1. Who is the Author of the book ‘A Foreign Policy of India’?

A) I.K.Gujral
B) B.G.Deshmukh
C) L.K.Advani
D) A.J.Toynbee


2. In which General Election did the Congress Party lost majority in the parliament for the first time?

A) 1967
B) 1977
C) 1980
D) None of these


3. Democracy in India rests on the fact that

A) The Constitution is a written one
B) There are Fundamental Rights
C) People have rights to choose and change the Government
D) There are Directive Principles of State


24. ’Consent of people’ means consent of

A) A Few People
B) All People
C) Majority of the People
D) Leader of the People


5. What is the Scientific name of National Fruit-Mango-Of india?

A) Manigifera Indica
B) Pyrus Malus
C) Musa Paradisica
D) Psidium Guajava


6. In the Government of India Table of Precedence which of the following comes above the Chief Justice of India?

A) Attorney General of India
B) Former Presidents
C) Chief of Staffs
D) Speaker of Loksabha


7. Sikkim was made an integral part of India under the

A) 36th Amendment
B) 39th Amendment
C) 40th Amendment
D) 42nd Amendment


28. How many times did the President of India declare National Emergency so far?
A) Never
B) Only Once
C) Only Twice
D) Thrice


9. Which among the following is NOT a part of Electoral reforms?

A) Registration of Political Parties
B) Disqualifying the Offenders
C) Installation of EVM
D) Appointment of Election Commissioner


30. A High Court Judge addresses his letter of resignation to

A) The President
B) The Chief Justice of India
C) The Chief Justice of his High Court
D) None of these


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