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We are sharing the Interview Experience of the Student of  [ IBTS - Institute for Banking Training & Educational Services Chandigarh ] held on 02nd February 2017.

Interview for the Post of  IBPS RRB PO Chandigarh
  1. Name : Dihesh Babber
  2. Venue: “Punjab National Bank” Sector 8, Panchkula, Haryana.
  3. Interview Duration : 15 to 20 min
  4. Interview Panel  - Panel  1
  5. Panel Team -  5 members in the panel (4 Male + 1 Female).

IBPS RRB PO Interview Review:

The nodal bank that conducted interview is “Punjab National Bank” Sector 8, Panchkula, Haryana. There were 4 panels; My interview was at panel-1. There were 5 members in the panel (4 Male + 1 Female).

(Now the Interview in the words of Dihesh) 

  • Me  stands for Dihesh 
  • F stands for Female panel Member
  • stands for Male panel Member
Me : Excuse Me Sir… May I come in?
F1: Smiled at me and asked me to come in.
I was carrying a file (original mark memos) with me. M1 asked me to keep that file a side on the table. Gently I have Kept the file on table and greeted them with a smile, Good Morning Mam’ Good Morning Sir.. 

M3: M3 & F1 have asked me to take my seat.
I  Said Thank you Mam and sat on it.

Now the Interview Started.........

F1: You are Dihesh Babber right ?
Me : Yes Mam

M3: Just tell us about your graduation stream, Passed out year & college name?
Me: Started well but messed up at end by including other details also like project, native place and what I did after B.A… (Little bit got tensed here..)

M3: What about family?
Me: started answering with slightly in tensed manner..!! and concluded well.

M3: Why didn’t you opt for higher education ?
Me: I am neither interested in teaching profession nor in core side jobs sir. I want to start my career ASAP that’s why I didn’t opt for it sir. (said this in a confused manner)

M3: Well… did you remember something about your subjects? Shall I ask few questions?

F1: Had Breakfast?
Me: Yes mam..! At this time I took a long breath and made myself comfortable with them..!! and answered yes sir (with little bit confidence).

M3: What is your favorite subject?
Me: Polity sir

M3: Ok Tell Me About Union Budget 2017?
Me: Explained them in summarized way, some points about Personal Income Tax  Rates
< I have noticed that M4 was watching my body language>

M3: What have you prepared about banking?
Me: Sir, I have prepared about RBI, Its functions and about monetary policy.

M3: Explain functions of RBI..!
M4: Suddenly interrupted me and asked me to tell only about Repo Rate?

Me: I have explained them very well about 2 minutes and included about LAF and then concluded with MSF & Bank Rate.

M3 & M4: Good, Very Good..!!

F1: You see, You will be posted in rural areas how will you handle you job there? or how you will contribute to the bank?

Me: Explained clearly & included points like (rural people have internal fear to approach banks. If we, as bankers get down a step & communicate friendly with them then they feel comfortable to approach bank. First I will try to remove the internal fear in them) [I have included this because I have seen in my village many people they have certain fear of approaching bank due lo illiteracy]

F1: Good

M1: Can you name some private banks in India?
Me: Yes Sir.. ICICI, HDFC, etc.

M4: What is the interest rate on savings account?
Me: Initially it was 4% and later it was de-regulated by RBI sir. Now Banks can fix their own interest rate on savings account.

M4: Then, can we fix 8% ?
Me: Yes sir.. we can.. But, if we do like that then cost of funds of bank will increase which will invariably effect the net interest margin. It will be a threat to bank.

M4: Yes, Very Good…!!

M1: What is Financial inclusion?
Me: Explained them in detail.. along with Deepak Mohanty committee.

M2: Good..!!

(I have stated - providing financial services to each and every individual)

M4: Corrected me by saying its not individuals. its to every household.

Me: Thank you sir

M1: What are covered under financial services?? Name few services.

Me: Opening bank accounts (zero balance), providing life insurance, accidental insurance etc..

M2: Asked some question.. “I did not understand it”

Me: sir.. didn’t understood sir..!!

M2: repeated it… (again I didn’t understood it)

Me: Sorry, sir.. I have no idea about it. (I have thought that if I ask him once again there may be any negative impact on me so I have said like this)

M2: Its ok no problem (said with a smiling face)

(all of the panel members looked at each other and nodded head among themselves then said you can leave now)

Me: With a smiling face greeted them thank you mam’, thank you sir and stood up.

F1: Wait a minute.. what about Punjabi (as local language was Punjabi they asked this) ?

Me: I can write and read & Speak in Punjabi madam. 

M4: Will you play any games?

Me: Yes sir.. I Love to play Cricket?

M4: OK Tell me The 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup will be hosted by which country? 
Me: The 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup will be hosted by India from January 29 to February 12, 2017. Besides India, teams from Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, Nepal, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies would be taking part in the tournament.

M4: Very Good…!!

M4, M1, M3, F1:- you may leave now.

looked at every one’s face they looked like they were satisfied with me. By giving a gentle smile turned around and walked away slowly

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