Top 50 Banking GK Questions for IBPS PO


Top 50 Banking GK Questions for IBPS PO 

Dear Readers, As we all know that IBPS RRB Exams  are going held very soon, on that note we are starting Baking GK Series for our readers, who are looking for study Material Related to Banking Exams 

  • The largest Revenue in India is obtained from : Excise Duty.
  • The tax levied by Central Government and Collected by State Govt. is known as : Stamp Duty.
  • What is the major share in revenue of State Government : Sales Tax.
  • The tax levied by Local Governments i.e Municipal Corporation and Municipalities is : House Tax.
  • The tax collected by the State Governments and given to local bodies is : Professional Tax.
  • Where are the headquarters of Oriental Bank of Commerce Located :Gurugram.
  • What is the period of call Money : 1 to 14 Days.
  • Who will settle the grievances of customers of banks : Banking Ombudsman.
  • When was the Banking Ombudsman Scheme first Introduced : June 1995.
  • When was the Imperial Bank was changed as State Bank of India : 1 st July 1955.
  • The first Development Financial Institution in India that has got merged with a bank is : ICICI.
  • Which NBFC (Non Banking Financial Corporation) Converted itself into a commercial Bank : Kotak Mahindra.
  • International Development Association is a member of which bank Group : World Bank.
  • Kisan Credit Card can be used for financing : Production needs and consumption needs.
  • Net Interest Income means : Interest Generated from banks’ assets less Interest paid on liabilities.
  • Statutory Liquidity Ratio for scheduled Banks is regulated by RBI under powers conferred upon it by: Banking Regulation Act 1949.
  • Expand the term BBPS : Bharat Bills Payment System.
  • Ravinder Dholakia has been appointed by RBI as the Member of its Monetary Policy Committee.
  • When was the currency system in India converted into decimal system : From 1 st April 1957.
  • The Headquarters of Bank of Maharashtra is located at which place :Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Loans given by the banks to farmers / small shop owners is known as : Priority Sector Loan.
  • Expand the term IBBI : Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India.
  • Which state shows the fastest Growth in expanding Micro finance Business in the country : Andhra Pradesh.
  • Every Bank wishing to commence banking business in India is required to obtain a licence from : RBI.
  • The Payment of a debt before it actually becomes due is known as: Pre Payment.
  • A clause in a Mortgage allowing the mortgagor to pay off part of all of the unpaid debt before it becomes due: Pre Payment Clause.
  • The Outstanding Balance on a loan excluding interest and fees : Principal Balance.
  • 4. Expand the term PMI : Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • “Together we can” is the tagline of which Public Sector Bank : Canara Bank.
  • What is Lien : A right to Keep Possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged.
  • A document issued by a mortgagee (the lender) when a mortgage is paid in full : Satisfaction of Mortgage.
  • Expand the term “NIBM” National Institute of Bank Management. (HQ – PUNE)
  • An order not to pay a cheque that has been issued but not yet cashed :Stop Payment.
  • A person or institution that manages trust accounts : Trust
  • Administrator.
  • A portion of a deposit balance that has not been yet collected by the depository bank : Uncollected Funds.
  • Who is the Chairman of Bank Board Bureau (BBB) at present : Vinod Rai.
  • Where are the headquarters of Syndicate Bank Located : Manipal (Karnataka)
  • Expand the Term GIRO : General Interbank Recurring Order.
  • The accounts are maintained by the Corporate clients that may be operated any number of times in a day : Current Accounts.
  • A bank that can clear funds between banks : Clearing Bank.
  • This is the rating which an individual (Or Company) gets from the Credit Industry : Credit Rating.
  • First Bank to Introduce ATM in India : Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in 1987.
  • In which year Indian Currency was devalued for the first time : In the year 1966 .
  • BASEL – III norms will be Implemented in India from which date : 31 st March 2019.
  • Expand the term “IDRBT” Institute for Development and research in Banking Technology.
  • RBI Constitutes which committee to look at household finance in India : Tarun Ramadorai Committee.
  • Good People to Bank with is the tagline of which bank : Union Bank of India.
  • What is the eligibility criteria in Atal Pension Yojna : Between the age of 18 to 40 years.

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