Top 200 Important English Words for Exams


Top 200 Important English Words for Exams

1. Abase

Means: Cause To Feel Shame

2. Aberration
Means: A State Or Condition Markedly Different From The Normal

3. Abject
Means: Most Unfortunate Or Miserable

4. Abrasive
Means: Sharply Disagreeable, Rigorous

5. Abstain
Means: Choose Not To Consume

6. Abundant
Means: Present In Great Quantity

7. Abundant
Means: Present In Great Quantity

8. Accede
Means: Yield To Another's Wish Or Opinion

9. Accentuate
Means: To Stress, Single Out As Important

10. Acclimate
Means: Get Used To A Certain Climate

11. Accomplice
Means: A Person Who Joins With Another In Carrying Out Some Plan

12. Accord
Means: Concurrence Of Opinion

13. Acerbic
Means: Harsh Or Corrosive In Tone

14. Acme
Means: The Highest Stage Of Development

15. Acquiesce
Means: To Agree Or Express Agreement

16. Acquit
Means: Pronounce Not Guilty Of Criminal Charges

17. Ad Hoc
Means: Provisional, Temporary

18. Adverse
Means: Contrary To Your Interests Or Welfare

19. Aesthete
Means: A Person Who Is Appreciative Of And Sensitive To Art And Beauty

20. Afflict
Means: Cause Physical Pain Or Suffering In

21. Allege
Means: Report Or Maintain

22. Allude
Means: Make A More Or Less Disguised Reference To

23. Ample
Means: More Than Enough In Size Or Scope Or Capacity

24. Anticipate
Means: Be Excited Or Anxious About

25. Antipathy
Means: A Feeling Of Intense Dislike

26. Apparent
Means: Obvious

27. Append
Means: Add To The Very End

28. Apt
Means: Naturally Disposed Toward

29. Arbitrate
Means: Act Between Parties With A View To Reconciling Differences

30. Artefact
Means: An Object Made By A Human Being, Typically One Of Cultural Or Historical Interest.

31. Ascetic
Means: A Person Who Practices Such Self-discipline.

32. Aspire
Means: Have An Ambitious Plan

33. Assail
Means: Attack Someone Physically Or Emotionally

34. Asunder
Means: Into Separate Pieces

35. Atone
Means: To Doing Something Right For Some Wrong Done

36. Attire
Means: Clothing Of A Distinctive Style Or For A Particular Occasion

37. August
Means: Dignified

38. Austere
Means: Severely Simple

39. Avarice
Means: Extreme Greed For Material Wealth

40. Aversion
Means: A Feeling Of Intense Dislike

41. Avid
Means: Marked By Active Interest And Enthusiasm

42. Awe
Means: An Overwhelming Feeling Of Wonder Or Admiration

43. Awesome
Means: Amazing

44. Banality
Means: Predictable, Obvious

45. Bemused
Means: Filled With Bewilderment

46. Beseech
Means: Ask For Or Request Earnestly

47. Besiege
Means: To Attack With Army

48. Bestow
Means: Present

49. Betrothed
Means: Engaged

50. Bland
Means: Lacking Stimulating Characteristics, Uninteresting

51. Boast
Means: Show Off

52. Brag
Means: Boast

53. Brisk
Means: Active, Fast, Energetic

54. Brook
Means: A Natural Stream Of Water Smaller Than A River

55. Bully
Means: A Person Who Uses Strength Or Power To Harm Or Intimidate Those Who Are Weaker.

56. Candid
Means: Straightforward And Truthful

57. Capitulate
Means: Surrender Under Agreed Conditions

58. Caprice
Means: A Sudden Desire

59. Cardinal
Means: Cardinal Is A High-ranking Bishop

60. Cite
Means: Make Reference To

61. Clad
Means: Dressed Or Covered

62. Cleave
Means: Separate Or Cut With A Tool, Such As A Sharp Instrument

63. Clemency
Means: Mercy, Lenience

64. Coast
Means: The Shore Of A Sea Or Ocean

65. Cohere
Means: Cause To Form A United, Orderly, And Aesthetically Consistent Whole

66. Concept
Means: An Abstract Or General Idea Inferred Or Derived From Specific Instances

67. Confer
Means: Have A Conference In Order To Talk Something Over

68. Confined
Means: Restricted

69. Conscientious
Means: Characterized By Extreme Care And Great Effort

70. Consecrate
Means: Render Holy By Means Of Religious Rites

71. Consider
Means: Deem To Be

72. Conspicuous
Means: Obvious To The Eye Or Mind

73. Constellation
Means: A Group Of Stars Forming A Recognizable Pattern That Is Traditionally Named After Its Apparent Form Or Identified With A Mythological Figure.

74. Constrained
Means: Lacking Spontaneity, Not Natural

75. Contempt
Means: Lack Of Respect

76. Contend
Means: Compete For Something

77. Contrive
Means: Make Or Work Out A Plan For; Devise

78. Convention
Means: A Meeting, Usually Of A Particular Group

79. Cower
Means: To Shrink In Fear

80. Daunting
Means: Seeming Difficult To Deal With In Prospect.

81. Deceive
Means: Cheat, Delude, Beguile

82. Decorum
Means: Propriety In Manners And Conduct

83. Decree
Means: An Official Order That Has The Force Of Law.

84. Delicacy
Means: The Quality Of Being Beautiful And Delicate In Appearance

85. Demographer
Means: A Scientist Who Studies The Growth And Density Of Populations And Their Vital Statistics

86. Deprave
Means: Corrupt

87. Despair
Means: A State In Which All Hope Is Lost Or Absent

88. Despicable
Means: Contemptible, Detestable, Not Lovable

89. Destitute
Means: Without The Basic Necessities Of Life.

90. Dingy
Means: Covered With Dirt

91. Disconcert
Means: Feels Confused And Out Of Sorts

92. Discreet
Means: Quiet, Prudent

93. Disposition
Means: Your Usual Mood Or Attitude Towards Life

94. Distinction
Means: A Discrimination Between Things As Different And Distinct

95. Dwell
Means: Think Moodily Or Anxiously About Something

96. Ebb
Means: Fall Away Or Decline

97. Edict
Means: A Formal Or Authoritative Proclamation

98. Edifice
Means: Building

99. Elaborate
Means: Marked By Complexity And Richness Of Detail

100. Elude
Means: Escape

101. Emulate
Means: Imitate, Compete, Mimic

102. Enduring
Means: Unceasing

103. Enjoin
Means: Give Instructions To Or Direct Somebody To Do Something With Authority

104. Enmity
Means: The State Or Feeling Of Being Actively Opposed

105. Ensue
Means: Issue Or Terminate

106. Entreat
Means: Ask For Or Request Earnestly

107. Evasive
Means: Dishonest

108. Evident
Means: Clear

109. Exalt
Means: Praise, Glorify Or Honor

110. Exasperate
Means: Irritate

111. Exert
Means: Make A Great Effort At A Mental Or Physical Task

112. Exertion
Means: Use Of Physical Or Mental Energy, Hard Work

113. Exhausted
Means: Tired

114. Explicate
Means: Elaborate, Explain

115. Exploit
Means: Draw From

116. Extort
Means: Obtain By Coercion Or Intimidation

117. Facile
Means: Arrived At Without Due Care Or Effort, Lacking Depth

118. Fancy
Means: Imagine, Conceive Of, See In One's Mind

119. Fathom
Means: Come To Understand

120. Fervent
Means: Characterized By Intense Emotion

121. Flourish
Means: Grow Vigorously

122. Foreword
Means: A Short Introduction To A Book, Preface

123. Forsake
Means: Leave Someone Who Needs

124. Fortitude
Means: Emotional Power

125. Fray
Means: A Noisy Fight

126. Fufore
Means: Excitement

127. Furnish
Means: Provide Or Equip With Furniture

128. Gentry
Means: The Most Powerful Members Of A Society

129. Germane
Means: Relevant

130. Gird
Means: Get Ready For The Dangerous Situation

131. Grapple
Means: Try To Overcome

132. Hapless
Means: Unfortunate

133. Harry
Means: Annoy Continually Or Chronically

134. Headlong
Means: In A Hasty Or Rushly Manner

135. Heed
Means: Pay Close Attention To

136. Horde
Means: A Moving Crowd

137. Humiliate
Means: Cause To Feel Shame, Hurt The Pride Of

138. Impel
Means: Cause To Move Forward With Force

139. Imposed
Means: Set Forth Authoritatively As Obligatory

140. Imposing
Means: Impressive In Appearance

141. Impudent
Means: Not Showing Due Respect For Another Person.

142. Impulsive
Means: Spontaneous Or Forceful

143. Indolent
Means: Lazy

144. Inevitable
Means: Unavoidable, Unpreventable

145. Infallible
Means: Incapable Of Failure Or Error

146. Insist
Means: Be Emphatic Or Resolute

147. Inspire
Means: To Excite, Encourage, Or Breathe Life Into

148. Instance
Means: An Occurrence Of Something

149. Insurgent
Means: A Rebel Or A Revolutionary

150. Intimate
Means: Marked By Close Acquaintance, Association, Or Familiarity

151. Intrigue
Means: Cause To Be Interested Or Curious

152. Jerk
Means: Jolt, Pull, Blockhead, Dolt

153. Keen
Means: Interest In Something, Focused

154. Kindle
Means: Catch Fire

155. Labor
Means: Any Piece Of Work That Is Undertaken Or Attempted

156. Languid
Means: Lacking Spirit Or Liveliness

157. Laquacious
Means: Talkative Or Chatty

158. Latitude
Means: Freedom From Normal Restraints In Conduct

159. Leverage
Means: Clout, Power, Influence, Advantage

160. Levy
Means: Impose (a Tax, Fee, Or Fine)

161. Loath
Means: Strongly Opposed

162. Lofty
Means: Of Imposing Height

163. Luxuriant
Means: Produced Or Growing In Extreme Abundance

164. Malice
Means: Feeling A Need To See Others Suffer

165. Manifest
Means: Reveal Its Presence Or Make An Appearance

166. Manifestation
Means: A Clear Appearance

167. Maverick
Means: Open Minded

168. Minute
Means: Very Small

169. Monetary
Means: Relating To Or Involving Money

170. Mortify
Means: Cause To Feel Shame, Hurt The Pride Of

171. Muddle
Means: Confuse, Mix Up, Confound, Jumble, Tangle

172. Multitude
Means: A Large Indefinite Number

173. Muse
Means: Reflect Deeply On A Subject

174. Muster
Means: Gather Or Bring Together

175. Nerd
Means: Geek, Techie

176. Nostalgic
Means: Sentimental, Wistful

177. Notion
Means: A General Inclusive Concept

178. Obscure
Means: Not Discovered

179. Obsolete
Means: Outdated, Superannuated

180. Odium
Means: State Of Disgrace Resulting From Detestable Behavior

181. Oppress
Means: To Use Authority To Keep Someone Down

182. Outskirts
Means: Outlying Areas

183. Pacify
Means: To Bring Peace Or Calm To The Situation

184. Parable
Means: A Short Moral Story

185. Passage
Means: A Section Of Text

186. Pathetic
Means: Pitiable, Pitiful, Paltry

187. Paucity
Means: Scarcity, Shortage, Dearth

188. Pawn
Means: Gurantee

189. Perceptible
Means: Noticeable, Sensible, Observable

190. Perish
Means: Slow Death Or Non Violent Death

191. Perpetrate
Means: Perform An Act, Usually With A Negative Connotation

192. Perplexed
Means: To Feel Completely Baffled

193. Persist
Means: Continue To Exist

194. Petrified
Means: So Frightened That Not Able To Move Or Think

195. Pious
Means: Having Or Showing Or Expressing Reverence For A Deity

196. Plead
Means: Enter A Plea

197. Plight
Means: Unfortunate Situation, Difficult

198. Poke
Means: Jab, Prod, Pry

199. Ponder
Means: Think About Carefully, Especially Before Making A Decision Or Reaching A Conclusion.

200. Precept
Means: Rule Of Personal Conduct

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