HPPSC Computer Operator Previous Year Question Paper Solved (Download PDF)

HPPSC Computer Operator Previous Year Question Paper Solved (Download PDF)

HPPSC Computer Operator Previous Year Question Paper Solved (Download PDF)

1. Oracle is___________?
(A) An operating system 
(B) Word Processor
(C) Database software
(D) None of these

2 Which software is used in word processing?
(A) PageMaker 
(B) Word Star
(C) MS-Word 
(D) All of these

3. Which software is used for creating resumes?
(A) MS-Word 
(B) PageMaker
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) Java

4. Restarting a computer that is already ON is referred to as
(A) Shut down 
(B) Cold booting 
(C) Warm booting 
(D) Logging off

5. The process of preparing a floppy diskette for use is called
(A) assembling 
(B) translating 
(C) parsing 
(D) formatting

6. Start or restart of the computer means
(A) Exit 
(B) Kick 
(C) Boot 
(D) Kick-start

7. A compiler is used to translate a program written in
(A) a low-level language 
(B) a high-level language
(C) assembly language 
(D) machine language

8. Computer programs are also known as
(A) operating systems 
(B) documents
(C) peripherals 
(D) applications

9. The operating system is the most common type of
(A) communication software 
(B) application software
(C) system software 
(D) word processing software

10. The human-readable version of a program is called
(A) source code 
(B) program code 
(C) human code 
(D) system code

11. What disk is used to cold boot a PC?
(A) Setup disk 
(B) System disk
(C) Diagnostic disk 
(D) Program disk

12. Compiling creates a/an
(A) program specification
(B) algorithm
(C) subroutine 
(D) executable program

13. The process of writing out computer instructions is known as
(A) assembling 
(B) compiling 
(C) executing 
(D) coding

14. A computer cannot 'boot' if it does not have the
(A) Compiler 
(B) Loader
(C) Operating System 
(D) Assembler

15. Vendor-created program modifications are called
(A) patches 
(B) antiviruses 
(C) holes 
(D) fixes

16. 'LAN' is useful for
(A) railway 
(B) bank
(C) businessman
(D) transport office

17. The first computer network of the world is
(A) NSF net 
(B) Arpanet 
(C) Viet 
(D) None of these

18. Bank's ATM facility is an example of
(A) LAN 
(C) Mixed networking 
(D) Multipurpose networking

19. Telephone broadcast is an example of
(A) Simplex transmission 
(B) Half-duplex transmission
(C) Full-duplex transmission 
(D) Automatic

20. Dumb terminals have terminals and
(A) mouse 
(B) speakers 
(C) keyboard 
(D) None of these

21. Who runs the internet?
(A) I & B 
(B) Inter NIC 
(D) None of these

22. Internet was started in India at
(A) 15 August 1995 
(B) 9 August 1995
(C) 15 August 1994 
(D) 15 August 1996

23. Inventor of e-mail is
(A) Bill Gates 
(B) Timothy Bil
(C) L. Galitobery 
(D) Ray Tomlinson

24. The first computer virus seen in India is
(A) C-Brain 
(B) Columbus 
(C) Mac bug 
(D) None of these

25. Junk e-mail is also called
(A) Spam 
(B) Spoof 
(C) Sniffer script 
(D) Spool

26. ICMP is used for
(A) Addressing 
(B) Forwarding 
(C) Multicasting 
(D) Error reporting

27. URL stands for
(A) Universal Resource Locator 
(B) Universal Resource Locomotor
(C) Uniform Resource Locator 
(D) None of these

28. Founder of Microsoft Company is
(A) Paul Allen 
(B) Bill Gates
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) None of these

29. Windows software was developed by
(A) IBM 
(B) Apple Corporation
(C) Wipro 
(D) None of these

30. Driver software does not need
(A) Windows-95 
(B) DOS 
(C) 3D 
(D) Photostyler

31. At which button is 'Help Menu' available?
(A) End 
(B) Start 
(C) Turn off 
(D) Restart

32. You can keep your personal files/folders in
(A) My folder 
(B) My documents
(C) My files 
(D) My text

33. Data that is copied from an application is stored in the
(A) Driver 
(B) Terminal 
(C) Prompt 
(D) Clipboard

34. All the deleted files go to
(A) Recycle bin 
(B) Taskbar 
(C) Toolbar 
(D) My Computer

35. What menu is selected to cut, copy, and paste?
(A) File 
(B) Edit 
(C) Tools 
(D) Table

36. Date and Time are available on the desktop at
(A) Keyboard 
(B) Recycle bin 
(C) My Computer
(D) Taskbar

37. A collection of related files is called
(A) Character 
(B) Field 
(C) Database 
(D) Record

38. Each box in a spreadsheet is called a
(A) cell 
(B) empty space 
(C) record 
(D) Record

39. Main folder on a storage device is called
(A) Root directory 
(B) Interface 
(C) Device driver 
(D) Platform

40. A file is often referred to as a/an
(A) Wizard 
(B) Document 
(C) Device 
(D) Documentation

41. Excel workbook is a collection of
(A) Chart 
(B) Wordbook 
(C) Worksheet 
(D) None of these

42. Microsoft office is an example of a
(A) closed source software 
(B) open-source software
(C) horizontal market software 
(D) vertical market software

43. Which of the following is not related to text formatting?
(A) Line spacing 
(B) Text spacing
(C) Margin change 
(D) Searching

44. To correct the spelling in MS-Word, we use
(A) Spellpro 
(B) Spellcheck
(C) Outlook express 
(D) None of these

45. A default file extension for all Word documents is
(A) .TXT 
(B) .WRD 
(C) .FIL 
(D) .DOC

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46. A directory within a directory is called
(A) Mini directory 
(B) Junior directory
(C) Part directory 
(D) Subdirectory

47. MS-Word is an example of
(A) An operating system 
(B) A processing device
(C) Application software 
(D) An input device

48. The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called
(A) Blinker 
(B) Cursor 
(C) Causer 
(D) Pointer

49. Which application is commonly used to prepare a presentation/slide show?
(A) Photoshop 
(B) PowerPoint
(C) Outlook Express 
(D) None of these

50. Meaningful file name helps in easy file
(A) Storing 
(B) Accessing 
(C) Identification 
(D) Printing

51. What menu is selected to print?
(A) File 
(B) Tools 
(C) Special 
(D) Edit

52. A saved document is referred to as a
(A) File 
(B) Word 
(C) Folder 
(D) Project

53. Numbers in table columns are usually
(A) right-aligned 
(B) left aligned 
(C) justified 
(D) centered

54. Files may be organized by storing them in
(A) archives 
(B) folders 
(C) indexes 
(D) lists

55. The main folder on a storage device is called
(A) Platform 
(B) Interface
(C) Root directory 
(D) Device driver

56. What menu is selected to change font and style?
(A) Tools 
(B) File 
(C) Format 
(D) Edit

57. Items such as names and addresses are considered
(A) information 
(B) input 
(C) records 
(D) data

58. Numbers and formulae entered in a cell are called
(A) labels 
(B) numeric entries
(C) intersection 
(D) text

59. Which of the following is in the ascending order of the Data hierarchy?
(A) Bit – Byte – Field – Record 
(B) Bit – Byte – Record – Field
(C) Field – Byte – Bit – Record 
(D) Byte – Bit – Field – Record

60. Computer for personal use is
(A) Minicomputer 
(B) Microcomputer
(C) Mainframe computer 
(D) Supercomputer

61. Father of computer is called
(A) Marconi 
(B) Addison
(C) Charles Babbage 
(D) None of these

62. Modern computer was developed in.
(A) 1946 
(B) 1950 
(C) 1960 
(D) 1965

63. Which material is layered at a magnetic disk?
(A) Iron oxide 
(B) Phosphorous Pentaoxide
(C) Magnesium oxide 
(D) None of these

64. The digital computer is worked on the theory of.
(A) Calculation 
(B) Measurement 
(C) Logical 
(D) None of these

65. Who designed the first electronic computer – ENIAC?
(A) Van Neumann 
(B) Joseph Jacquard
(C) P. Eckert & John Mauchly 
(D) None of these

66. Which type of device is the computer monitor?
(A) Input 
(B) Output 
(C) Processing 
(D) Software

67. In a computer, which device is functionally opposite to a keyboard?
(A) Joystick 
(B) Trackball 
(C) Mouse 
(D) Printer

68. A joystick is primarily used to/for.
(A) Print text 
(B) Computer gaming
(C) Enter text 
(D) Draw pictures

69. With a CD you can.
(A) read 
(B) write
(C) read and write
(D) either read or write

70. RAM is a/an.
(A) external memory 
(B) auxiliary memory
(C) internal memory 
(D) main memory

71. The most common type of storage devices are
(A) Persistent 
(B) Optical 
(C) Magnetic 
(D) Flash

72. The instructions for starting the computer are housed in
(A) RAM 
(C) ROM chip 
(D) None of these

73. A permanent storage device is
(A) floppy disk 
(B) monitor 
(C) RAM 
(D) hard disk

74. The language which is understood by computers is
(A) Machine language 
(B) Secret language
(C) American language 
(D) None of these

75. A computer works on which of the following systems?
(A) Decimal 
(B) Octal 
(C) Hexadecimal 
(D) None of these

76. Information on a computer is stored as
(A) analog data 
(B) digital data 
(C) modem data 
(D) None of these

77. The main purpose of the software is to convert data into
(A) website 
(B) information 
(C) program 
(D) object

78. In a computer which is the main part of system software?
(A) Compiler 
(B) Interpreter
(C) Operating System 
(D) Package

79. What is the turnkey system?
(A) Complete software 
(B) Complete hardware
(C) Complete language 
(D) Complete hardware and software

80. Which state is located to the South of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Punjab 
(B) Jammu & Kashmir
(C) Rajasthan 
(D) Haryana

81. Which of the following towns do not fall in the Shivalik hills?
(A) Dalhousie 
(B) Bhartiya 
(C) Rampur 
(D) Church

82. The lake 'Kumarwah' is located in which of the following districts of H.P.?
(A) Kullu 
(B) Mandi 
(C) Solan 
(D) Hamirpur

83. 'Sach Pass' is located in which of the following districts of H.P.?
(A) Mandi 
(B) Kinnaur 
(C) Shimla 
(D) Chamba

84. The ancient name of the 'Kangra' was
(A) Nagarkot
 (B) Killer 
(C) Jalandhar 
(D) Kauravpur

85. Nurpur state was on its zenith during the period of
(A) Bhakt Pal 
(B) Jagat Singh 
(C) Rup Singh 
(D) Mandhata

86. Who founded the Mandi state in around 1200 A.D.?
(A) Bahu Sen 
(B) Bir Sen  
(C) Kalian Sen 
(D) None of these

87. Dhami firing tragedy took place in
(A) 1939 
(B) 1942 
(C) 1947 
(D) 1949

88. Shri Gopal Temple is located at
(A) Bilaspur 
(B) Kullu 
(C) Chamba 
(D) Solan

89. Who installed the idol of Raghunathji in Kullu in 1653 A.D.?
(A) Jagat Singh 
(B) Suraj Sen 
(C) Sultan Chand 
(D) Awadh Singh

90. ‘Betas’ in the Lahaul area are
(A) Professional dancers 
(B) Priests
(C) Scholarly men 
(D) Warriors

91. ‘Pather-Ka-Khel’ is a famous fair of
(A) Halog 
(B) Jali 
(C) Narkanda 
(D) Mashobra

92. Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute is located at
(A) Rewalsar 
(B) Dharmshala 
(C) Renuka 
(D) Manikaram

93. ‘Saurabh Van Vihar’ is located at
(A) Dhaneta 
(B) Manali 
(C) Kunihar 
(D) Palampur

94. ‘Karan Rai’ is a famous variety of
(A) Tulsi 
(B) Mustard 
(C) Linseed 
(D) Rajesh

95. Which state has become India's first state to set up family welfare
(A) Maharashtra 
(B) Rajasthan 
(C) West Bengal 
(D) Tripura

96. Which international organization has granted $175,000 for the healthcare of
Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh?
(A) FAO 
(C) WHO 

97. Which of the following cricket teams are not directly qualified for the ICC
Cricket World Cup 2019?
(A) Sri Lanka 
(B) South Africa 
(C) New Zealand 
(D) West Indies

98. Which city hosted the first-ever National Conference on “Mission Mode to
address Under-Nutrition”?
(A) Kolkata 
(B) Jaipur 
(C) New Delhi 
(D) Guwahati

99. Which state government has launched Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana to provide houses to freedom fighters?
(A) Jharkhand 
(B) Maharashtra 
(C) Uttar Pradesh 
(D) Rajasthan

100. India’s first center for Animal Law has opened in which city?
(A) Kanpur 
(B) New Delhi 
(C) Hyderabad 
(D) Chennai

101. Which Bollywood personality has been honored with Global Diversity
Award at Britain’s House of Commons?
(A) Deepika Padukone 
(B) Salman Khan
(C) Priyanka Chopra 
(D) Amitabh Bachchan

102. Which sportsperson has authored the book 'Unstoppable: My Life So Far"?
(A) Sania Mirza 
(B) Sachin Tendulkar
(C) Leander Paes 
(D) Maria Sharapova

103. What is the theme of 2017 International Day for the Preservation of the
Ozone Layer?
(A) Ozone: Mission to Protect World
(B) Mission Ozone
(C) Ozone and Climate: Restored by a world united
(D) Caring for all life under the sun

104. The Indravati National Park is located in which of the following states of
(A) Madhya Pradesh 
(B) Chhattisgarh
(C) Rajasthan 
(D) Uttar Pradesh

105. ‘Microliths’ are the important tools of the
(A) Old Stone Age 
(B) New Stone Age
(C) Middle Stone Age 
(D) Late Stone Age

106. Mahavira’s followers were originally known as
(A) Nigranthas 
(B) Mahavratas 
(C) Anuvratas 
(D) Arihants

107. Which of the following contains the famous Gayatri Mantra?
(A) Rig Veda 
(B) Yajur Veda 
(C) Aranyakas 
(D) Upanishad

108. During whose reign did Shivaji come to the forefront?
(A) Aurangzeb 
(B) Dara Shikoh 
(C) Shah Jahan 
(D) None of these

109. The position of women during the Mughal period was
(A) deteriorated 
(B) highly respectable
(C) the same as in the Sultanate period 
(D) improved

110. In whose reign did the Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta come to Delhi?
(A) Muhammad Tughlaq 
(B) Sultan Balban
(C) Alauddin Khalji 
(D) Iltutmish

111. The 'Dahsala' system was a further development of
(A) zabti system 
(C) batai 
(D) None of these

112. Which one of the following was able to put an end to the Sanyasi revolt?
(A) Robert Clive 
(B) Lord Cornwallis
(C) Lord Canning 
(D) Warren Hastings

113. Lal, Bal, and Pal were
(A) Extremist national leaders 
(B) Moderate national leaders
(C) Believers in the act of terrorism 
(D) Active terrorists

114. Which of the following is the largest plateau in India?
(A) Betul Plateau 
(B) Deccan Plateau
(C) Chhota Nagpur Plateau 
(D) Malwa Plateau

115. The queen of the Himalayas is
(A) Dhaulagiri 
(B) Kanchenjunga 
(C) Nanda Devi 
(D) None of these

116. Which of the following areas does not receive orographic rainfall?
(A) the Western Ghats 
(B) Shillong Plateau
(C) Assam Valley 
(D) None of these

117. Which of the following minerals is not found in black soil?
(A) Iron 
(B) Magnesium 
(C) Aluminium 
(D) Phosphorus

118. The state producing the largest quantity of Soyabean is
(A) Maharashtra 
(B) Gujarat
(C) Rajasthan 
(D) Madhya Pradesh

119. Who of the following has not been a Chief Justice of India?
(A) R.C. Lahoti 
(B) G.B. Pattanaik
(C) M.S. Gill 
(D) V.N. Khare

120. In which of the following years, was the Indo-China Treaty on Tibet signed?
(A) 1962 
(B) 1963 
(C) 1954 
(D) 1965

121. Who among the following advocated partyless democracy in India?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi 
(B) M.N. Roy
(C) Jayaprakash Narayan 
(D) Vinoba Bhave

122. Which of the following is different from the rest?
(A) CA 
(B) KI 
(C) SQ 
(D) VX

123. In a code 'REPORT' is denoted by 'PRETOR', then 'PERSON' is denoted in
the same code by
(D) None of these

124. Open your book ________ page ten and start reading.
(A) at 
(B) on 
(C) upon 
(D) over

125. Antonym of 'Repugnant' is
(A) plain 
(B) brutal 
(C) agreeable 
(D) pungent

126. The meaning of the Idiom ‘To draw a line’ is
(A) to fix a limit 
(B) to caution someone
(C) to be stern 
(D) to insult someone

127. भव शव्द का  स्त्रीलिंग रुप है 
(A) भगवानी 
(B) भावी 
(C) भवानी 
(D) भवा  

128.कलम तोडना मुहावरे का अर्थ है 
(A) पेन तोड़ देना
(B) कुछ न लिखना 
(C) बढ़िया लिखना 
(D) वर्वाद करना  

129. तत्सम शब्द है 
(A) कटोरा 
(B) कबूतर 
(C) कोयल 
(D) कर्पूर 

130. Data going to the computer is called
(A) Algorithm 
(B) Input 
(C) Calculation 
(D) Flowchart

131. The capacity of a computer is
(A) Limited 
(B) Unlimited 
(C) Low 
(D) High

132. The memory unit is one part of
(A) Control unit 
(B) Central Processing Unit
(C) Input device 
(D) Output device

133. The term GIGO is related to
(A) Accuracy 
(B) Automatic 
(C) Flexibility 
(D) Versatility

134. Who invented the punch card?
(A) Pavrus 
(B) Jacquard 
(C) Pascal 
(D) None of these

135. Abacus was developed in
(A) India 
(B) China 
(C) America 
(D) Malasia

136. In which generation of computers was the microprocessor introduced?
(A) Fourth 
(B) First 
(C) Third 
(D) Second

137. 'IMac' is a
(A) Processor 
(B) Modem 
(C) Network 
(D) Machine

138. 'CRAY' is a
(A) Super Computer 
(B) Mainframe Computer
(C) Micro Computer 
(D) Mini Computer

139. Which of the following is the fastest?
(B) RAM 
(C) Registers 
(D) Cache

140. The type of mouse is
(A) Mechanical, general 
(B) Optical, mechanical
(C) Full duplex 
(D) Automatic

141. The number of function keys in a keyword is
(A) 12 
(B) 13 
(C) 14 
(D) 15

142. A character printer prints how many characters per second?
(A) 100 to 200 
(B) 5 to 50 
(C) 5 to 100 
(D) 200 to 4000

143. How many arrow keys are there on a computer?
(A) One 
(B) Two 
(C) Three 
(D) Four

144. Which of the following works as a mouse?
(A) Keyboard 
(B) Scanner 
(C) Icon 
(D) Trackball

145. 'LCD' stands for
(A) Lead Crystal Device 
(B) Light Central Display
(C) Liquid Central Display 
(D) Liquid Crystal Display

146. A scanner scans
(A) Pictures 
(B) Text
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) None of these

147. Soft copy refers to
(A) Printed output 
(B) Music sounds
(C) Screen output 
(D) Digitizing

148. 'OCR' stands for
(A) Optical Character Recognition 
(B) Optical CPU Recognition
(C) Optimal Character Rendering 
(D) None of these

149. Which of the following is not an output device?
(A) Plotter 
(B) Printer 
(C) Monitor 
(D) Touch Screen

150. Which of the following is a point-and-draw device?
(A) Mouse 
(B) Scanner 
(C) Printer 

151. The USB-type storage device is
(A) Secondary 
(B) Auxiliary 
(C) Tertiary 
(D) Primary

152. The main memory of a computer is
(A) Internal 
(B) External
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) Auxiliary

153. Flash is
(A) Software 
(B) Hardware 
(C) ROM 

154. CD is an
(A) internal memory 
(B) external memory
(C) auxiliary memory 
(D) Both (A) and (B)

155. Unit of the storage capacity of a computer is
(A) Byte 
(B) Bit 
(C) Bug 
(D) Cubic meter
156. DVD is
(A) Digital Video Disk 
(B) Dynamic Versatile Disk
(C) Digital Versatile Disk 
(D) Dynamic Video Disk

157. The meaning of IBM is
(A) Indian Business Machine 
(B) International Business Machine
(C) International Banking Machine 
(D) None of these

158. The first computer language developed for programming is
(A) Fortran 
(B) Cobol 
(C) C 
(D) C++

159. Which language is used in a complex scientific calculation?
(A) Basic 
(B) Fortran 
(C) Cobol 
(D) Pascal

160. The operating system called 'UNIX' is typically used for
(A) desktop computers 
(B) laptop computers
(C) supercomputers 
(D) web servers

161. Computer language used on the internet is
(A) Basic 
(B) Cobol 
(C) Java 
(D) Pascal

162. In which language is the most appropriate documentation possible?
(A) Fortran 
(B) Cobol 
(C) Pascal 
(D) None of these

163. Logic gate is
(A) a software 
(B) a type of circuit
(C) a special CD 
(D) a computer game

164. One kilobyte is equivalent to
(A) 1000 byte 
(B) 1024 byte 
(C) 10000 byte 
(D) 10024 byte

165. The largest unit of storage is
(A) GB 
(B) KB 
(C) MB 
(D) TB

166. A process of searching for bugs in software is
(A) Compiling 
(B) Testing 
(C) Running 
(D) Debugging

167. Linux is an example of
(A) Freeware 
(B) Open sources software
(C) Shareware 
(D) Complimentary

168. Unix was developed in
(A) 1950 
(B) 1969 
(C) 1961 
(D) 1974

169. The basic language of 'Unix' is
(A) Cobol 
(B) Basic 
(C) Assembly 
(D) Java

170. The word CAD is related to
(A) account 
(B) design 
(C) media 
(D) science

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