Letter Writing Practice for Descriptive Exams (Bad Behavior at Work)

Letter Writing Practice for Descriptive Exams (Bad Behavior at Work)

Letter Writing Practice for Descriptive Exams (Bad Behavior at Work)

Now a days, the Descriptive test is an important part of each and every Exam. In most of the examinations, there is a Descriptive Paper which comprised of Essay and Letter Writing.
If a candidate performs well in the written examination but fails to do well in the descriptive test, he may not be eligible for the interview process. The descriptive test requires detailed answers in English, whether it is a Letter Writing or an Essay Writing or Precise or Comprehension questions. So, we are here once again for boosting your preparation and make you well versed with the Descriptive section which will definitely give you the cutting edge in the examination.
Today onwards we will be providing you all with the Letter Writing as well as Essay Writing Practice Questions along with answers, alternately. 

Write a letter as a Manager of Customer Relations, in 200-250 words, to the HR Head of your Company telling him about inappropriate behaviour of some employees of the company.

Customer Relations
XYZ Company
24th Jul 2018
HR Head
XYZ Company
Subject: Complaint of rude and bullying attitude
Dear Sir
I hope my letter is not disturbing in the midst of your busy work schedule. I am writing to point out the odd behaviour of few colleagues who are putting up their constant efforts to ruin the cheerful, friendly and healthy working atmosphere of the organization.
From the past three months, I have been noticing that three of my colleagues, who have recently shifted to our process, are behaving in an unprofessional manner and disturbing the working atmosphere. I am explicitly writing the names of these colleagues, i.e. Arvind Sharma, Manoj Grewal and Rahul Dev believing that you will keep the sender of this note confidential while taking actions on the issue. They are often seen making fun of other colleagues, bullying the freshers and interns, talking to their team mates in a rude and demanding manner. All of three mostly indulge in groupism rather than concentrating on their work, which is somehow hampering the goal of the organization.
It is affecting the healthy atmosphere of the organisation and other colleagues might also be tempted to do the same very soon. I hope that you understand my concern and take the required actions to resolve this issue.
Yours Truly
Word Count – 222

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