The final phase of selection process of SBI Probationary Officer Exam is wound up in a Group Discussion & Interview round. The round carries a weightage of 50 marks divided equally between GD and PI. The minimum marks a candidate needs to obtain in this round are 20.

How to Prepare for SBI PO Interview Questions

For the calculation of final result, a ratio of 75:25 is observed, of which written exam carries 75% weightage and GD/PI carries 25 %. 

Banking Interviews like SBI PO Exam interview are essentially fabricated around some common topics like :

Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Candidate

To provide a brief outline of themselves to their employer every candidate must prepare a biodata of themselves. The document needs to include all important things like your qualifications, your place of birth, places where you have studied, your hobbies, extra activities, your family etc.

While discussing a question about personal information based on your CV, a candidate must come out a confident. The candidate must also be open to discuss any questions branching out of the CV like hobbies and interest.

Banking Knowledge

A candidate well versed with the basics of the field he is about to enter outshines his competitors. Hence, it is important that you acquire the basics of banking before going in for an interview and are ready to answer on those lines. You can prepare topics like
  • RBI Current Policy & Reserve Rates
  • Types of Bank, Nationalized banks
  • About RBI
  • Types of Accounts in Bank
  • Cheque, Demand Drafts
  • Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, CRR, SLR, MSF
  • Base Rate, Inflation, Deflation, Base Rate, Core Banking Solutions
  • Financial Market, CD, Commercial papers
  • Balance of Payments
Make sure your answers convey what you mean and are cleverly worded. Prepare various abbreviations as well.

GK (Current Affairs) and Computer Knowledge (Basic Questions)

It is mandatory for a candidate to be well versed at events occurring around him. Prepare the current affairs of the last three months. You need to know news like awards, major occurrences, parliamentary developments and be aware of basic computer terminology.

About State Bank of India

Candidates appearing for the interview are expected to have Information about SBI, its works area, history, no. of branches. In cases where a candidate is already working, he is expected to be aware about that organization. Making incorrect statements, lewd remarks leads to negative marking. Ignorance about the answer can be covered up in an apology always.

Reason for choosing the Banking Sector

The question is a regular with the interviews in banking exam. They are inquisitive about the reason behind you choice specially if it is a change of field for you. Candidates need to provide convincing answers with humility and without snobbishness. Making a genuine point always wins the case.

Reason for choosing Govt. Job?

The inquisitiveness of an interviewer can spike up into the question that demands a reason behind your choosing a govt job. A government job provides job security and commands much more respect in society than a private job is the most common answer. You can also quote some examples of people who have been in govt jobs and have been an inspiration to you.

What is the Interviewer Looking for?

Through this closely monitored process of group Discussion and Personal Interview, the SBI aims to shortlist the candidates who show leadership skill, ability to handle pressure, have good command over language and are well aware of the current affairs, Banking & Financial topics and important events.

Tips to Crack SBI PO Interview Questions

Both overconfidence and too much nervousness are bad for an interview. This is because interview are designed to put you through small pressure tests and to gauge your reactions when you are in difficult situations. 
  • Try not to panic and maintain your calm. 
  • A focused approach pays well.
  • A good communication skill that exhibits your clarity of thought is always a plus. 
  • Be a good listener and answer appropriately.
  • Stay averse of any argumentation as it leaves a negative impression.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Bring forth the best version of yourself and answer mindfully.
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