Polity MCQ for SSC CHSL 2017-18

Polity MCQ for SSC CHSL 2017-18

Polity MCQ for SSC CHSL 2017-18

1. What can be the maximum interval between two Sessions of Parliament?

A) 3 months

B) 4 months

C) 6 months

D) 9 months


2. Age of a candidate to contest Parliamentary election should not be lesser than

A) 18 years

B) 21 years

C) 25 years

D) 26 years


3. Who is competent to dissolve the Rajya Sabah?

A) The chairman, Rajya sabha

B) The president

C) The joint-session of parliament

D) None


4. Which is the House where the Chair person is not the member of that house?

A) Rajya sabha

B) Lok sabha

C) Legislative council

D) Legislasive Assembly 


5. The first female speaker of lok sabha is

A) Vijaya laxmi pandit

B) Sucheta kripalini

C) TArakeshwari sinha

D) Meira kumar


6. What is the fix number of members of Loksabha

A) 444

B) 541

C) 543

D) 545


7. Which one of the following is the largest lok sabha constituency?

A) Kangra

B) Laddakh 

C) Kachchh

D) Bhilwara


8. Who calls the joint session of the two houses of the parliament?

A) The president

B) The prime minister

C) The lok sabha speaker

D) The vice president


9. Which of the following standing committeesof parliament has NO MP from Rajya sabha?

A) Public Account Committee

B) Committee on Public Undertakings

C) Committee on Government Assurance

D) Estimates Committee


10. Who was the Chief Justice of india when public interest litigation was introduced to the Indian judicial system?

A) M.Hidayatullah

B) A.M.Ahmadi

C) P.N.Bhagwati

D) A.S.Anand


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