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As you know, the SSC CHSL Tier -I - 10th January 2017 Exam was over now. The level of the paper was of Moderate. In this post we are sharing some of Questions which was asked in today’s exam all Slots. & Also we are updating this section regularly.
Please Note, This is the Questions & Data given by our users, we are stating that here, if anything does not match which came in the exam, we will not be responsible for the same, Please mention in the comments section We will try to rectify that.

Quants Question Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier-1-11 Jan 2017

Quants Questions asked in 1st Shift

  1. cos 225 = ?
  2. cot 330 = ?
  3. cotA – cotB = ?
  4. Given the coordinates for the centroid and two vertices, find the third vertex.
  5. The average age of a woman and her daughter is 21 yr. The ratio of their ages is 5 : 1 respectively. What will be the ratio of their ages after 5 yr ?
  6. Three persons walk from place A to place B. their speed are in the ratio 4 : 3 :5. The ratio f the times taken by them to reach B will be -Ans. 15:20:12.
  7. In 40 L mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk to water is 7:1.In order to make the ratio of milk and water 3:1,the quantity of water (in liters) that should be added to the mixture will be -Ans. 6 2/3.
  8. Find the value of for which the distance between the points and is 10 units. -Ans. -9,3.
  9. The LCM of two numbers is 2900% more than their HCF and sum of LCM and HCF of two number is 310. If one of the number is 20, find the other number? -Ans. 150.
  10. Solve for x:  x– 7x + 10 = 0  Ans: 5,2
  11. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is x:y. If area is “A” sq. cm, find the length of the rectangle.
  12. A sum of Rs. 25,000 amounts to Rs. 30,000 in 4 years at a certain rate of simple interest. What is this rate of interest? 5%
  13. In one hour, a boat goes at 10 km/hr along the stream and 5 km/hr against the stream. Find its speed in still water. 7.5 km/hr
  14. cotA + cotB = ?
  15. cos 225° = ? cos (180+45) = -cos 45 = -1/√2
  16. Coordinates for the centroid and two vertices are given, find the third vertex.

                        Quants Questions asked in 2nd shift

                        1. 1/(SecA + tanA) = ?
                        2. tan(A/2) = ?
                        3. sec 90 = ?
                        4. sec 120 = ?

                        Quants Questions asked in 3rd shift

                        1. Marked price is Rs. 2000, Selling price is Rs. 1600. Find discount %? Ans: 20%
                        2. Selling at Rs. X yields a loss of a%. What will happen if you sell it for Rs. Y?
                        3. Cosec -230 =? 1.305
                        4. Cosec 7π/6 =? Ans: -2
                        5. Tan(a/2) =?
                        6. A person lent his friend Ram a certain amount of money for 2 years and friend Sham the same amount of money for 3 years. If the total simple interest earned is Rs. 1442, then what is rate of interest?
                        7. Area of triangle APQ=4. If PQ parallel to BC, then find the area of PQCB? 96
                        GK Questions Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier-1-11 Jan 2017

                        GK Questions asked in 1st Shift

                        1. Study of fungi is known as? Mycology
                        2. Plant cell wall is made up of? Cellulose
                        3. Gir national park is famous for? Asiatic lion family
                        4. Sun rays reach the earth in how many minutes? 8 minutes 20 sec
                        5. First Bollywood star to feature on the cover of Time magazine? Parveen Babi, 1976
                        6. Article 343 –
                        7. A question pertaining to bicameral legislature
                        8. Agra Fort built by Agra Fort was begun by Akbar between 1565 and 1573
                        9. Red Fort built by Emperor Shah Jahan
                        10. Which festival is celebrated during full moon?
                        11. Which book is written by Nelson Mandela? Long Walk to Freedom
                        12. Ramon Magsaysay awardees
                        13. Malayalam is used in which state? Kerala
                        14. Where are headquarters of ICC located? UAE
                        15. Vehicle exhaust pollutant.
                        16. The glowing part of the sun is:

                        GK Questions asked in 2nd shift

                        1. World’s largest continent. Asia
                        2. Dilip kumar’s actual name. Muhammed Yusuf Khan
                        3. Outer surface of skin is known as? Epidermis
                        4. Who invented Soda water/Carbonated water? Joseph Priestley
                        5. Question pertaining to elasticity of demand. Price elasticity of demand (PED or Ed) is a measure used in economics to show the responsiveness, or elasticity, of the quantity demanded of a good or service to a change in its price, ceteris paribus.
                        6. Battle of Wandiwash took place in 1760.
                        7. What is the outermost layer of earth’s surface known as? Crust
                        8. Aurangzeb’s father was Shah Jahan
                        9. Where is Gobi Desert situated? Mongolia
                        10. Toothbrush bristles are commonly made up of Nylon
                        11. Where is Jantar Mantar situated apart from Delhi? Jaipur
                        12. Who did Aurangzeb imprison at the fort of Agra? ShahJahan
                        13. Who invented TV? Creator of the televisor was J L Baird.
                        14. Mass of a proton? 1.6726219 × (10^-27) kilograms
                        15. Which Vitamin helps in clotting of blood? -Ans: Vitamin K.
                        16. Boro Tribes are in which state? -Ans: Assam. 
                        17. From where do plants get energy? -Ans: Sun.
                        18. Seismology is discovered by whom? -Ans: Seismologist.
                        19. In BOD5, what is 5? -Ans: Test has been run for five days.
                        20. Who won Oscar for Supporting actress? -Ans: Alicia Vikander
                        21. Highest grosser Hollywood movie? -Ans: Gone with the Wind
                        22. What do you mean by displacement? -
                        23. Which state has a maximum number of forests? -Ans: Madhya Pradesh
                        24. Which catalyst is used to make milk from Curd? -
                        25. Which is the longest day in the northern hemisphere? -
                        26. When did first world war start? -Ans: 1914
                        27. Whom did Alexander the Great defeat? Porus
                        28. What is Mycology the study of? Fungi
                        29. What is Gir National Park famous for? Asiatic Lions
                        30. Which book did Nelson Mandela write? Long Walk to Freedom/ Conversations with Myself
                        31. What is Article 343 known for? Official Languages of India
                        32. What is celloulose made of? Polysaccharides
                        33. What is the glowing part of sun called? Photosphere
                        34. From which country was the concept of bicameral legislation borrowed by India? UK
                        35. When does the sun fall exactly on equator? 20th March & 23rd September
                        36. Who built the Agra Fort? Akbar (completed by Shah Jahan)
                        37. Who won the Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016? Thodur Madabusi Krishna (of India) & Bezwada Wilson (of India)
                        38. First Bollywood star to be featured on the Time Magazine? Parveen Babi.
                        39. Sun rays reach the earth in? 8 minutes 20 sec.
                        40. Malayalam is spoken in which state? Kerala.
                        41. Headquarters of ICC is located in? Dubai, UAE.
                        42. Who invented Electroscope? Jean-Antoine Nollet
                        43. PDF Abbreviation? – Portable Document Format.

                        GK Questions asked in 3rd Shift

                        1. who invented postage meter? 
                        2. iosobars? 
                        3. scientific name of mango? 
                        4. modern periodic belongs to?
                        5. Mangafera Indica is scientific name of
                        6. Mithali is spoken in which state ans Bihar
                        7. magnifera indica is chemical name of
                        8. Chand Bibi was the ruler of? Bijapur & Ahmednagar
                        9. The book “12 years a slave” was written by? Solomon Northup
                        10. Who won the Oscar for Best Director in 2016? Alejandro González Iñárritu
                        11. Maithili language is spoken in which state? Bihar
                        12. When is Olympic Day? June 23rd
                        13. Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of? Mango
                        14. Number of Total countries in the world
                        15. Minimum age of Rajya saba member
                        16. Pune was the capital for?
                        17. In which State Maithili Language is Spoken
                        18. Olympic day June 23

                                                                  Reasoning Quest.Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier-1-11 Jan 2017

                                                                  Reasoning  Questions asked in 1st Shift

                                                                  1. 23:8::62:?
                                                                  2. Oats: Ravi crop:: Kharif crop:?
                                                                  3. A pineapple costs Rs X each. An apple costs Rs. Y each. Ram spends Rs. 38 on these fruits. The number of pineapples purchased is?
                                                                  4. A man has Rs. 480 in various denominations of notes. Some more data given. What is the total number of notes that he has ?
                                                                  5. A bus starts from city X. Some leave and some enter. Some more data given. How many passengers entered the bus in beginning?
                                                                  6. APJ Abdul Kalam: Wings of Fire:: Mahatma Gandhi : ? My Experiments with Truth
                                                                  7. 90 180 270 360 ?  450

                                                                  Reasoning  Questions asked in 2nd shift

                                                                  1. 2, 10, 30, 68, ?
                                                                  2. I,V,?,L
                                                                  3. 34:81:: 23: ? Ans. Is 8

                                                                  Reasoning  Questions asked in 3rd shift

                                                                    1. I,V,?,L
                                                                      Ans: X
                                                                      Solution: Think Roman Numerals. 
                                                                    2. 6     8      5
                                                                      15   30    20
                                                                      84    152  ?
                                                                      Ans: 100
                                                                      Solution: ( 6 + 15 )× 4 = 84
                                                                      (8 + 30) × 4 = 152
                                                                      (5 + 20) × 4 = 100

                                                                    English Quest Asked in SSC CHSL Exam Tier-1-11 Jan 2017

                                                                    English Questions asked in 1st Shift

                                                                    1. Antonym of ‘reform’
                                                                    2. Meaning of ‘Water under the bridge’
                                                                    3. Meaning of ‘Wag the Dog’
                                                                    4. Antonym of ‘worse'
                                                                    5. That which cannot be corrected. Incorrigible
                                                                    6. To keeps one’s temper.
                                                                    7. To ____ about the bush. Beat
                                                                    8. Idioms/Phrases: Water under the Bridge. Issues are forgotten and forgiven
                                                                    9. Idioms/Phrases: Wag the dog. Purposely divert attention to something less important
                                                                    10. What is the Antonym of Reform? Worsen

                                                                                English Questions asked in 2nd shift

                                                                                1. He shows great ability _________ Mathematics.Ans. In.
                                                                                2. America was _________ by Columbus.Ans. discovered.
                                                                                3.  ___________ can be no excuses this time, students.Ans. There.
                                                                                4. The boys ______whom I was playing are all my good friends.Ans. with.
                                                                                5. Octopuses are mostly shy and _____ harmless to human beings.Ans. Generally.

                                                                                English Questions asked in 3rd shift

                                                                                  1. Meaning of “Piece of cake” Very Easy
                                                                                  2. Change the voice of “The bank manager’s bank account has been hacked.” Someone hacked the bank manager’s bank account.
                                                                                  3. Ravi asked me, “Has your brother returned from Dubai”? Ravi asked me if my brother had returned from Dubai.
                                                                                  4. One of the officers who were (1)/was (2) suspected of treachery was the major himself.
                                                                                  5. Ans: (1) One of the officers who were suspected… Solution: because we the group of objects is “the officers who were suspected of treachery” and the major was one of them.

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