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Quants Questioin RRB NTPC Mains Exam-18 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. A boat takes 32 hours for travelling downstream from point C to point D and coming back to point E midway between C and D. If the velocity of the stream is 8km/hr and the speed of the boat in still water is 16 km/hr, what is the distance between C and D?
  2. What number will come in place of the question mark :10, 22, 42, 78, ?
  3. Araksh does 95% of a work in 25 days. He then calls in Gomita and they together finish the remaining work in 5 days. How long Gomita alone would take to do the whole work?

Question Asked in Shift 2

  1. Tan 330=? 
  2. Cot2A – 1 = ?
  3. (1-tan2A)/tan2A = ?

Question Asked in Shift 3

Reasoning Asked in RRB NTPC Mains Exam-18 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. One afternoon Rajat and Shina were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Shina’s shadow was exactly to the left of Rajat  which direction was Shina facing?
  2. If C is the brother of D; D is the sister of E ; E is the father of F, how F and C are related ?
  3. Which of the following is not an omnivore- Rat, snake, beer

Question Asked in Shift 2

Question Asked in Shift 3

General Awarness in RRB NTPC Mains Exam -18 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. Who is the Chairman of ISRO ?
  2. Himawari 9 is a weather satellite of which country ?
  3. Who is the author of ‘One Hundred Years in Solitude?’
  4. Which blood group is traditionally considered the Universal donor ?
  5. Gsat 18 satellite
  6. ISRO was set up in which year -1969
  7. Which veda consist medicine knowledge?
  8. Largest fresh water lake of Asia
  9. Who is New RBI Governer Pranab Mukherji s the ____ th President of India
  10. What is escape velocity
  11. Leader of Majority in Lok Sabha is....
  12. Cause of Utrakhand Fire
  13. Why was home rule movement was organised
  14. Which country got independence from Britain in 1986,
  15. Which of the following island not in lakkadeep - ammini / niel / minicoye / kavarrati
  16. Who is the Leader of the lower house (Lok Sabha)
  17. Neymar is a player of which country- Brazil 
  18. Copa America Cup winner- Chili 
  19. Anjli bhagvat is related with which sports- Shooter
  20. Majhuli is in which state- Assam
  21. Minimum age for becoming Governor -35 years
  22. Nobel Peace prize 2016 -Juan Manuel Santos
  23. First lok sabha speaker -Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
  24. 13th president of India- Pranab Mukherjee
  25. Hypothalamus located in- Brain
  26. Solar eclipse is formed when- when the moon gets between Earth and the sun
  27. Brihadeeswarar Temple located in -Tamil Nadu
  28. INS Arihant is- nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines
  29. Rowlatt act year-1919

                                                                                    Question Asked in Shift 2

                                                                                    1. Locomotive engine factory in Bengal- Chittaranjan
                                                                                    2. Raw full form- Research and Analysis Wing
                                                                                    3. Heart of fish have how many chamber- 2
                                                                                    4. Gujarat lions Team owner- Keshav Bansal (Intex Technologies)
                                                                                    5. The Lady With A Lamp related with- Florence Nightingale
                                                                                    6. Sachin play for which county team.of england- Yorkshire
                                                                                    7. 1st election in india- 1951-52
                                                                                    8. Ganga rivers tributaries- 7
                                                                                    9. Minmum age for becoming CM- 25 years
                                                                                    10. Rusting of Iron- chemical change
                                                                                    11. Top silk production country in the World- China
                                                                                    12. Kangchenjunga peak loacted in which State- Sikkim
                                                                                    13. GPS Full Form- Global Positioning System

                                                                                    Question Asked in Shift 3

                                                                                    1. Who is indias 13year old youngest chess grand master?
                                                                                    2. Nobel prize winner for Economics 2010? Pizzards
                                                                                    3. Article 21A?
                                                                                    4. Give me blood o will give u freedom slogan?
                                                                                    5. Jaliyawala in which year?
                                                                                    6. Min age for president? 35
                                                                                    7. What is the fullform of UNFCC?
                                                                                    8. Commonwealth Squash Champions of 2014?
                                                                                    9. What is the Currency of Turkey?
                                                                                    10. World environment day ?
                                                                                    11.  Bharat ratan of 2014 ? A.B.Vajpaye& Madan Mohan malaviya
                                                                                    12. Cleanest Railway Station of India? Surat
                                                                                    13. Highest peak of south?Anaimudi
                                                                                    14. Ananthmat writter?
                                                                                    15. Sarnath pillor?
                                                                                    16. Who is the Inventor of ''www'' ?
                                                                                    17. Endangered lions r found in ....
                                                                                    18. T20 winner 2016 women? West indies
                                                                                    19. Unesco heritage site? Ranki Vav, Gujarat
                                                                                    20. Integrated chips are of which generation ?
                                                                                    21. PH of blood? 7.4
                                                                                    22. Transendence was written by whom?
                                                                                    23. india polution ranking?
                                                                                    24. Playing it my way is writtem by whom?
                                                                                    25. Asiatic lion was found in which state?
                                                                                    26. In yajurveda, "yajurveda" means? Sacrifice
                                                                                    27. Romanian pm who was resigned In 2015?
                                                                                    28. CO2 emissions ranking of India?
                                                                                    29. Chemical soluble in water?
                                                                                    30. Icc player of 2016?
                                                                                    31. First yaan on moon?
                                                                                    32. Maximum loksabha seat in UT?
                                                                                    33. Gastric Acid.....HCL?

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