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Quants Question Asked in SSC CHSL Tier-1 -15 Jan 2017

Quants Questions asked in 1st Shift

  1. If 120 is 20% of a number, then 120% of that number will be:
  2. If 8% of x is the same as 4% of y, then 20% of x is the same as:
  3. If x is less than y by 25% then y exceed x by:
  4. value of cos3A (4cos^3A-3cosA)
  5. cosec^2x+sec^2x=x how to solve x value
  6. HCF of two numbers 
  7. secA-1/secA+1
  8. tan(3pie)/6 value
  9. A can do 75% of work in 25 days ..remaining work done by A and B in 5 days how many days B would finished whole work .
  10. one speed related question(just convert km/hr to meter/second time and work
  11. The distance between policeman and thief is 350 m ..The speed of policemen is 7km/h and that of thief was 5km/h much distance will thief cover before police arrest him 
  12. (4x-3)-(2x+1) = 4 Find value of x
  13. The average of 29 consecutive even integer is 29 ..Then the largest of them is?
  14. one geometry question........30 degree opposite side given 9 cm. And u have to find opposite side length of 60 degree...i. that triangle only
  15. Tan A.Tan B = ? (Direct formula)
  16. Value of cosec 120

Quants Questions asked in 2nd shift
  1. If the total variable cost is 54 and total fixed cost is 36 and total units 2500 then the total cost is?
  2. 99  31  91 :: 15 17  18 :: 148 527 ?
  3. value of cos3A (4cos^3A-3cosA)
  4. HCF of two numbers 
  5. secA-1/secA+1
  6. tan (3 pie)/6 value
  7. one speed related question(just convert km/hr to meter/second)
  8. time and work ( a doing a work in 10 days while in 20 days, they worked together for 5 days, then the remaining work)

      Quants Questions asked in 3rd shift

        GK Questions Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier-1 -14 Jan 2017

        GK Questions asked in 1st Shift

        1. Permanent revenue settlement of bengal was introduced by
        2. The father of extremist movement in india is
        3. The world bank normally gives
        4. The international monetary fund (imf) came into existence with
        5. Nitrogen fixation is caused by bacteria
        6. Study of moon is called?
        7. Author of live a life less ordinary is michael cookee
        8. Dynamite inventor
        9. Deepest ocean
        10. President emergency article no.
        11. Largest cell in world
        12. Bp measuring instrument
        13. Next olympic venue
        14. Closest layer to earth
        15. Monalisa painting printed on ?
        16. Kewladeo park old name
        17. Head of planning commission
        18. Romeo juliat writer
        19. Hawa mahal built by
        20. Mascot of linux operating system
        21. Dandiya is folk dance of ?
        22. Perfect competion means
        23. First indian woman chess master
        24. Radioactivity is for
        25. Monalisa was painted in..........?
        26. Dynamite was was founded by?
        27. Birthdate of jawaharlal nehru

        GK Questions asked in 2nd shift

        1. What is the national flower of india?
        2. Ranking of india in rio olympic 2016?
        3. Full form of MLA?
        4. Rajya sabha members elected from?
        5. Which gas in Bhopal gas tragedy- methyl isocyanide
        6. Pneumonia effects which organ
        7. Indira gandhi airport-where
        8. Vector quantity choose among 4
        9. Suicidal bags lysosome
        10. Who discovered sea route to India
        11. India gate built by
        12. Bullet proof jackeet made from- kevlar
        13. Subhaash chandra bose born in
        14. The secret of nagas " book written by amish tripathi
        15. Indian rank in rio olympic 67
        16. mesothelioma cancer occured in which body part -Lungs
        17. ozone is found in which layer
        18. india's national flower
        19. world yoga day celebrated on
        20. pneumonia affected which body part
        21. sirius star is also known as
        22. Jawaharlal nehru born in ? 
        23. Dynamite invented by ?
        24. Blood pressure is measured by?

        GK Questions asked in 3rd Shift

                                    1. 2014 noble peace prize - kailash satyarthi, 
                                    2. major components of earth crust - oxygen and silicon,
                                    3. budh preaches in which language -pali,
                                    4. one question from theory of demand ,
                                    5. unit to measure lenght of word- byte,
                                    6. unit of relative density - no unit ,l
                                    7. enght of 1nm=10^-9

                                                  Reasoning Quest Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier 1-14 Jan 2017

                                                  Reasoning  Questions asked in 1st Shift

                                                  1. As music is related to tune, so is design related to –
                                                  2. As alphabet is related to letters, similarly necklace is related to what ?
                                                  3. Paddy : Field :: Steel . ?
                                                  4. Laugh : Joke :: ? : Cracker
                                                  5. 545:196 ::173: ?
                                                  6. Odd one reasoning - 358, 240, 385, 853
                                                  7. Odd one reasoning - 143, 279, 286, 374
                                                      Reasoning  Questions asked in 2nd shift

                                                      1. Study of moon?
                                                      2. odd one out-

                                                      • Kathak, kuchipudi, bihu, pongal 
                                                      • 358, 240, 385, 853
                                                      • 143, 279, 286, 374
                                                      • 545:196 ::173: ?

                                                      Reasoning  Questions asked in 3rd shift

                                                        English Quest Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier 1 -14 Jan 2017

                                                        English Questions asked in 1st Shift

                                                        1. The income (a)/of many people in rural (b)/India is not adequate (c)/to satisfy (d)/their basic needs.
                                                        2. He is always (a)/prompt (b)/in caring (c)/out instructions (d)
                                                        3. The revized (a)/rates (b)/of interest will be effective (c)/immediately (d)
                                                        4. ___________ can be no excuses this time, students.
                                                        5. "When did rohit return my bike ?"Change it into passive voice
                                                        6. Active-passive form -The painting was not painted by the famous painter.
                                                        7. Antonym of fatigue
                                                        8. Antonym of veteran
                                                        9. Synonym of rot
                                                        10. Spelling of wrapping
                                                        11. One word Substitution of Inexplicable
                                                        12. Idiom on make the long story short
                                                        13. Idiom on steal someones thunder

                                                                          English Questions asked in 2nd shift

                                                                          1. Change it into passive voice "When did rohit return my bike ?"
                                                                          2. Change it into passive voice The painting was not painted by the famous painter.
                                                                          3. Raining cats and dogs phrase meaning

                                                                          English Questions asked in 3rd shift

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                                                                                                                1. Quants Question Asked in SSC CHSL Tier-1 -15 Jan 2017
                                                                                                                  Quants Questions asked in 1st Shift

                                                                                                                  volume of cylinder =770 cm3 and circumferrence of base is 22 cm . find curved surface area.