother. 

Others questions asked were – 
  1. Exact copy of something- facsimile
  2. Have a long face- to be sad
  3. Fit like a glove- perfect
  4. Soothe- agitate( Antonym)
  5. Devastation- destruction (synonym)
  6. Connoisseur (spelling)
  7. Money is given to a person for good sales- commission
  8. Cat nap- short sleep
  9. One who works in the same office- colleague
  10. Donkey: Bray then monkey: chatter
  11. Health is too important to be ——- ans. Neglected
  12. The labour union are working hell bent at getting their demands fulfilled. (sentence improvement) ans. hell bent on

II. Quantitative Aptitude
  1. x+1/x=5 find 6x/x^2+x+1=?
  2. a=x^1/3.y^1/3+x^(-1/3).y^(-1/3) find a^3-3ay-x=?
  3. The ratio of area of sphere nd hemisphere if they have the same radius.
  4. If two equal arcs of the circle made angles 60-degree nd 75 degrees… Find the ratio of the radius.
  5. if tan(@-15)=root 3, then, @=?
  6. If X+1/X =5 then x/x^2+x+1
  7. 1..8…27…343…441..729, find out the wrong no. In the series.
  8. What is the product of all positive factors of 18? A. 3042 B. 5832 C. 39 D. 324
  9. If X=1+√2+√3, then X^2-2X-4=?
  10. The single discount equal to three consecutive discounts of 10%, 12%, and 5% ?
  11. Two no are such that their difference their sum and their product are in the ratio of 1:7:24. The product of no is A. 24 B. 36 C.48 D. 60

III. Reasoning
  1. ass: brays::monkey:
  2. 17+17=2895
  3. 18+18=3245,19+19=3615,23+23=?
  4. water image. Group
  5. One question from the matrix…
  6. 1 8 27 , 64 125 216, 343 ? 729
  7. Wrong series : 28 32 29 30 26 28
  9. PAPER folding????
  10. Counting of no of square in a figure
III. General Awareness

Questions asked in 1st shift
  1. Kakori conspiracy took place in which year-9 August 1925
  2. Lok sabha meeting the minimum requirement of assembly members. How many member need to start the proceeding of the houses of parliament- One-tenth of the total number of house
  3. CAG does not audit which of the below mentioned –(State govt. accounts. Central government accounts, Local bodies, government run companies)- Ans – Local bodies
  4. bubbles from liquid are formed due to……Surface Tension
  5. The highest number of gold deposits found in which desert – Gobi Desert
  6. The population is counted 1000 m per females .
  7. Which state is more literacy – Punjab, Mizoram, Maharashtra, Odisha – Ans Mizoram
  8. Highest source of air pollution in the world-Carbon monoxide
  9. Components responsible for Acid rain ….. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides
  10. What is zeolite…. Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicate minerals made from interlinked tetrahedra of alumina (AlO4) and silica (SiO4).
  11. Siachen glacier dispute is between which two countries- India and Pakistan
  12. First Woman governor of Independent India-Sarojini Naidu
  13. Lacrimal glands are present in – eye
  14. Major function of interest groups- to create public opinion
  15. Population growth rate is determined by – birth rate and death rate
  16. Headquarter of FIFA?….. Zurich 
  17. Boiling point of water depends on- Atmospheric pressure
  18. If Tajmahal can be called as the dream of marble which of the following is the dream of stone? Red fort panch mahal
  19. Who is the author of “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”?… John Keats
  20. Which of the following is not correctly matched? Akbar- rana Pratap /Shivaji – Afzal Khan /Babar- bairam Khan /Nurjahan-
  21. The tax where poor are taxed more compared to rich- regressive tax
  22. Which of the following is application protocol – TCP, IP, HTTP, UDP. Ans is HTTP
  23. Which of the following is insulator- wood
Questions asked in 2nd shift
  1. Which of the following is not the main objective of Fiscal Policy?
  2. What is the main purpose of Monetary Policy?
  3. Most toxic air pollutant?
  4. First Filed Marshal of India? Sam Manekshaw (Sam Bahadur)
  5. Only Viceroy assassinated in India? Lord Mayo
  6. 1st Indian to get medal at Rio Olympic – Sakshi Malik
  7. Motor neuron in brain
  8. Head of PAC appointed by whom – Speaker of Lok Sabha.
  9. Smallest Island nation in Indian ocean – Maldives
  10. Founder of Theosophical society – Helena Blavatsky
  11. Which tax is collected by States?
  12. What change occurs at the boiling point?
  13. Why water spreads while mercury does not when put on a glass plate?
The level of the today’s exam was easy to moderate. As it is online exam some candidates are not familiar with the online exam, so it is advisable to attempt all the questions with 100% accuracy. Marks the answer in which you have full confidence. The accuracy matters a lot in Online Exam.

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