RRB Group D Exam Analysis 18th Sep 2018 & Questions Asked (Slot 2)

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 18th Sep 2018 & Questions Asked (Slot 2)

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 18th Sep 2018 & Questions Asked (Slot 2)

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018: Railway Recruitment Board The RRB Group D exam is started from 17th September 2018 & will continue till 14th December 2018.  The 2nd Shift of RRB Group D Exam is over now & In this article we aimsuccess & ibtsindia  are providing you with complete & detailed RRB Group D Exam Analysis 18th Sep 2018 & Questions Asked (Slot 2). This will help you to evaluate your performance and estimate your score. 

RRB Group D Exam Pattern 2018

As you all know RRB Group D Exam consist of 4 sections -
  1. Mathematics, 
  2. General Intelligence and Reasoning, 
  3. General Science and 
  4. General Awareness & Current Affairs. 
  • The overall exam timing is 90 minutes For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted. 

RRB Group D Exam Review Shift 3 – Good Attempts

Find the overall as well as sectional difficulty level, topic-wise weightage, no. of good attempts and Questions asked. The table below shows the safer attempts of RRB Group D Shift 2.
RRB Group D Good Attempts of 2nd shift, 17th September 2018
Name Of the Subject No. Of Questions Marks Difficulty Level No. Of Good Attempts
Mathematics 25 25 Easy 17-18
General Intelligence and Reasoning 30 30 Easy to Moderate 23-24
General Science 25 25 Easy To Moderate 16-18
General Awareness & Current Affairs 20 20 Moderate 13-14
Overall 100 100 Moderate 71-73

Exam Highlights RRB Group D - 17th Sept 2018

  • This shift of the RRB Group D Exam was Moderate. 
  • In GK section, 8-9 questions were based on current affairs. The level of the GK section was moderate.Current affairs little difficult.
  • The questions were not arranged section-wise i.e Mixed questions were asked.
  • As notified earlier, 55 questions were from Maths & Reasoning section.
  • 25 Science questions were from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology subjects.

              Mathematics Section Analysis RRB Group D Exam : Shift 1

              In Today's RRB Group D Exam 2018, Mathematics was of moderate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative.
              • Time and Work - 2 Qs
              • Profit & Loss - 1 Q
              • Percentage - 2-3 Qs
              • Trigonometry - 3-4 Qs
              • Number Series - 2-3 Qs
              • Simplification - 2-3 Qs
              • Time Speed Distance - 2 Qs

              Mathematics Questions Asked in RRB Group D Exam

                1. How many whole numbers are there in factors of 256?
                2. Questions on ration and proportion
                3. Which is the biggest 4 digit number divisible by 14?

                  Reasoning Section Analysis RRB Group D Exam : Shift 1

                  In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, General Intelligence(Reasoning) questions were of Easy level. There were 2 questions from calendar.
                  • Syllogism- 2Qs - Easy
                  • Venn Diagram- 2-3Qs - Easy
                  • Methematical Calculation - 5Qs - Easy
                  • Mirror Image- 1-2Qs  
                  • Odd one out - 6 Qs - Easy
                  • Coding-Decoding - 2-3Qs - Easy-Moderate
                  • Analogy - 2Qs - Easy
                  • Series - 3Qs - Easy
                  • Direction - 3Qs - Easy
                  • Statement & Conclusion - 3-4Qs  - Easy-Moderate
                  • Counting Figure - 1Qs  - Easy
                  • Calendar 2Qs  - Easy

                  Reasoning Questions Asked in RRB Group D Exam

                      1. Questions on Analogy: CLOUD : XOLFW:: SMILE: ?- HNROV
                      2. Alphabet series - E H K N ?- Q
                      3. Age Based Question: Age of R:S is 3:4. If R+S= 84, Find their individual Age.
                      4. Venn Diagram ( 2 questions): Electronics, Computer,Mobile
                      5. Blood Relation questions
                      6. What will be the water image of 11:30?
                      7. What is the minimum gap between leap years? - 4 years

                      General Science Analysis RRB Group D Exam : Shift 1

                      In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, Questions from Science were directly based and of the easy-Moderate level. No formula applying questions were the part of the exam.

                      • Physics: 9 -11 Qs (Easy)
                      • Chemistry: 7-9 (Moderate)
                      • Biology: 8-11 (Easy)

                      General Science Questions Asked in RRB Group D Exam

                      1. Periodic Table - 4 questions
                      2. What is the Full form the LPG? - Liquefied Petroleum GAs
                      3. Who found Modern Periodic Table - Moseley
                      4. Questions on Valence Electrons
                      5. Questions n Atomic number
                      6. Smallest bone in the body
                      7. Fleming's Rule
                      8. What is Ohm's Law?
                      9. When P= 480, M = 6 kg, g = 10m/s2, find the height.- 8m
                      10. Where is insulin produced in human body? - Pancreas/islets of langerhans
                      11. What is pH value of Wine? 3.4-3.8
                      12. Who discovered Hydrogen?
                      13. Molecular mass of Oxygen - 16

                                            General Awareness & Current Affairs Analysis - RRB Group D Exam : Shift 1

                                            In Railway Group-D Exam 2018, General Awareness on current affairs questions were of moderate level.
                                            1. Who is the founder of Paytm?
                                            2. Capital of Mauritius?
                                            3. Haridwar is placed on which river bank
                                            4. Host of Big boss 11
                                            5. Who got the British Parliamentary Award
                                            6. Which is the dirtiest Railway Station in India?
                                            7. Who is the brand Ambassador of Road Safety Campaign
                                            8. Who is the brand Ambassador of Punjab National Bank
                                            9. When was goa captured by Portuguese?-
                                            10. Who is teh author of "I do what I do"?
                                            11. Who got the award for NABARD Award?
                                            12. Who got the PC Chandra Award?
                                            13. Who got Rajiv Gandhi "Sadbhawana Award"?
                                            14. Who got FIFA Golden Boot Award 2018?

                                                                    Exam Tips for upcoming RRB Group D Exam Shifts

                                                                    We are sharing some important Exam Tips for upcoming RRB Group D Exam Shifts
                                                                    • Go through the basic concepts of General Science Like Physics and Chemistry. 
                                                                    • Focus on the current affairs of last 3 months. 
                                                                    • Keep all your document such as admit card & photo identity proof ready. 
                                                                    • The RRB Group D admit card is available for downloading in RRB official site
                                                                    • Also, you can download the admit card in a single click through the link below:

                                                                    Download RRB Group D Admit Card

                                                                    Stay Connected for more exam review and analysis of the upcoming days RRB Group D Exam Analysis & Questions Asked Our Team is working hard to clear the RRB Group D Examination.

                                                                    All the Best!
                                                                    Team aimsuccess.in

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