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Quants Question in RRB NTPC Mains Exam-17 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, ?
  2. Tan α=1/√5 Find cosec^2 α
  6. Principle is X. COMPOUND INTREST AT G% FOR J years of compounded quarterly?
  7. Item sold for Rs. X at Y %loss. Find SP if sold at X%profit?

Question Asked in Shift 2

  1. F and G invest in a business in the ratio 5 : 2. If 6% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s share is Rs. 968, how much is the total profit ?
  2. Compound Interest - 4,4.5,5.5,7,8.5,?
  3. Compound Interest - 11,16,20,26 ?
  4. B can lay railway track between two given stations in 16 days and F can do the same job in 12 days. With help of C, they did the job in 4 days only. Then, C alone can do the job in how many days ?

Question Asked in Shift 3

  1. 1+cosx/1-cosx = x then find value of  ?

Reasoning Asked in RRB NTPC Mains Exam-17 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

  1. One afternoon Rajat and Shina were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Shina’s shadow was exactly to the left of Rajat  which direction was Shina facing?
  2. If C is the brother of D; D is the sister of E ; E is the father of F, how F and C are related ?
  3. Which of the following is not an omnivore- Rat, snake, beer

Question Asked in Shift 2

Question Asked in Shift 3

General Awarness in RRB NTPC Mains Exam -17 Jan 2017

Question Asked in Shift 1

1. Ajanta Caves situated in which State- Aurangabad, Maharashtra

2. Nanda Devi peak located at- Uttarakhand3. Who discovered electron- J. J Thomson4. Who is CEO of NITI Aayog- Amitabh Kant5. Climate change summit 2015- Paris6. Winner of 2015 pro-wrestling league- Mumbai Gurada7. Mast Telescope installed at- Udaipur8. With which game is Bombela Devi Associated - Archery9. UN Day is celebrated on- 24th October10 . Beri Beri is caused by deficiency of which Vitamin - vitamin B111. Gandhara Art is developed in which era - Parthian period12. At what place was the 8th BRICS Summit held - India, Goa13. How many states and UTs in India have a coastline - 9 States and 4 UTs14. The Iron Pillar Delhi was constructed under which ruler - Chandragupta Maurya II15. FUll form of GUI- Graphical User Interface16. Who is Railways Mascot- Bhola, guard elephant17. Lakshdeep is a group of how many islands-3618. When did simon commission came to India first time- 192719. Who painted the painting Bharat Mata-Abanindranath Tagore20. Radio communication in which layer of Atmosphere- ionosphere21. Question related with Mughal period22. Question related with Buddha23. Question related with surface tension24. Messenger aircraft launched to which planet- Mercury25. Number of judges in Supreme Court-26. Carbon negative country-27. Maha bodhi temple- Bodh Gaya28.  India's cleanest city- Mysore29- Geostationary orbit rotation period- same as of earth rotation30-Irctc special train in Rajasthan- desert circuit 31- Highest Mango production state in India- Uttar Pradesh32. What kind of bill is the GST- Money Bill33. Which is the world largest marine protected area- Ross sea in Antarctica34. Expand UNITAR- United Nations Institute of Training & Research35. Which Country launched Gaoefen 4 satellite-  China36. Which is the largest organ in the human body-  Skin37. The International renewable energy agency headquarter is located at– Abu Dhabi38. Who was the first Indian Woman to won the gold medal in Asian Awards– Mary Kom39. Is gold Soluble in – Aqua Regia40. Cricket World Cup is organized by  – International Cricket Council (ICC)41. Which game Lalitha Babar belongs to – Long Distance Runner42. What is blue ray disc– Storage Device43. Who is the first Indian to go into the space  – Rakesh Sharma44. What is the rank of Mukesh Ambani in world’s richest persons – 36th45. Who won Arjun award in Kabaddi in 2015– Manjeet Chiller

                          Question Asked in Shift 2

                          1. China being a landlocked country shares it border with how many countries ?
                          2. Where is the Tehri Dam situated ?
                          3. Scurvey is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin ?
                          4. The Iron Pillar Delhi was constructed under which ruler ?
                          5. Who got his name recorded in Guinness record book for singing most number of songs in various languages?
                          6. Juno spacecraft was sent by NASA to orbit which planet?
                          7. Europa: Jupiter :: ? : Earth -  Ans- Moon
                          8. Gaurav Ghei related to which field.
                          9. Nobel prize in literature 2015 won by who.
                          10. Year of Indian Railway Act.
                          11. State Reorganization commission year.
                          12. Elephant not state animal of- from 4 options.
                          13. Archery national sport of which country.
                          14. NITI full-form.
                          15. DNS full-form.
                          16. Omnivore animal from the options.
                          17. JUNO mission.
                          18. From which city did Akbar excercise administrative control
                          19. Which railways is not in list of world Heritage site - Shimla, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Matheran
                          20. Who is known as the flying Sikh? Milkha Singh
                          21. Archery is the national sport of which nation? Bhutan
                          22. Mission Raftaar is related to? Indian Railways; replacing diesel engines with electricity run engines.
                          23. Captain of ICC World T20 team? Virat Kohli
                          24. Nobel Prize for literature in 2015 was awarded to? Svetlana Alexievich
                          25. Flora and fauna are? They refer to plants and animals, respectively.
                          26. Question related to the properties of a mixture
                          27. Which country was declared Malaria free in 2016 by WHO? Sri Lanka
                          28. Full form of NITI Aayog. National Institution for Transforming India
                          29. (Inexact) MS Excel is a _______
                          30. Lala Lajpat Rai was from Dhudike
                          31. Railway Act was passed in which year? 1989
                          32. Gaurav Ghei is related to which sport? Golf
                          33. Question related to electromagnetic properties
                          34. Full form of FDI. Foreign direct investment

                          Question Asked in Shift 3

                          1. Under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, President’s rule was imposed for the first time in-PEPSU (Patiala and East Punjab States Union) PEPSU was astate of India between 1948 and 1956.
                          2. What is Viticulture-Production of grapes.
                          3. Who discovered penicillin-Alexander Fleming.
                          4. Hacker is Related to – Computer
                          5. Which number of Lok Sabha was formed during 2014 election-16th
                          6. Celsius and Fahrenheit show the same temperature at-40
                          7. Rowlatt act in which year?-1919
                          8. Marsh Gas?-Methane
                          9. First international cricket match was played between?-Aus vs. Eng
                          10. Which of following chemicals is called as saltpeter?-Potassium Nitrate
                          11. What is the name of the horse of maharana Pratap Singh?-Chetak
                          12. Aruna Asif Ali hoisted the flag in which movement?-Quit India Movement
                          13. When did Indian constitution come into the first amendment?-1951.
                          14. How many moons do mars have?-2 (Phobos and Deimos)
                          15. Cyprus capital?-Nicosia
                          16. Smallest Continent of the world?-Australia
                          17. Karnam Malleswari related to which game?-Weightlifting
                          18. The sorrow of Bengal?-Damodar River
                          19. Konark Temple made by?-King Narasimhadeva 
                          20. Which boxer is also known as Real Deal?-Evander Holyfield
                          21. Kuchipudi belongs to which state?-Andhra Pradesh
                          22. The Khurda Road division,Odisha of the East Coast Railway (ECoR. has set a target to install bio-toilets in 2,000 train coaches during 2016-17 as part of?-Swachh Bharat Mission
                          23. When did Swami Vivekanand deliver his speech in ‘World Religion Conference’ inChicago city?-1893
                          24. World TB day?-24 March
                          25. The Political parties got the constitutional recognition for the first time in the year?-1985
                          26. Name of the 1st satellite on Moon?-Sputnik 1
                          27. By which Constitutional Amendment thevoting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years?-61st Amendment
                          28. Which boxer is known as ‘Real Deal’?-Evander Holyfield
                          29. The words ‘Satyameva jay ate’ inscribedon the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from ?-Mundaka Upanishad
                          30. Who gave the slogan “Do or die”?-Mahatma Gandhi.
                          31. Mrinalini Sarabhai is related with?-Dance
                          32. Golden temple of Dambulla is present in? -Sri Lanka
                          33. Odd one out (external hard disk, cd, keyboard, digital camera.-Keyboard.
                          34. Establishment of the Panchayati Raj System was recommended by?-BalwantRai Mehta Committee Report 1957.

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