SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis : 6th June 2019 1st Shift

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis : 6th June 2019 1st Shift

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis : 6th June 2019 1st Shift

SSC CGL Shift 1 Exam Analysis: SSC CGL 2018 has been successfully conducted in online mode for the first shift of Tier 1. The exam was of 60 minutes duration.
The morning shift was from 10 am to 11 am. The students claim the exam to be of moderate difficulty level.
SSC CGL Exam Analysis includes the type of questions asked and pattern of the exam. Tier 1 exam followed the similar exam pattern as followed previously for the exam.

Exam Highlights: SSC CGL Tier 1 6th June 2019 1st Shift

SSC CGL Given below the students review about the SSC CGL 2018 Tier 1 exam.
  • The examination consisted of 100 questions bearing 2 marks and a negative marking of 0.50 marks. The section was arranged in the ascending order beginning with Reasoning and ended with English.
  • The questions in General Sciences are expected from Acid, Bases and Salts, Allotropes and Metals, Non-metals and Metalloids.
  • Quantitative Aptitude/Maths section was tricky and calculative.
  • Reasoning section and GK were predictable this time as they followed the similar question type as in the previous shifts.
  • English section had questions majorly from Vocabulary, Antonyms and Synonyms and Phrasal Verbs.
  • Level of difficulty was in the order- Maths> GK> Reasoning > English.
  • Overall the examination fell in the range of 'Moderate to Difficult .'

SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 1 Good Attempts (6th June 2019 1st Shift)

SSC CGL Shift 1 exam is now over for the first day (June 06, 2019). The exam as mentioned by the students was of 'Moderate to Difficult'. SSC CGL Cut off 2018 is decided depending on the number of good attempts and difficulty level of the exam.

SubjectNo of QuestionsGood Attempts
General Intelligence and Reasoning2519-22
General Awareness2517-18
Quantitative Aptitude2516-17
English Comprehension2517-20

SSC CGL Exam Analysis: GK & Current Affairs Section

The General Intelligence and Reasoning Section is said to be the easiest and most scoring section of SSC CGL tier 1. However, questions asked in today’s 01st Shift were easy level.
  • GK section was tough as expected, however, the questions from Current affairs were yet again from the Daily Current Affairs for SSC CGL 2018 prior to 2019.
  • GK Section was scoring if basic history questions and other topics were covered thoroughly for the exam.
Topics No. of Questions asked Level of Exam
History 3 Easy-Moderate
Polity 2 Easy
Geography 2 Easy-Moderate
Economics 1 Easy-Moderate
Static Awareness 2 Easy-Moderate
Biology 3 Easy
Chemistry 4 Easy-Moderate
Physics 1 Easy-Moderate
Current Affairs 5-6 Easy
Total Questions 25 Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis: Maths/Quants Aptitude Section

Quantitative Aptitude can be a challenging section in SSC CGL Tier 1. The advance maths covers most of the questions and arithmetic maths is generally considered easy by many aspirants. Maths was lengthy.
Topics No. Of Questions asked Level of Exam
Ratio 2 Easy-Moderate
Average 2 Easy-Moderate
Number System 2 Easy
Simplification 1 Easy-Moderate
Time & Work
Time, Speed & Distance 1 Easy-Moderate
S.I. & C.I. 1 Easy-Moderate
Profit & Loss 1 Easy
Co-ordinate Geometry
Geometry 2 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 3 Easy-Moderate
Trigonometry 4 Easy
Percentage 1 Easy-Moderate
Algebra 1 Easy
DI (Tabular) 4 Easy-Moderate
Total Questions 25 Moderate 

SSC CGL Exam Analysis: English Section

The English Language Section can be a tough call for aspirants who are weak in this subject. But In today’s SSC CGL 2018 1st Shift Exam, English language section was easy- moderate. No tough Vocabulary bothered the candidates.

Topics No. Of Questions asked Level Of Exam
Fill in the Blanks 1 Easy
Sentence Improvement 2 Easy-Moderate
Error Detection 2 Easy-Moderate
Sentence Rearrangement 2 Easy-Moderate
Idioms and Phrases 2 Easy
Synonyms 2 Easy
Antonyms 2 Easy
Active Passive 2 Easy-Moderate
One word substitution 2 Easy-Moderate
Word Correction in sentence (bold word) 1 Moderate
Spelling Correction 2 Easy
Cloze test 5 Easy-Moderate
Total Questions 25 Easy-Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis: Reasoning Section

The General Intelligence and Reasoning section is said to be the easiest and most scoring section of SSC CGL Tier 1. However, questions asked in today’s 1st Shift were easy Level.
Topics No. Of Questions asked Level Of Exam
Analogy 3-4 Easy
Odd One Out 2-3 Easy
Series 2 Easy-Moderate
Statement & Conclusions 1 Easy
Sequence (Acc. to Dictionary)
Word Formation
Coding-Decoding 3 Easy
Mathematical Operations
Blood Relation 1 Difficult
Mirror Image 1 Easy
Venn Diagram 1 Easy
Paper Folding Image 1 Easy
Missing Term 2 Easy
Hidden Figure 1 Easy
Cube 1 Easy
Counting Figure 1 Easy
Complete Figure 1 Easy
Misc. 1 Easy
Total Questions 25 Easy

If you want to Check the Questions Asked Click the link given below:

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1: 6th June 2019 – All Slots

Question Asked in SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2018. Download Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam 2018. SSC CGL Exam Question Asked PDF. As we all know, The Staff Selection Commission conducting the SSC CGL Tier I Exam 2018, is being started online from Today and these examinations will be organized at various examination centers across the country by Staff Selection Commission from 04th June to 11th June 2019

Questions Asked in Maths Section for SSC CGL Tier 1 

  1. Math lengthy trapezium rhombus property based.
  2. Principal 15000 r 16% find the difference between 2year and 3year of CI
  3. After completion 50% of work A alone,B joins him and the work was completed 4 days earlier.If B alone can do50% in 15 days,find (A+B) together time
  4. A+b+c can do work 15 days,they start together.when 1/3 work is done a leave now the work will complete 4 days more.when 2/3 work done b leave now the work completed 2 days more.c alone can do??

      Questions Asked in Reasoning Section for SSC CGL Tier 1 

      Given below are the questions asked in the Reasoning Section for SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2018:
      1. Reasoning 10:101::11:??? [120, 121, 130, 100]
      2. Computer is coded as ocrepmtu then find daughter
      3. Cab is 6 bed is 40 then find had
      4. वह छोटी से छोटी संख्या क्या होगी जिसमें 7,9,11 का भाग देने पर क्रमशः शेषफल 1, 2 व 3 आयेगा।

      Questions Asked in GK Section for SSC CGL Tier 1 

      Given below are the questions asked in the G Section for SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2018:
      1. Who is the CM of Maharashtra?
      2. What is the scientific name of Banyan Tree?
      3. Which Person attended 3 round table conference?
      4. White phosphorus is?
      5. Homeostasis is ?
      6. What is the National game of China?
      7. President rule comes under which article?
      8. Which river flows in thar desert?
      9. Battle of Buxar was held between?
      10. Which of the following is the Tribe of West bengal?
      11. Which is the Highest point in Andaman?
      12. Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is situated in?
      13. One question on Ottam Thulal Folk dance?
      14. One question on Book: A prisoner’s scrap book
      15. When was Battle of Plassey held?
      16. Who won Abel Prize 2019?
      17. Earth Day is celebrated in which year?
      18. What is mentioned in Article 61 of indian constitution?
      19. Dhaman folk dance belongs to which state?
      20. Mid Day Meal scheme was launched in which year?
      21. Who build Grant Trunk Road?
      22. Who is the brand ambassador of red bus?
      23. Who extended empire almost in the south?
      24. Who won Irani Cup 2019?
      25. Under which act has lok Adalat come into the force ?
      26. Who invented electromagnetic theory?
      27. On which day Water day is celebrated?

      Questions Asked in English Section for SSC CGL Tier 1

      Given below are the questions asked from Vocab section in English. This topic covered almost 45% of the English section this year.
      • Antonym- Gall & Fritter away
      • Synonyms- Embark on & Niggle
      • There were 2 jumble word question in the English part
      • There was an idiom – to put yourself together

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