List of Bank Headquarters in India

It’s very difficult to remember headquarters of Indian Banks if you simply wish to mug it all up. Chances are you will mess it up during exams or interviews. Here, we are going to illustrate a simple trick to remember bank headquarters in India.
1. All banks that have ‘India‘ at the end of their name have their headquarters in Mumbai. Lets see some examples.
1.    State Bank of ‘India’- Headquarters is in Mumbai.
2.    Bank of ‘India’- Headquarters is in Mumbai.
3.    Central Bank of ‘India’- Headquarters is in Mumbai.
4.    Union Bank of ‘India’- Headquarters is in Mumbai.
5.    Reserve Bank of ‘India’- Headquarters is in Mumbai.
         EXCEPTION: United Bank of India

2. “In Delhi, Punjabi girls excel in commerce!” This is mnemonic to remember which banks have headquarters in Delhi. Lets see examples.

1.    Punjab National Bank – Headquarters is in New Delhi (punjabi)
2.    Punjab & Sind bank – Headquarters is in New Delhi (punjabi)
3.    Oriental Bank of Commerce – Headquarters is in New Delhi (commerce)
4.    Bhartiya Mahila Bank – Headquarters is in New Delhi (girls)
         Hope you get the drift here!

3. All banks starting with ‘Indian‘ have their headquarters in Chennai. Let’s see some examples.

1.    Indian Bank – Headquarters is in Chennai.
2.    Indian Overseas Bank – Headquarters is in Chennai.
       Pretty self explanatory. Isn’t it!

4. Banks that start with ‘U‘ have their headquarters in Kolkata.

1.    UCO Bank – Headquarters is in Kolkata.
2.    United Bank of India – Headquarters is in Kolkata.
OKAY. This has two EXCEPTIONS. First is Union Bank of India (Mumbai). Starts with U but has headquarters in Mumbai. Another is Allahabad Bank (Kolkata).

5.  Those banks that have South Indian names have their headquarters in Bangalore. Well, there are only two banks with South Indian Names.

1. Canara Bank – Headquarters is in Bangalore. PS: Canara means Coastal Karnataka region
2.    Vijaya Bank – Headquarters is in Bangalore.

6. Very easy to remember headquarters of some Indian Banks as the name itself is self explanatory.

1.    Bank of Baroda – Baroda
2.    Bank of Maharashtra – Pune
3.    Andhra Bank – Hyderabad

7. Now, there are two remaining banks that you need to remember. They are Syndicate       Bank and Corporation Bank

1.    Syndicate – Manipal (Trick: This rhymes with Sikkim Manipal)
2.    Corporation Bank – Mangalore (Sorry. No Trick  )

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