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Here we have shared GK Questions asked in the IBPS RRB Clerk Mains examination, aspirants can make use of it. We are also updating the questions from other sections stay tuned.............

GA Question Asked in RRB Clerk Mains 2016 - 18th Dec 2016

  1. M. Balamuralikrishna, who passed away recently was associated to which field – Carnetic Music

  2. Which payment bank is the first to start it’s business – Airtel M-commerce

  3. 2016 Indonesia Open Golf tournament winner  – Gaganjeet Bhullar

  4. Aadhar toll free number launched – 1947

  5. Who has been conferred with the World Sanskrit Prize – Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

  6.  Heart of Asia conference 2016- Amritsar, Punjab

  7. World’s Costlier Railway station built in – New York, USA

  8. Ambassador of Tourism by Switzerland Govt- Ranveer Singh

  9. World’s first bollywood parks opens in ?  Dubai

  10. World’s First Sankrit award  –  Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of  Thailand

  11. Women Cricketer inducted into ICC cricket hall of Fame- Karen Rolton , Australia

  12. First Robot used by city union bank Name is- Lakshmi

  13. How many times demonetisation has taken place in the country  – 3 times

  14. Brand Ambassador of Punjab National Bank – Virat Kohli

  15. Which country has topped the World Business Optimism Index – Indonesia

  16. Ruins of Ancient city of Abydos, dating back approx 7000 years, found in ?  Egypt

  17. Hub of drug manufacturing ? Himachal Pradesh

  18. Where will Common Wealth Games for 2018 be conducted – Australia

  19. Where will be the NRI Summit (Pravasi Bhartiya Divas) held – Bengaluru

  20. Where will Madam Tussaud’s Museum open in India – New Delhi

  21. Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 –  Jacky Chan

  22. State to have first cyber police station – Maharashtra

  23. World Tourism Summit – Dallas Texas, U.S.A

  24. Which bank has recently shut its operations in India – Royal Bank of Scotland

  25. Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award has been conferred to which actress – Priyanka Chopra

  26. Which Indian cricketer recently scored a century in his debut match – K. L. Rahul

  27. Where did India play it’s 500th test match recently – Kanpur

  28. Percent of shareholding of Government in  India Post Payment Bank (IPPB) –100%

  29.  Related to International Olympic Committee – Nita Ambani

  30.  State to impose fat tax on junk food – Kerala

  31.  Which is the costliest railway station – New York

  32.  Full form of RFID – Radio Frequency Identification

  33. Full Form of LAF – Liquidity Adjustment Facility

  34. MDR abbreviation – Merchant Discount Rate

  35. Which country topped economic freedom index- Hongkong

  36.  Who coined the term ‘Helicopter money’ – Milton Friedman

  37.  Optimism index 1st rank –  Indonesia 

  38. Bank insurance regulator – DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation )

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English Question Asked in RRB Clerk Mains 2016 - 18th Dec 2016

Cloze Test:
Bright young engineers from IITs, tech firms, public sector companies, jobs and security are still very much a part of our discourse 30-plus years later. But India has, within that realm, made a generational leap or two as far as mindsets are concerned. A couple of years back, Nitin Saluja, a young IIT-Bombay graduate, junked his high-profile consultancy job and decided to start a chain of ‘customised tea’ cafes. This time, it was his businessman father who was worried. Tea cafes? Why was the son ‘stepping down’ the ladder of professional prestige? What will people say? The young man, of course, didn’t have any of these concerns and rightly so. Today, he is what you’d call a successful start-up entrepreneur with nearly 20 outlets of Chaayos (and counting) in major Indian cities and venture funding from the names that matter.
Many of the ideas may be copies of their successful models in the US but they have been customised to work and succeed in tough Indian conditions. And the result of risk meeting capital at the right turn has been the birth of a virtuous cycle of more and more Indians wanting to dream big and act on those dreams.

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