Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC CGL Tier 1) exam has commenced from 4th June 2018,& Today is the Fifth Day of Exam. The exam was conducted in 3 shifts i.e Shift I (10-11 AM), Shift II (1-2 PM), and Shift III (4-5 PM). Students who appeared for the exam described the overall level of difficulty to be in the Moderate-Difficult range.

Team IBTS & AimSuccess has always believed in helping our readers in the best way we can. In this post, Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III) , If you feel any correction Please feel free to share your your opinions in comment sections

Every student demands the questions asked from various sections. So, In this post, we are providing you the questions asked in various shifts of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. which were asked in all the shifts

General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

NOTE: The below questions asked in general awareness were provided by the aspirants who attempted the exam and it was interpreted by them. Some questions may be repeated in the below list or the question may be framed in any other way than given below. 
  • Who can summon parliament?
  • Parliament consist of [Ans-Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha & President]
  • Who married Mehrunisa?
  • One question on House of Parliament.
  • Which Mughal Emperor named “Noorjaha”?
  • 2 questions were asked from periodic table.
  • Who has died in 1605 and buried in Sikandra?
  • One question from Book.
  • Which Mughal Emperor had the largest empire (area wise) ?
  • What is the duration of Special Olympic Game?
  • Who is the First Indian Flight Engineer Lady?
  • Which News reporter was killed in 2017 in Karnataka, who was given an award for anna politz? Gauri Lankesh
  • Who is the CM of Chattisgarh?
  • Who wrote Akbarnama?
  • Who was the First Women Wrestler?
  • Theory of Relativity was invented in which year?
  • One question on metallic property.
  • Who was the First IPS Women?
  • One question on Noble gas?
  • Question based on Lanthanoids & Actinoids.
  • Who is the Governor of Tamilnadu?
  • Which element did Mendeleev can’t place in the periodic table?
  • Which country has largest parliament?
  • Number of Members in Sri Lankan parliament ?
  • when did Bangladesh liberation war came to an end?
  • Who is the author of “A Century is not Enough”
  • Who is the author of “A Passage to England”
  • Pulitzer prize first Indian origin person
  • Which is the Vestigial organ
  • Question from Gupta Dynasty
  • question from Section 38
  • Who First climbed Mount Everest?
  • Who is the first female ever to win Abel prize?
  • Process of explosion of crackers? (Dissociation / Precipitation)
  • Acid contained in Vitamin C
  • First wimbledon winner of India
  • Brightest Star of Orion
  • First Hockey gold after 1948
  • Who was the First President of Pakistan?
  • Chief constituent of Vinegar
  • Institution established by Bapu in 1894
  • Which pass is between Uttarakhand and Tibet?
  • In which year India won medal in hockey for the 1st time?
  • In which year Natal Congress was founded by Gandhi ji ?
  • Silent valley national park is in which state?
  • Which Vitamin contains Ascorbic Acid?
  • What is the Currency of Japan?
  • Island in Bay of Bengal?\
  • Which mughal emporer called as king of architecture?
  • Which mughal empirer die in 1605, and ruled 50 yrs
  • Recycle day is observed on?
  • Major chemical in Acetic acid
  • Law of Octaves was given by?
  • Music played at the Anglo Burmese War ending?
  • Who won Pulitzer prize in 2019?
  • Gidda Dance is of which state?
  • Lines that shows different combinations of goods with same expenditure?
  • One seller and many buyers is called
  • Name of land form formed by erosion of river with steep valleys
  • Which acid is used in ordinary battery?
  • In India who got first Ramon Magsaysay Award?
  • Who was the first women prime minister in the world?
  • Who got highest civilian award in Russia?
  • When Rawlett Act was passed?
  • Number of canine teeth?
  • Strength of Bangladesh parliament.
  • Waziri dance in Pakistan is popular among?
  • Who was the first president of Nepal?
  • In which year was the gross happiness index was implemented by the king of Bhutan?
  • Folk Dance of a region of pakistan-
  • Balochistan/sindh/punjab
  • Among how many states is the country of nepal divided?
  • In which year was hindustan socialist republic association was formed?
  • Khilafat movement was in support of- turky,iran,afghanistan etc.
  • Mother Teresa was born in which year?
  • when was the global happiness index start
  • Number of parliamentary seats in nepal
  • Ascorbic acid of which vitamin name?
  • Acetic acid contains which acid
  • When India won olympic first time in hockey ?

English Language Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

  • Antonym: Sterile
  • Antonym: Sacred
  • Synonym: synonym
  • Spelling correction : Adolescence & Maintenance
  • One word substitution – one who is indifferent to art and culture
  • Idioms & phrases – cut to the quick
  • Idioms & phrases –from hand to mouth
  • Synonym- Pensive
  • Synonyms – Affinity
  • Antonym – Vindictive, Accept
  • No sooner (Error Detection)
  • Idioms & phrases – Square in a circle
  • Idioms & phrases – A square peg in a round hole
  • One word Substitution – Which can not be understood
  • One word Substitution – which can be eaten
  • Active/Passive Voice Let the ring to be alarm in every Forty minutes.
  • Spelling Correction – Challenge
  • Spelling Correction- Contentious
  • Passive of “Ring the bell after every hour?”
  • Topic Of Cloze Test- Girl & her father’s will
  • Antonym- prudent
  • Antonym- Severe
  • Synonym- Repudiate
  • Synonym– Lament
  • One word substitution- One who help someone in need
  • Spelling Correction- Accommodation
  • Idioms & phrases- end in smoke
  • Idioms & phrases- keep wolf away from the door
    *A sentence is given with bold “Idiom & phrases”. and then you have to find the meaning.

General Intelligence & Reasoning Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

  • Find the missing number? 16,34, 36, ____
  • Arrange according to sequence- Pyraminds, Giza, Africa, World
  • Vein Diagram – Teacher, School, Student
  • Counting of no of triangles in given figure
  • number series – 1,2,3,4, 6, 6, 8, 9, 12, ____
  • If Rajiv’s father is 12 times 20 year before, but at present he is 2 times. Find ther present age?
  • Series- 5, 9, __ , 29, 45
  • If Flow- wolf then what is Ward-?
  • venn diagram- player,singer,student
  • China related to Yuan then Japan related to…..

Quantitative Aptitude Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 : 10th June 2019 (All Shifts I+II+III)

  • If x+y+z=0, then x^2+y^2+z^2-xy=?
  • x+y = 34, xy= 140 , then x-y=?
  • In right angled traingle ABC, AB=7, AC-BC=1, then secC + cotA = ?
  • cosA + (sinA/cosA) – sinA = (m+1)/(m-1), then find the value of m?
  • If x^2+x+19=0, then find the value of {(x+5)^2 + [1/(x+5)^2]}=?
  • 4x^2 – 6x + 1 = 0 then 8x^3 + (8x)^-3 = ?
  • यदि tanθ =√2 है तो θ का मान है
    A) π/4 से कम B) π/4 के बराबर
    C) π/3 से अधिक D) π/4 और π/6 के बीच
  • If angle ABE= angle ADC, then find AE+BC?
  • (tanA + sinA)/(tanA – sinA) = 1, then find (K+1)/(K-1)=?
  • If x^2+(1/x^2)=4, Then find the value of x^4 + (1/x^4)=?
  • If x+1/x= 3, the find the value of x^3 + (1/x^3)= ?
  • Deepak and payal are couples with a daughter tanya. Deepak is 5 year older than payal who is 3 times the age of tanya. If tanya is 10 years old find deepak’s age.
  • If radius of sphere is decreased by some % than % change in volume?
  • AB is a diameter of circle,CD is chord of circle and ABCD is trapezium <DAB=40, than <CAB=?
  • If 2Sin(A)=3cos^2(A), then find Tan^2(A) + Sec^2(A) – Cosec^2(A) ?
  • A is 40% more efficient than B, C is 20% less efficient than B. If A,B,C can together complete the work in 5 days then find in how many day A can do 70% of the work?
  • 528 is the amount after giving successive discounts of 20% and 12 % then what is the real value
  • If A+b+c= & Ab+BC+CA = is given, then a^3+b^3+c^3 – 3abc=.
  • Tan 0 = 2/3, Then (3sin 0 – 4 cos 0)/(3sin 0 + 4 cos 0)=
  • If tanA=3/4, then find the value of (4sinA-cosA)/(4sinA+cosA) =?
  • If 2sin^A= 3 cosA, then find the value of A?
  • DI- Total students- 1800, 6 colleges are given, how many percent students in school and boys & girl’s ratio
  • If SI & CI are given, rate=9%, difference between SI & CI= 20.25, then find the principal?
  • x+1/x= root 5 , then find the value x^3 + 1/x^3=?
  • 4x^2-6 root x -1 = 0, then find x^2+1/x^2=?
  • Average of 40 number is 68. But due 2 numbers are readed as __ and __ instead of _ and _. Find new average.
  • If radius of a sphere becomes 140% then by how much percentage its volume would be changed?
  • vx+1/vx= 4. Calculate x^2+1/x^2
  • a+b+c = 13 and ab+bc+ca = 54
  • A^3 + b^3+c^3 – 3abc = ?
  • If a: b = 3:2 , Then (3a+4b):(5a+2b)
  • Two article sold at 9720 each . 10% loss at one and 8% profit at other, then overall profit or loss ?
  • A point G at median AD such that AG : GD = 2:1 , than (ar AGD): (arABC) = 1:6
    PT˛ = PA*PB based.
  • T,A, B are point on a circle find AB = X if PT = 5 , PA = 4
  • Two triangle ABC and PQR are similar . Ab = 5, bc = 4, AC = 6  And ar ABC : ar PQR = 9:4
  • If radius of a sphere is reduced by 40% then the volume is decreased by ?
  • S.P of two items are same one at a profit of 8% and other at a loss of 10% what is overall profit or loss
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