Latest Pattern English MCQs for IBPS PO Exam 2018: 01 November

Latest Pattern English MCQs for IBPS PO Exam 2018

Latest Pattern English MCQs for IBPS PO Exam 2018: 01 November

Directions (Q. 1-5): In each of these questions, two sentences are given. These two sentences are to be combined into a single sentence without changing their meanings. Three probable starters of the combined sentence are given as (i), (ii) and (iii).  Any one or more or none of them may be correct. Find out the correct starter(s) and accordingly select your answer from among the five given answer choices.
1. It is raining today. You must carry an umbrella with you.
        (i)   If it rains cats and dogs …
        (ii)  As it is …
        (iii) For rainy season …
        1) Only (i)                              2) Only (ii)
        3) Only (i) and (ii)                4) Only (i) and (iii)
        5) All (i), (ii) and (iii)
2. To every action, there is a reaction. It is the law of nature which is equally applicable in the life of human beings.
        (i)   Newton’s law is applicable …
        (ii) Action and reaction is equal and opposite …
        (iii)  That there is a reaction …
        1) Only (i) and (iii)               2) Only (ii) and (iii)
        3) Only (iii)                            4) Only (i) and (ii)
        5) None of these
3. A wise man will never cut the same branch on which he sits. A fool will realise his folly only after he falls on the ground.
        (i)   It is better not cut …
        (ii) Falling on the ground …
        (iii) The basic difference between a wise …
        1) Only (ii)                             2) Only (iii)                   
        3) Only (ii) and (iii)              4) Only (i) and (ii)
        5) All the above
4. Indecisiveness is in fact a serious flaw in one’s character that can lead to one’s downfall. Making judicious choices and nice decisions based on sound judgement is extremely important.
        (i)   It is extremely important …
        (ii) In one’s character indecisiveness …
        (iii)  However judicious choices ….
        1) Only (i) and (ii)                                2) Only (i) and (iii)       3) Only (i)
        4) Only (ii)             5) All the above
5. Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work of all branches in no time. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems or put thousands of unrelated fact in order.
        (i)   Extremely complicated work …
        (ii) Computers are capable of doing not only …
        (iii) Computers can solve …
        1) Only (i) and (iii)               2) Only (ii) and (iii)
        3) Only (i) and (ii)                4) All (i), (ii) and (iii)                    5) None of these
Directions (Q.6-10): In each of these questions, a set of 3 or 4 sentences which convey an idea is given. Of these one or two is/are suppressed. To fill up the spaces of the suppressed sentence(s), two possible fillers as (i) and (ii) are given. Find out which one, two or none can fill up the space of the suppressed and mark your answer accordingly.
Caution: While marking your answer  please consider the sequence of the sentence also if both the sentences are required to fill up the spaces.
6. As you know, in the present-day scenario, there is a competitive work environment all around. (______). So, consequently no one will find a room in any area of work till they don’t take genuine interest.
        (i)   No man will find the best way to do things unless he loves to do things honestly.
        (ii) To excel in your area of profession you will have to take personal interest to go high in life as everyone consistently wants to be better  than before.
        1) (i) and (ii)          2) (ii) and (i)                  3) (i) only               4)  (ii) only             5) None
7. Corrupt societies become silent witnesses to their own degeneration. (_____). They believe that they can either help themselves this way or face a life of poverty.
        (i)   Citizens fill their pockets without shame.
        (ii) They feel that this is their only protection against an uncertain future.
        1) (i) and (ii)          2) (ii) and (i)          3) (i) only      
        4) (ii) only              5) None
8. Negative feelings like guilt, revenge and anger are detrimental to our daily living. (_____). If a person who has made a mistake, be it unintentional or deliberate, apologises, his heart feels light.
        (i)   They are like excess baggage that a person carries with him and are detrimental not only to the giver but the receiver as well.
        (ii) They are the prime causes of stress and result in physical and emotional problems.
        1) (i) and (ii)          2) (ii) and (i)                  3) (i) only               4) (ii) only              5) None
9. Exit polls is the latest phenomenon which has come up to predict the outcome of elections.(______). Similarly, the opinion polls are conducted on a fraction of the society and they may misguide the people.
        (i)   As only a small section of society is taken into account in these polls, they fail to project the real picture.
        (ii) Exit polls is the essence of democracy, and it should be regarded as an indicator of actual results.
        1) (i) and (ii)          2) (ii) and (i)          3) (i) only
        4) (ii) only              5) None
10. We know that a child dreads ghosts only when he is alone.(_____). Most of our fears are replicas of this fear of ghosts.
        (i)   Man loses his true stature when he fails to unite fully with his fellows.
        (ii) This is the person’s fear of his own weakness.
         1) (i) and (ii)           2) (ii) and (i)          3) (i) only                               4) (ii) only              5) None


  1. 3
  2. 1
  3. 5
  4. 2
  5. 4
  6. 1
  7. 4
  8. 2
  9. 5
  10. 3

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