Error Spotting Practice Set

Directions (1-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error , if any will be one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is “No error” the answer is “e”

1)It is well acknowledged that the control of (A)/food inflation rests primarily on the (B)/management of supply-side constraints(C)/that fuels its growth (D)/No Error (E)

2)A big push to India’s food processing sector will be (B)/a force multiplier in creating (B)/large-scale employment, enhance farm incomes (C)/and combating agri-wastages (D)/No Error (E)

3)I was recently sad by media reports (A)/that high net-worth Indian nationals (B)/in a position of leadership have invested significantly (C)/large capital in real –estate assets overseas (D)/No Error (E)

4)Unfortunately , the ease of doing business (A)/and setting up enterprises (B)/in India is a major constraint (C)/that deters investment (D)/No Error (E)

5)An election process marked by malpractices (A)/by all parties and the possibility of Taliban’s (B)/return to share power make (C)/the future of Afghanistan bleak. (D)/No Error (E)

6)In India, poaching of tigers for their bones (A)/came to light only in the mid-1980s (B)/ Where forest officers in MP found poached tigers (C)/whose bones had been removed and skin Left behind (D)/No Error (E)

7)Why there is no Muslim peace movement (A)/campaigning for an end to violence in Muslim countries (C)/Where the victims are Muslims (C) /and the perpetrators are Muslims (D)/No Error (E)

8)There is germ of truth in the congress’ reaction (A)/against the budget that the bullet train(C)/and the high speed- rail project (C)/had both been proposed many years ago (D)/No Error (E)

9)it is a matter of concern that the country is (A)/till to achieve international competitiveness (B)/in several segments (C)/crucial to the Indian economy (D)/No Error (E)

10)Passing my stall, (A)/she cast black looks (B)/at the amount of (C)/stuff still unsold (D)/No Error (E)

  • 1.D)Replace “fuels” with “fuel”
  • 2.C)Replace “enhance’ with “enhancing”
  • 3.A)Replace “sad” with ‘saddened”
  • 4.E)
  • 5.B)Insert “the” before ‘Taliban”
  • 6.C)Replace “where” with “when”
  • 7.A)Replace “there is “ with “is there”
  • 8.B)Replace “against” with “to”
  • 9.B)Replace “till” with “yet”
  • 10.E)
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