24 Things about science for RRB exams

Important Science Fact For Railway Exam

1- Helium has the lowest boiling point of any element.

2- Osmium is the densest element.

3- Tungsten has the highest boiling point of all the elements. Hence, it is used for filaments in electric

4- Cesium is used in atomic clocks.

5- Pure silicon is a semi-conductor and is used in electronic devices as the base for minute integrated circuits (ICs).

6- Mercury is the only metal which is liquid at room temperature. It is very poisonous and affects mental

7- 1 meter distance is equal to the length of 1,650,763.73 wavelength of pure orange lights emitted from Kr-86.

8- If a body is dropped vertically down, and another is projected horizon­tally then both will reach the ground simultaneously but with different velocity.

9- The ratio to distance traveled in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seconds of freely falling body is 1:3:5.

10- If a body is dropped from top of a tower of height h and another body is thrown up simultaneously with velocity u from the foot of the tower, then both of them would meet after time h/u.

11- Choke coil works on principle of electro-magnetic induction.

12- If a person projected a ball outside from a moving car, then the path of the ball is a straight line for the person sitting in the car, but It should be a parabola for an observer on the ground.

13- Retro-rocket is used for deceleration of rocket in space.

14- The shape of rain drop is spherical due to surface tension.

15- Goniometer is used in determining angle of

16- Lactometer is used to determining purity of milk.

17- The height of mercury column in barometer is independent of the di­ameter of glass-tube containing

18- The frequency of second pendulum is 2s.

19- Clouds are flying due to their least density and viscosity of air.

20- Viscosity of gases increases with increase in temperature.

21- The force of attraction between atoms of the same material is called cohesive force.

22- The force of attraction between atoms of different material is called adhesive force

23- Candalescent of tube-light is always greater than that of electric bulb of the same power

24 1 KW = 1.34 HP


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