Last Minute Preparation Tips For IBPS PO Prelims 2017


Last Minute Preparation Tips For IBPS PO Prelims 2017: IBPS PO examination is excessively popular amongst the youngsters across the nation. In every session, A lots of candidates from various branches apply to get a reputed job in public banking sector. 

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection decides to organize examination on 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th October to select probationary officer. Now, all enrolled participants looking for some crucial IBPS PO Prelims Preparation Tips & Trick for achieving good marks in the competitive exam. So, Here we are going to share some essential Last Minute Preparation Tips For IBPS PO Prelims 2017 which surely helps to a competitor to solve questions quickly at examination hall.

 Last Minute Preparation Tips For IBPS PO Prelims 2017

Before participating, in examination candidates try to give hundred percent to study but questions solving speed is a major factor for selection as Probationary Officer (PO) in various public sector bank. As per information of various sources the difficulty level of bank examination has increased. So students who enrolled for examination they have to make a proper IBPS PO Preparation Strategy to select in the banking sector. So we like to suggest you that boost up yourself and try to learn essential topics those have good number weightage. Also, make some IBPS PO Preparation Techniques to qualify in IBPS Preliminary round as well as IBPS Mains Examination.

IBPS PO Preliminary Exam Pattern 2017

The IBPS PO preliminary examinations conducted online and candidates are allocated total duration of 1 hour to complete the preliminary exam. It consists of 3 sections with a total of 100 questions and maximum score of 100 marks. There is negative marking in IBPS PO preliminary exam and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer attempted by a candidate. It is necessary to clear the cut-off in all 3 sections to qualify for the IBPS PO Main exam.

S.N.SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarksTime
1Quantitative Aptitude35351 hour total
2English Language3030
3Reasoning Ability3535

Time Management & Correct Order to attempt IBPS PO Prelims 

  1. First Section - English  Language: 13-15 minutes
  2. Second Section - Quantitative Aptitude:  20-25minutes
  3. Third Section - Logical Reasoning: 20 minutes
Even though this Order of Attempt is a suggestion to help you score maximum marks, you can tweak it according to your accuracy, speed & difficulty level!

IBPS PO Prelims 2017 Last Minute Preparation Tips

The preliminary exam for IBPS PO will be conducted online and will have 100 questions for 60 minutes. Candidates will have to manage those 60 minutes themselves while dealing with three sections- Reasoning (35 Ques), Quantitative Aptitude (35 Ques), and English (30 Ques). 
Practice questions from the chapters that are considered Easy and Easy to Moderate. These are the chapters that will going to fetch more marks in the exam & will act as a deciding factors for your selection. Given below are some scoring chapters that are of Easy to Moderate level, which will help you score maximum marks. We are here providing some Pro Tips for each of these sections that can help you score in IBPS PO Prelims 2017.

Preparation Tips For English Language

Nowadays the approach for this section is more towards practical usage so always stay prepared for the unexpected. After all English is a language and essentially there are two most important aspects of a language its syntax and semantics. Revise grammar rules, relax and don't overburden yourself with the thought of the new pattern.
  • Practice Memory Based Papers of SBI 2017, IBPS 2016 to get an idea of all possible combinations of questions that you might face this year.
  • Try to solve questions from comprehension first, but do keep a check on time. You can skip those questions which require you to invest more time in the given passage. 
  • Use the method of skimming for reading comprehension.
  • Read the directions carefully and attempt the conventional pattern questions first. Cloze Test, Fillers can save your day.
  • Use the method of elimination to save time.
  • Don't try to attempt all the questions, attempt those you are confident with. Keep in mind that your mistake will cost you 0.25 marks
  • Finish this section within 12-15 minutes.

     English Language Scoring Chapters

  1. Reading Comprehension – 7-10 Qs.
  2. Grammar (Error Spotting, Phrase Replacement) – 5-10 Qs.
  3. Cloze Test – 5-7 Qs.
  4. Verbal Ability (Para Jumbles, Fill in the Blanks) – 0-5 Qs.

Preparation Tips For Quantitative Aptitude

The first and most basic tip to help you clear quantitative aptitude section’s cut off is that you should work on your calculation speed. If you want to score in Maths you know you must calculate faster. In fact, this section is most scoring if you have practiced enough as you cannot be sure of your answers in language section and you might trip while solving puzzles but whereas questions of arithmetic are concerned you can be sure if you can solve it, if your answer is right or not.
  • Learn the basic concepts and practice them well, as for banking exams basic concepts will come in handy rather than tricks. 
  • Choose the questions wisely and try not to get stuck on a particular question or topic for too long. 
  • Instead of focusing on attempting the maximum number of questions, try focusing on the accuracy with which you attempt the paper.
  • Try to attempt Simplification & Approximation, Inequality, and Number Series first.
  • While attempting questions of Data Interpretation solve those questions first that you find less calculative and relatively easier. A set of DI usually comprises of 5 questions out of which 2-3 are doable. Even if you solve 3 questions from one set of DI and 4 from another you can easily bag 7 marks.
  • Don't ignore word problems or the Arithematic Miscellaneous portion. Take up the problems of chapters you are good at.
  • Finish this section within 23-28 minutes.

     Quantitative Aptitude Scoring Chapters

  1. Simplification/Approximation – 5 Qs.
  2. Number Series – 5 Qs.
  3. Quadratic Equation – 5 Qs.
  4. Data Interpretation – 10 Qs.

Preparation Tips For Reasoning Ability

Reasoning can be a tricky section for most of the students and it is important to the solve questions and at the same time keep a watch on the time that is passing by. We've seen in recent SBI and other Exams that this section was quite challenging and time taking for students. The year 2016 was revolutionary in the history of banking exams, where English Language Section brought some big surprises and Reasoning Section became flooded with Puzzles and Seating Arrangement. But Should or Can you avoid Seating Arrangements and Puzzles in Reasoning Section completely? The answer is No, neither you should, nor you can. 

  • Be careful while choosing which puzzle to attempt and which one to skip.
  • Do not invest more than 5-6 minutes in a puzzle or seating arrangement.
  • Remember you do not have to solve all the questions of the reasoning section. The questions might seem doable but if they are time-consuming it is better to skip to the next question.
  • Read the directions very carefully.
  • Try to solve the miscellaneous portion first which may include Blood Relation, Order and Ranking, Direction Sense, Inequality etc.
  • Don't Panic, under stress, it is quite possible that you may feel you are unable to solve a simple question or you are unable to recall a familiar logic. Move to the next question in such case and keep your calm.
  • Remember a high number of attempts should not be at the cost of accuracy.
  • Finish this section within 18-21 minutes.

     Logical Reasoning Scoring Chapters

  1. Direction & Distances – 1-3 Qs.
  2. Ordering & Ranking – 2-5 Qs.
  3. Syllogisms – 5 Qs.
  4. Coding Decoding – 2-5 Qs.
  5. Blood Relations – 1-3 Qs.
  6. Inequalities – 5 Qs.

Some General Tips for IBPS PO Prelims 2017 Exam

1. Make your own plan in lieu of being a sheeple.
Every person has different strong and weak points and you need to identify your strengths and devise your exam plan yourself. Do not blindly go on with the hearsay of peers and friends, think smartly and act smartly.
2. Devise your strategy-Taking a test can help you
This can help you a lot in adding that much-needed finishing touch to your exam strategy. Take a mock test and practice your skills of time and topic management before the actual face off. Analyse your performance after the test. You can test yourself with Adda247’s Test for IBPS PO 2017.

3. To avoid unnecessary tension, equip yourself with all the necessary documents. 
This point could not take a back seat in our checklist because it is the foremost thing to be taken care of the sooner the better. Take a print out your admit card and ID proof, and read the instruction of your admit card. 

Download IBPS PO Pre Admit Card

4. Take 2 trips if you wish, while solving the paper.
At first attempt the questions you find easy to approach and solve. Finishing them off will boost your confidence and keep you at bay from any stress. After you are done with all that you could have answered easily, then go for the second trip and try to attempt the questions you feel you can do with a little extra effort. 

5. Be careful while choosing what to attempt and what to skip.
Your every move, your every decision will make or break your deal so it is very important that you choose very carefully what you are going to attempt in the examination. Don’t be tempted and get engrossed in any particular section or question for too long.

6. Don’t take anything on your ego
Well, it is quite probable you may feel you know the concepts to solve a question just too well yet you are unable to crack it in the exam time, so just skip it, and take another question. Skip a question if you feel it is too time-consuming or you might not be able to get it right, at the end you have to score enough to clear sectional and overall cut off. Let nothing kill your speed! There are 100 questions for mere 60 minutes so keep a track of your time and don’t get stuck anywhere.

7. Be wise and spare some extra seconds to carefully read the instructions.
It is good to be fast and save time when you have 100 questions for just 60 minutes but you have to be wise and careful as well. Instruction or directions of a question are very important and you should read the instruction of every question you are about to attempt. What if it was something you’ve already practiced but asked in a twisted way! You can actually save marks by reading directions carefully.

8. Do not ignore simple questions; they may require you to be cautious.
Simple or easy level of questions can be your saviour in IBPS PO prelims, so don’t just get engrossed in the difficult ones. Read the instructions carefully, and attempt simple or easy level questions to gain plus points in your scoring bag.

9. Avoid making ‘silly mistakes’, they’ll cost you a year.
You’ve been longing for this opportunity to be a probationary officer. So try to keep at a bay from making silly mistakes. Carefully solve and analyse question, do not presume things, just read the direction and be careful as you will have negative marking. 

10. Get the thought of ‘cut-off for IBPS PO Pre’ out of your head.
If the examination is of an easy level, it will be for everyone else appearing tomorrow, so is the case even if it turns out to be of difficult level. This moment and in these days you should be practicing rather than quivering over the thought of cut off. First, concentrate on the exam and making a decent number of attempts according to its difficulty level. Rest things will fall into places. So don’t overburden yourself and refrain from diverting your concentration.

11. Keep your calm and be confident. 
Your confidence will sail you through this recruitment. No matter what is the difficulty level you’ll face in the exam just stay calm and believe in yourself. With a composed mind you’ll be able to crack through the examination, so sleep well and don’t stress yourself out. If you’ll say ‘I Can and I Will’ nothing can stop you from achieving your aim.

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