Reserve Bank of India conducted Phase II exam for the post of Officer Grade B today. You can check out the exam analysis of RBI Grade B Officer exam 2017 below. RBI Grade B Officer Exam analysis will help students analyse the overall exam pattern, it’s difficulty level as well as the expected cutoff.
The RBI Grade B Exam analysis has been posted based on the experiences shared by our gradeup users. If you come across any anomaly or wish to add  something in this analysis, you can share it in the comments, we will update it at the earliest.

Exam Analysis of RBI Grade B Phase II Exam 09 July  2017

The Mains (Phase II) Exam of RBI Grade B consisted of 3 papers, namely,
  1. Economic and Social Issues
  2. English (Writing Skills)
  3. Finance and Management
Overall level of RBI Grade B Mains exam was Moderate to Difficult. 
Let us now have a look at the individual sections that were asked in RBI Grade B Phase II exam -

Economic and Social Issues

  • This objective exam carried a total of 100 marks and students had 90 minutes to attempt this section.
  • Overall level of this section was Moderate. 
  • 1 mark based questions were mostly straight forward while 2 marker questions were slightly confusing and time consuming. 
  • Most of the questions in this section were based on Government schemes, mostly past schemes.
  • One should have a proper understanding of the paragraphs and grip over topics to attempt this section. 
  • There were few questions based on Union Budget (Dairy Management), Index/ Report based questions, Current affairs based on committees, Sustainable Development (passage) etc. 
  • Some of the questions asked in this section have been given below - 
    (a) Which of the following is true for MPC -
    1. MPC members are appointed for 4 years
    2. Members have financial /banking background .
    3. Members can be reappointed after 4 years
    (b) FRBM 2016 Review Committee Chairman 
    (c) MPC framework Committee Chairman
    (d) HRIDAY Scheme
    (e) UNCTAD passage (India's ranking based)
    (f) Human Development Index (related to UNDP)

English (Writing Skill)

  • This was a descriptive test with a total of 100 marks.
  • Time allotted to finish this section was 90 minutes.
  • This section comprised of 3 questions, namely Précis writing, Passage/ Comprehension and Essay
  • 5 topics of Essay were given based on following topics - 
    (a) Nuclear Power Plant 
    (b) NPA
    (c) Digitization and Ransomware
    (d) Merger of SBI
    (e) Centralization of Higher Education
  • Précis writing was based on Gold and Paper Currency.
  • Comprehension was based on Business Forecasting. 

Finance and Management

  • Paper III of RBI Grade B exam was again objective in nature.
  • It carried total 100 marks  and 90 minutes were allotted for this section.
  • Number of Numericals in this section were quite less this time (10-15 marks). These were based on ROCE, NPV and IRR, zero coupon bond calculation. Numericals were case based. 
  • Questions were mostly theoretical, maximum questions were based on Leadership and Motivation theory.
  • 2 marker questions were mostly case specific, involving Corporate Governance, Hertzberg 2 factor theory, team morale etc. 
  • Calculators were not allowed in the exam. 
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