HP High Court Process Server Solved Paper 05 May 2019 with Answer Key (Download PDF)

HP High Court Process Server Solved Paper 05 May 2019 with Answer Key  (Download PDF)

HP High Court Process Server Solved Paper 05 May 2019 with Answer Key  (Download PDF) 

HP High Court Process Server Solved Paper 2019 with Answer Key || Download HP High Court Process Server previous year Solved Paper PDF || Solved Paper HP High Court Process Server PDF || Himachal Pradesh High Court Process Server Solved Question Paper Answer Key

1)   What is the full form of ISRO, the organization of Indian related to space programs?

a)           Indian Scientific Research Organization

b)          Indian Space Rescue Organization

c)           Indian Scientific Rescue Organization

d)          Indian Space Research Organization


2)   Name the Prime Minister of Indian recently expired on 16th August 2018.

a)           Narendra Damodardas Modi

b)          Manmohan Singh

c)           Atal Bihari Vajpayee

d)          P.V Narasimha Rao


3)   In how many phases 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are being held in India

a)           4 Phases

b)          5 Phases

c)           6 Phases

d)          7 Phases


4)   How many hours is the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC) behind the Indian Standard Time (IST)?

a)           4 hours

b)          5 hours

c)           5 hours & 30 minutes

d)          6 hours & 30 minutes


5)   Which of the following is not an Internet browser?

a)           Chrome

b)          Apple

c)           Firefox

d)          Safari


6)   Which of the following is one of the 7 Modern Wonders of The World present in India?

a)           Qutub Minar

b)          Taj Mahal

c)           Ashok Chakra

d)          Sanchi Stupa


7)   The serial blasts Which killed over 200 people in various churches and five stars hotels took place recently on 21st April 2019

a)           Nepal

b)          India

c)           Sri Lanka

d)          Pakistan


8)   How many planets are there in the Solar System after the year 2006?

a)           7

b)          8

c)           9

d)          5


9)   When is the d Earth Day celebrated?

a)           20 April

b)          22 April

c)           24 April

d)          26 April


10)                When Was the “Make In India” initiative with the primary goal of making India a global manufacturing hub launched?

a)           2014

b)          2015

c)           2016

d)          2017


11)                Which of the following Indian Airline has grounded all its staff and airplanes due to huge debts in 2019?

a)           Jet Airways

b)          Kingfisher

c)           IndiGo

d)          Spice Jet


12)                Who is the present Chief Justices of India?

a)           Justice R.B Mishra

b)          Justices Ranjan Gogoi

c)           Justices Suryakant

d)          Justices Sanjay Karol



13)                The billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi defrauded which of the following Indian banks of 2.8 billion rupees?

a)           State Bank Of India

b)          Punjab Sind Bank

c)           Punjab National Bank

d)          Bank of Baroda


14)                Which is the parent company of Vistara Airlines?

a)           Tata Sons

b)          Aditya Birla Group

c)           Jio

d)          Reliance


15)                Who is president of America from 20th January 2017?

a)           Barak Obama

b)          Bill Clinton

c)           Hilary Clinton

d)          Donald Trump


16)                Who is the Supreme leader of North Korea, serving from the year 2011?

a)           Kim Jong-un

b)          Kim Jong Lee

c)           Kim Lee

d)          Jong Kim


17)                Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is by infection Of which Virus?

a)           Half Immune Virus

b)          Human Immune Virus

c)           Human Immunodeficiency Virus

d)          Half Immunodeficiency Virus


18)                What is the National animal of India?

a)           Bengal Tiger

b)          Himalayan Snow Leopard

c)           Giant Elephant

d)          Brown Bear


19)                Who was the successor of Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Humayun?

a)           Jahangir

b)          Shah Jahan

c)           Akbar

d)          Aurangzeb


20)                Which of the following mountain peaks is not in India?

a)           Nanda Devi

b)          Kanchenjunga

c)           Mount Everest

d)          Kamet


21)                When did Himachal Pradesh achieve full statehood?

a)           1970

b)          1971

c)           1972

d)          1975


22)                Which is the longest river in Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Satluj

b)          Ravi

c)           Chenab

d)          Beas


23)                In which district is the Lake Suraj Tal located?

a)           Kulu

b)          Mandi

c)           Lahaul-Spiti

d)          Shimla


24)                Who was the first governor of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Urmila Singh

b)          Virendra Verma

c)           Sheila Kaul

d)          S. Chakravarti


25)                Where is Roerich Art Gallery located in Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Kullu

b)          Manali

c)           Shimla

d)          Kangra


26)                Where is Golf Course Located in Shimla?

a)           Narkanda

b)          Naldera

c)           Naina Tikker

d)          Annadale


27)                When Was Shimla Municipal Committee set-up?

a)           2007

b)          1960

c)           1952

d)          1971


28)                Where is the Sobha Singh Art Gallery

a)           Andreta (Palampur)

b)          Kullu

c)           Bilaspur

d)          Shimla


29)                What was the earlier name of Advance Studies Institute?

a)           Curzon House

b)          Kennedy Building

c)           V Regal Lodge

d)          Holy Lodge


30)                Which is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Deo Tibba

b)          Rohtang Pass

c)           Hanuman Tibba

d)          Shilla


31)                Which river is associated with Nathpa Jhakri hydel project?

a)           Beas

b)          Satiuj

c)           Chenab

d)          Ashwani


32)                Who is popularly known as ‘Pahari Gandhi’?

a)           Sansar Chand

b)          Shyam Saran Negi

c)           Baba Kanshi Ram

d)          Rattan Chand


33)                What is the approximate area of Himachal Pradesh in Square Kilometers?

a)           55000

b)          22000

c)           11000

d)          99000


34)                What is the Vedic name of river Ravi?

a)           Parushani

b)          Satudri

c)           Arjikya

d)          Raveshwari


35)                How many districts are there in Himachal Pradesh?

a)           10

b)          11

c)           12

d)          13


36)                Who was first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Prem Dhumal

b)          Vibhadra Singh

c)           Yashwant Singh Parmar

d)          Satpal Satti


37)                Who was the first Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Justice M. H. Beg

b)          Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan

c)           Justice R. S. Pathak

d)          Justice Sanjay Karol


38)                Where is the High court of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Solan

b)          Shimla

c)           Sirmaur

d)          Dharamshala(Kanga)


39)                What is the State animal Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Tiger

b)          Snow Leopard

c)           Brown Bear

d)          Black Bear


40)                What is State flower Of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Lotus

b)          Dandelion

c)           Pink Rhododendron

d)          Red Rose


41)                Who is the Present Governor of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Acharya Dev Vrat

b)          Urmila Singh

c)           Virender Verma

d)          ADN Bajpayee


42)                How many seats are there in the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha?

a)           60

b)          62

c)           64

d)          68


43)                When Himachal  Day Celebrated?

a)           15th April

b)          25th April

c)           27th April

d)          29th April


44)                Who is the District and Sessions judge of Shimla?

a)           Shri Virender Singh

b)          Shri Rajeev Bhardwaj

c)           Shri Bahadur Singh

d)          Shri Arvind Malhotra


45)                Who is the Attorney General of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Shri R.K Bawa

b)          Shri Shrawan Dogra

c)           Shri Alok Sharma

d)          Shri Ashok Sharma


46)                Who is the Chief Secretary of the government of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Shri B.K Agarwal

b)          Shri L.k Verma

c)           Shri H.S Sharma

d)          Shri N.M Panta


47)                Who is the Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Mahender Singh

b)          Suresh Bhardwaj

c)           Anil Sharma

d)          Sarveen Chaudhary


48)                When was the Himachal Pradesh University Established?

a)           1952

b)          1950

c)           1971

d)          1970


49)                Where is Ghatotkach Tree Temple located in Himachal Pradesh?

a)           Manali

b)          Kullu

c)           Lahaul

d)          Shimla


50)                How many seats are there in the Parliament from Himachal Pradesh?

a)           03

b)          04

c)           05

d)          06

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