Questions Asked in UP Police SI Exam 17th December 2017

Questions Asked in UP Police SI Exam 17th December 2017

In this post we are sharing some of Questions Asked in UP Police SI Exam 17th December 2017 all Slots. & Also we are updating this section regularly. So that all other aspirants can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level. The Exam is being held in online mode.
Questions Asked in UP Police SI Exam 17th December 2017
Note : This is the Questions & Data given by our users, we are stating that here, if anything does not match which came in the exam, we will not be responsible for the same, Please mention in the comments section We will try to rectify that.

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Questions asked in General Hindi Section


                                                                Questions asked in Law & Constitution & General Knowledge Section 

                                                                1. किसे विस्व का अपर्वर्त्निये नगर बोला जाता है – रोम
                                                                2.  रेलवे ब्रोअद्गौज़े की चौड़ाई ? 1.6 मी
                                                                3. कट अप्स्ते करने से क्या होता है  ? – मूव
                                                                4. cd-rom का full form – compact disk read only memory
                                                                5. सबसे पहला कंप्यूटिंग device- abacus
                                                                6. जैविक विविधता दिवस- २२ मई
                                                                7. JPEG full form-ज्वाइंट फोटोग्राफिक एक्सपर्ट ग्रुप
                                                                8.  कंप्यूटर में किसी शब्द की साइज़ किस्मे नापते है .- BYTE
                                                                QUESTIONS IN ENGLISH 
                                                                              1. UPDATE SOON

                                                                                          Questions asked in Numerical or Mental Ability Section 

                                                                                          1. Time & Work से तीन प्रश्न पूछे गए
                                                                                          2. व्याज दर (ci/si) से दो क्वेश्चन थे
                                                                                          3. DI से भी प्रश्न थे ‘

                                                                                            Questions asked in General Intelligence Section 

                                                                                            1. UPDATE SOON
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                                                                                            Questions Asked in UP Police SI Exam 2017 All Days 

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