General Awareness Quiz  

1. FINO Payments Bank has commenced operations as a payments bank with effect from June 30, according to the Reserve Bank of India. FINO PayTech Ltd, was one of the 11 applicants which were issued in-principle approval for setting up a payments bank. Where is the headquarter of FINO Payments Bank?
  1. New Delhi
  2. Pune
  3. Hydrabad
  4. Kerala
  5. Mumbai
2. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd has been authorised by Government of which of the following states to implement Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) for loanee and non-loanee farmers.
  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Punjab
  3. Rajasthan
  4. Uttar Pradesh
  5. None of these
3.  The United Forum of Bank Unions has decided to observe the 48th anniversary of nationalisation of major banks, as ‘Save Public Sector Banks’ on which of the following day?
  1. June 5
  2. August 25
  3. Jan 11
  4. July 19
  5. Mar 1
4.  As per analysis of the latest figures compiled by the SNB (Swiss National Bank) as on 2016-end, India has slipped to the 88th place in terms of money parked by its citizens with Swiss banks. The headquarter of SNB (Swiss National Bank) is located in __________.
  1. USA
  2. Romania
  3. Switzerland
  4. Russia
  5. None of these
5. Recently, Who appointed as new Ambassador of India to Indonesia?
  1. Manjeet Singh
  2. Pradeep Kumar Rawat
  3. VP Singh
  4. Somesh Goyal
  5. None of these
6. Which of the following Banks has tied up with PFG Forex for remittance facility for the benefit of Indian expatriates from Australia.
  1. PNB
  2. SBI
  3. Vijaya Bank
  4. South Indian Bank
  5. None of these
7.  Oracle picks _________ for its first digital hub in Asia-Pacific.
  1. Mumbai
  2. Telangana
  3. Pune
  4. New Delhi
  5. Bengaluru
8. The Union Govt and Asian Development Bank (ADB) have signed a $220 million loan agreement for improving connectivity as well as transport efficiency and safety on State Highways of _______.
  1. Punjab
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Maharastra
  5. None of these
9. A joint military training exercise Maitree 2017 between Indian Army and the army of which country commenced at Bakloh in Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh?
  1. Russia
  2. Mangolia
  3. Japan
  4. Thailand
  5. None of these
10.  Union Minister of State for Power, Coal, New & Renewable Energy and Mines, Piyush Goyal has launched the ‘MERIT app’ and the e-bidding portal for offering an e-Bidding solution to States. In MERIT app, the letter “T”stands For _______.
  1. Transport
  2. Transfer
  3. Transparency
  4. Transport
  5. None of these

  1. 5
  2. 1
  3. 4
  4. 3
  5. 2
  6. 4
  7. 5
  8. 2
  9. 4
  10. 4
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