General Awareness for Railways ALP & Group-D

General Awareness for Railways ALP & Group-D

General Awareness for Railways ALP & Group-D

  1. What is the maximum strength of the lower house of the Indian Parliament called Lok Sabha envisaged by the Constitution?
        (A) 530
        (B) 545                                 
        (C) 550
        (D) 552
  1. Which of the following inscriptions is related to king Ashoka?
        (A) Maski
        (B) Nasik
        (C) Hathigumpha
        (D) Aihole
  1. The Parliamentarian form of govt consists of the following:
        (A) Nominal or Titular Head
        (B) Collective Responsibility and Individual Responsibility
        (C) Harmony between Executive and Legislature
        (D) All the above
  1. Which of the following Sikh Gurus is also known as Bal Guru (Child Guru) as he had become Guru at the tender age of five?
        (A) Guru Tegh Bahadur
        (B) Guru Arjan Dev
        (C) Guru Har Krishan
        (D) Guru Hargovind
  1. Identify the two states which elected non-Congress ministries in the elections held in 1937.
        (A) Punjab and Bengal
        (B) Punjab and Uttar Pradesh
        (C) Bihar and NWFP
        (D) NWFP and Madras
  1. Dumping is a situation of price discrimination at which of the following levels?
        (A) Local
        (B) State
        (C) National
        (D) International
  1. A situation in which a particular market is controlled by a small group of firms is called
        (A) Monopoly                     
        (B) Perfect competition
        (C) Monopolistic competition
        (D) Oligopoly
  1. A negative income elasticity of demand is associated with
        (A) superior goods
        (B) sticky goods
        (C) normal goods
        (D) inferior goods
  1. The 12th Finance Commission of India was headed by
        (A) KC Pant
        (B) C Rangarajan
        (C) Vasant Sathe
        (D) VV Desai
  1. The law of ‘increasing state spending’ is associated with
        (A) Adolph Wagner            
        (B) John Locke
        (C) Abba P Learner
        (D) Adam Smith


  1. D
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A
  6. D
  7. D
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A

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